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Wishful Thinking: Nebojsa Malic
Bush Ensured Iran Rejection: Gareth Porter
Beirut Diary: Rasha Salti and Tom Engelhardt
And the Loser Is... Everyone: Leon Hadar
Bush's Lost Cause in Iraq: Joan Vennochi

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Updated August 24, 2006 - 9:16 PM EDT
Israel May 'Go It Alone' Against Iran
  World Powers Give Cool Response to Iran

Report: Iran Boosted by 'War on Terror'


GOP-Led Panel Faults Intel on Iran


US General: 'Clear Evidence' Iran Is Arming, Training Iraqi Extremists

EU Wants Troops in a Week, Could Take Months
  France Pledges 2,000 More Troops for Lebanon
  Israeli Flights Over Lebanon Violate Terms of Truce, UN Says
  Syria Threatens to Close Lebanon Border in Face of UN Troops
  Negotiations Preceded Israeli Attack on Civilian Convoy
  Lebanese Soldiers Die Clearing Israeli Shells

Lebanese Premier Seeks US Help in Lifting Blockade

Shin Bet Chief Slams 'System Collapse' in War
  Germany to Sell Two Nuclear-Capable Submarines to Israel

US Marine 'Draft' Signals a Long War

  13 Iraqis, 3 US Soldiers Killed in Thursday Attacks

Bush Shows Pessimism on Iraq

  Saddam's Trial Adjourned Until Sept. 11

'Shi'ite Giant' Extends Its Reach

US Air Raid Kills 8 Afghans, Including Child

  At Least 42 Killed in Afghanistan Clashes
  Afghanistan Suicide Bomber Kills Canadian Soldier

Soldier From Michigan Killed in Afghanistan

Bush Ensured Iran Offer Would Be Rejected  by Gareth Porter
Time for Israel to Change Its Tune
The Forward
It's Not Who We Are, It's What We Do  Ken Silverstein interviews Michael Scheuer
Beirut Diary  by Rasha Salti and Tom Engelhardt
And the Loser Is... Everyone  by Leon Hadar
Bush Clings to a Lost Cause in Iraq
by Joan Vennochi

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Poll: Americans Separate Iraq From 'War on Terror'

A Weaker US Hand in the Mideast

Amnesty Report on War Slams Hezbollah, Slams Israel Harder
Hezbollah Warns Blair: You're Not Welcome in Beirut

Marine Called Haditha Shootings Appropriate

New Rules Will Push Foreign Service Officers Toward More Dangerous Spots

UN Fears Overstretch as Number of Peacekeeping Troops Nears Record

Lebanon Village Now a Wasteland After War
Iraq Attacks Continue

17 Killed as Iraq Violence Rages; US Coalition Optimistic

Bomb Narrowly Misses Iraqi Minister

Suicide Bomber Attacks Police HQ in Iraq

Two Killed in Iraq on Military Contract Job

Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 24

Security Developments in Iraq, Aug. 23

Iraq Today

Growing War Splits Baghdad

Iraqi PM Says Sure His Forces Can Handle Security

Oil Majors Maneuver for Prime Position in Iraq

The Jill Carroll Story - Part 9: The Muj Brothers

Saddam Trial

Informant Against Hussein Now One of Fellow Inmates

Hussein's Lawyers Defend Chemical Attacks

Occupying Iraq

Khalilzad: Securing Baghdad Key to Iraq's Future

US Army Props Up Southern Iraqi Economy to Undercut Militias

UK Troops to Stay in Iraq Indefinitely After Handover to Baghdad

'War on Terror'

Does bin Laden Trail Lead to Pakistan?

Bush Commends Pakistan's Role in Fighting Terrorism

Dutch Official: Terrorism Not Involved in Diverted Northwest Flight

Air Travelers Reluctantly Accept Tightened Security

Interview: Muslim Brits' Shock at Plane Ejection

US Seeks to Expand Airline Data-Sharing With EU

Asian EU MP 'Treated Like a Terrorist While Traveling'

Kuwait Arrests al-Qaeda-Linked Fugitive

Australian Gets 20 Years for Terror Plot


German Guantánamo Prisoner Headed Home

Gitmo Aussie Faces at Least Two More Years in Detention

Iran Urges West to See 'Positive' Signs

France Gives Iran Condition for Talks

Russia, China Back Iran Calls for Talks


Eighty Taliban Join Reconciliation Scheme

Afghanistan and Pakistan Mull Joint Border Patrols

Afghanistan: Women's Music Program Angers Conservative Clerics

Tears Fall as Aussie Soldiers Leave for Afghanistan

Afghanistan Will Be Key in Canadian Politics

Pakistan 'Actively Participating' in Reconstruction of Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Tamil Tigers Deny Link With Men Arrested in US

Sri Lanka Atrocity Tales Rage but Proof Impossible

Sri Lanka War Set for Long Haul, Analysts Warn

Red Cross Sends Ferry to Rescue Foreign Nationals in Sri Lanka


India Said to Retain Right to Nuke Tests

India Extends Cease-Fire With Rebels


Nepal's Maoist Rebels to Voluntarily Confine Soldiers, Weapons


Congo's Capital Returns to Relative Calm

Uneasy Calm After Kinshasa Truce


Islamist Forces Continue Making Gains in Somalia

Mugabe Buys More Chinese Jets

UN: Sudan Armies Abuse Children


Colombian Rebels Say Hostage Exchange at a Standstill

Colombia Fears Crippling US Tariffs

UN Lebanon Force

US Dismisses Syrian Objections on UN Force

Bush, Annan Discuss Lebanon Force

UN Peacekeeping Chief Warns Southern Lebanon Still Volatile

Germany Sees No Need for Second Resolution on Lebanon Force

Philippines May Send Troops, Doctors to Lebanon

A Fragile Cease-Fire

Annan Plans Mideast Trip to Push Lebanon Cease-Fire

UN Eyes Israel-Hezbollah Prisoner Swap
Israeli Soldier Killed, Three Others Hurt, by South Lebanon Mine

Hezbollah's Transformation Is a Case Study

Picking Up the Pieces

Shebaa Farmers Present Deeds in New Hopes of Reclaiming Land

Lebanon Unveils Recovery Plan to Salvage Postwar Tourism

Israeli Shelling Left Carpet of Bomblets

Notorious South Lebanon Prison-Turned-Museum Now Lies in Ruins

Aid for Lebanon

Hezbollah's Reconstruction of Lebanon Winning Shi'ite Loyalty

Hezbollah Deluges Economy in Dollars

US Faces Aid Obstacle in Hezbollah

US Aid to Help Clear Lebanon Mines

South Lebanon Residents Pull Together to Distribute Aid

Lebanon's Prime Minister Appeals for International Aid

Global Lebanon Fallout

Rooftop Protest at UK Arms Manufacturer

Judge: UK Didn't Know About Weapons Flights to Israel

Canadian MP Resigns Post After Comments About Hezbollah

Israel's War at Home

Israel Regroups on Approach to War Inquiry

Israeli AG Lists Legal Options for War Probe

Hundreds Support Protesting Israeli Reservists

Citing War, Haifa Students Protest, Demand Passing Grades

Israeli Arab Arrested for Spying for Hezbollah


Top West Bank Islamic Jihad Leader Shot in Jenin

Unknown Militant Group Says It Kidnapped Fox Journalists


Syria: Israel Should Admit Defeat, Seek Peace

Egyptian Media Mock Assad's Blustery Comments

US Military

Veterans Group to Bush: Reinstate the Draft or Lose the War

Group: US Marching Toward Military Draft

Murtha: Marine Recall Shows Iraq Getting Worse

Air Force Upgrades Software

War at Home

US Muslim Group Concerned by Reports of Racial Profiling

Paradoxes of Connecticut's Senate Race

Senator Cancels Trip to Congo

North Korea

South Korea Urges North Against Nuke Test

Vietnam Banks Shut North Korean Accounts


China Invites Kim to Visit

Taiwan to Boost 2007 Military Spending, Warns of China Hostility

Bali Bomber 'Planned Attack Online From Jail'

Middle East

Kuwait Summons Iraqi Envoy Over Border Incident

PKK Kurdish Rebels Offer Cease-Fire to Ankara


Russia: Independent Kosovo Dangerous

NATO and EU Troops Raid Homes of Karadzic Allies


Justin Raimondo
Israel's 'Moral High Ground'

Nebojsa Malic
Wishful Thinking

Ivan Eland
The Cult of the Offensive

Alan Bock
The Police-State Impulse

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Doug Bandow
Abetting Catastrophe in Lebanon

Charles Peña
Flying the Unfriendly Skies

David R. Henderson
Are You Being Served?

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

Sascha Matuszak
Getting a Piece of the Pie

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