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Pawns of the War Party: Justin Raimondo
Neocons Dump Intel in Iran Rush: Gareth Porter
Spinning the Troop Levels in Iraq: Norman Solomon
Taliban Taking Over Again: Sanjay Suri
US Losing Control of Anbar: Dahr Jamail

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Updated September 6, 2006 - 9:04 PM EDT
US Blunders Help Political Islam

Bush Admits Secret CIA Prisons, Pushes for Military Tribunals

  Poll: Europeans See US as Threat to Global Stability
  War Backfiring on US, Khatami Says
US Losing Control of Anbar Province
  Shi'ites Submit Draft Law to Divide Iraq
  12 Killed in Iraq Bombings, 19 Tortured or Bullet-Riddled Bodies Found
  US Envoy Slams Kurds for Flying Unapproved Flag
  Bush Warns of al-Qaeda Caliphate in Iraq

Pakistan Agrees to Amnesty for al-Qaeda, Taliban

  Report: Taliban Taking Over Again
  NATO Troops Kill Up to 60 Taliban in Afghanistan
Israel to Lift Lebanon Blockade Tomorrow
  Olmert Rejects Calls for War Inquiry
  Hezbollah: We're Keeping Our Rockets
Neocons Discredit Intel in Haste to Attack Iran  by Gareth Porter
The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts  by Sibel Edmonds and William Weaver
Think Bush Will Pipe Down About Iraq? Think Again  by Terence Samuel
Who Set the Wayback Machine for 1939?  by Eugene Robinson
Spinning the Troop Levels in Iraq
by Norman Solomon
Bush's Hezbollah Hangover  by Ashraf Fahim

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Poll: Most Americans Doubt bin Laden Will Be Captured

Rice Likens Iraq and US Civil War Critics

Ex Iranian Leader Khatami Says US Should Stay in Iraq for Moment

What Valerie Plame Really Did at the CIA

Best Defense Against Terrorism Is a Split With US, Say British Voters

Ohio Congressman Is Latest Republican to Break With Bush Over Iraq, Rumsfeld

Missile Fired at McCain's Chopper, Georgian Officials Say

Iraqi Map Necklaces Protest Disintegration of Iraq
Attacks Continue

August in Baghdad Ends With Flurry of Violence

8 US Troops Killed in Two Days of Iraq Battles

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 6

Security Developments in Iraq, Sept. 5

Iraq Today

Iraq Parliament Re-Opens Amid Strife

Iraq to Extend State of Emergency

Iraq Lawmaker Tells Colleagues of Kidnapping Ordeal

Deported Iraqi Refugees Fearful of Persecution on Their Return

Mass Kurdish Graves Found in Northern Iraq

Iraq to Up Fuel Imports for 2006

Occupying Iraq

Britain Forced to Send More Troops to Iraq

Iraqi President Sees UK Troops Gone by 2007

British FM Dismisses Maliki's Comments, Says Troops Won't Leave Any Time Soon

US Democrats Call for Quarterly Report on Civil War in Iraq

The War at Home

Army Tries Private Pitch for Recruits

Iraq Vets Begin Anti-Bush Demonstration in Washington

Negroponte's Guidelines Allow Spy Agencies to Keep Secrets From Congress

Antiwar Message Travels From Texas to Washington

US Military

GOP Senators Differ With President on Military Trials

Next Generation of Space Planes Have Military Purposes

Pentagon Gearing for Overseas Voting

US 'War on Terror'

White House: Enemy in the War on Terror Different Than Enemy on 9/11

Bush Likens bin Laden to Hitler

US Strategy Calls Democracy a Weapon

Terrorist's Lawyer Could Get Life Behind Bars

After a Surge, US Terror Prosecutions Drop to Pre-9/11 Levels

Key Points: President's National Strategy for Combating Terrorism

Judge Throws Out Last of Charges Against Mid-Michigan Cell Phone Buyers

Global 'War on Terror'

Iraq Militants Praise Attack in Amman

Denmark Arrests Nine in Terror Sweep

Egypt Arrests 95 Over Suspected Militant Links

German Opposition Slams 'Unconstitutional' Terror Database

India Upgraded Security at Nuclear Facilities Amid Terror Warnings

Pakistan, US Navies Hold Anti-Terror Exercises

Analysis: Saudi Crackdown Having Little Effect on al-Qaeda Support

Jewish Man Removed From Air Canada Plane for Praying

The Enemies in Their Midst


Bomb Attack Near Turkey Ruling Party Office

Turkey Deploys Anti-Terror Police


Taliban Gains in Afghanistan Due to US-Led Policy, Study Says

UK Troops in Afghanistan Beyond 3 Years

Musharraf Due in Kabul Today

UK Foreign Office Rejects Afghanistan Report

Opium War Jeopardizing Afghan Future, Report Says

Taliban Resistance, Opium Crop Highlight Afghan Challenges

Rising Death Toll in Afghanistan Threatens Canadian Conservatives' Majority


Did Nepal King Try to Sabotage Peace Talks?

Nepal Maoists Protest Over Missing Rebels

South Asia

Rape Law Rankles Hardline Pakistan Lawmakers

Mortar Attacks as Sri Lanka Troops Dig in Near Key Port

Rebel Leader Among Eight Killed in Indian Kashmir Unrest


Nicaragua Braced for the Return of the Ugly Americans

Colombia Confirms Death of Missing Militia Boss

Calderón Finally Handed Slender Victory


Bush Steps Up War of Words With Iran

Iran Meets EU in Last-Minute Bid to Avoid Sanctions

China Wants Iran Talks Despite Deadline Expiry

Interview: Mohammad Khatami

Ahmadinejad Calls for Student Purge of Liberal, Secular Professors

A Fragile Cease-Fire

UN: Israelis Leave 5 Lebanese Villages

Hezbollah 'Reservations' Over German Role in UN Force

Lebanon Mission Under Fire in Indonesia

Turkey Agrees to Deploy Troops in South Lebanon


Israeli Blockade Has Continued for Seven Weeks

Hezbollah Besting Lebanese Government

Hariri Investigator Escapes Assassination in Lebanon

Song Praising Hezbollah Catapults Band to Rock-Star Status

Lebanon: The Dumptrucks of War

Israel's War at Home

Israeli MPs Urge Full War Inquiry

Israel's Decimated Postwar Budget Faces Tough Battle

Lebanese Television Airs Footage of Missing Israeli Airman

Israeli Soldier's Father: UN Collaborated With Hezbollah in 2000 Kidnapping

Israeli PM Scrambles for Ways to Keep Coalition Afloat


Four Killed in Israel Air Strikes on Gaza

Captured Israeli 'in Egypt for Swap'

Israelis to Shun Sinn Fein Leader Over Meeting With Hamas Members

Peres: Israel May Invite Abbas for Talks

Israel, PA Dismiss Report on Finalized Prisoner Swap

Israel Investigates Report of Troops Beating Palestinian Youth

Desperate Flight of Failed British Suicide Bomber

Israeli Panel Decides: Rudy Giuliani Ought to Be Next US President


Palestinians Storm Parliament in Gaza on Fourth Day of Strike

Penury and Boredom Weigh on West Bank Refugees

Some West Bank Businesses Join Civil Service Strike

Walls Turn Into Fact of Life in West Bank City of Hebron


US Envoy Frustrated With North Korea

US Envoy Says China Disappointed With North Korea

US Moves to Restart North Korea Talks

US or China 'Might Trigger North Korean Missile Launch'

US Envoy in China for Talks on North Korea

Bankers Challenge US Sanctions on North Korea


Chinese NYT Employee Appeals Conviction

Indonesian Jailed Over Bali Plot

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Threatens to Pull Out of WTO Talks

Russia Cancels Military Exercise With US

Georgia and Ossetia on Heightened Alert


Leaked Memo Outlines Blair's Departure

Italian DM: Failure of Lebanon Mission Would Be Grave Blow to UN

Former Homeland Security Chief to Become Albanian PM's Security Consultant


Thousands of Somalis Protest Against African Troops

Somalia Islamists Vow to Fight Foreign Troops


African Union Set to Pull Out of Darfur

In Darfur's Death Grip


African Leaders Discuss Somalia Military Pact

Eritrea Tells UN 'Spies' to Leave

Beijing Flexes Its Muscle in Zambian Election

Ivorian Rivals Hold Crisis Talks


Justin Raimondo
Pawns of the War Party

Ivan Eland
Bush vs. Ahmadinejad:
A Mock Debate

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Alan Bock
Invoking the Past

Doug Bandow
The Faux Liberal Foreign Policy Debate

Nebojsa Malic
True Colors

Charles Peña
Backdoor Draft

David R. Henderson
Should the US Nuke Iran and Syria?

Praful Bidwai
Indian Foreign Policy Slips on Oil-for-Food Slick

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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