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How Not to Deal With Iran: Ehsan Ahrari
Why We Still Fight: William S. Lind
A New Kind of Neocon?: Leon Hadar
Fondling Their Self-Esteem: John Pilger
Bush Achieves America's Demise: P. C. Roberts

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Updated October 12, 2006 - 9:29 PM EDT

Top UK Gen. Wants Quick Iraq Pullout

  Thursday: 157 Killed; 66 Injured Across Iraq
  Senior US Officer in Iraq Sees Spike in Violence

US: No Iraq Troop Reduction Before 2010


Iraq Approves Law to Split Country Into Autonomous Regions

  2,660 Iraqi Civilians Killed in September

US General: Strikes on Iran Possible by 2007

Bush Stands Firm on Iraq, N. Korea Policies

Russia, China Oppose North Korea Sanctions

  Report: North Korea Threatens More Nuke Tests

Poll: South Koreans Want Their Own Nuclear Arsenal

  Former South Korean President Blames US for Nuke Crisis

Militant Peace Deal for Afghanistan, Too?


Air, Ground Attacks Kill 94 Taliban in Afghanistan

129 Soldiers Killed in Sri Lanka Battle

How Not to Handle Iran's Nuke Aspirations  by Ehsan Ahrari
Bush Has Achieved America's Demise  by Paul Craig Roberts
Busy Fondling Their Self-Esteem
by John Pilger
Why We Still Fight  by William S. Lind
North Korea Isn't Our Problem
by Anatol Lieven and John Hulsman
A New Kind of Neocon?  by Leon Hadar

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Iraq Brings Wounds That Deepen With Time

Officials Scoff, but Statistics Experts Say Iraq Death Toll Report on Solid Footing

Jim Baker, Savior?

'Tough' Time in Iraq to Continue, Gen. Casey Says

Italian Probe: Israel Used New Weapon Prototype in Gaza Strip

US Jews Form Dovish Pro-Israel Lobby to Compete With AIPAC

Historian Tony Judt on the Israel Lobby Report (video)

Pentagon Fears 'Hell' of a Response: Plans Predict 52,000 US Troops, One Million Civilians Would Die in First 90 Days of US Attack on North Korea
Iraq Today

UN: Violence Forces 1,000 Iraqis a Day to Flee Homes

US Troops Often Need Iraqi Approval to Act

Do Not Cut Off My Mic, Saddam Pleads With Judge

Witness Says Saddam's Secret Police 'Sold' His Sister

Assessing Iraq's Army

Iraq: Compensation for Wartime Losses Going Slow

Iraq Attacks Continue
44 Iraqis, 1 US Soldier Killed; 96 Injured Across Iraq
3 US Marines, 2 Soldiers Die in Iraq

UN: Revenge Killing in Iraq 'Totally Out of Control'

Violence 'May Cost Maliki His Job'

Mortar Attack Caused US Ammo Dump Fire in Iraq

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 12

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 11

The War at Home
Bush Pledges US to Stay Course Amid 'Tough Times' in Iraq

Bush Says Open to Adjusting Iraq Policy if Needed

Iraq Pullout Resolution on Ballot in 139 Massachusetts Cities and Towns

Army to Seek Even More Cash for Wars in 2007

Books Lay Blame for War Failures With Franks

Can Iraq War Vets Win for Democrats?

US Court Backs Fine for Iraq Humanitarian Visits

Va. Soldier First Promoted, Then Mourned
'War on Terror'

Fighter Jets Scrambled Over US, Canada After NY Small Plane Crash

American al-Qaeda Man Faces Treason Charges

Padilla Claims Torture, Injection With Truth Serum

US Develops Software That Could Track Global Press

NY Mosque Leaders Convicted of Laundering Money to Kashmir Militants

Indonesian Terrorism Network Commanded From Jail

12km Peace Symbol Planned for Bali Anniversary


UK Soldier Speaks of Afghan Horror

Blair Calls on All NATO Countries to Help in Afghanistan

NATO Says Violence in Southern Afghanistan Subsiding

Afghanistan Five Years Later: Charting the Reconstruction

Sri Lanka

Rebels See Sri Lanka Readying for Big Assault

Sri Lanka Clashes Hit Peace Hopes

South Asia

Nepal Parties Resume Talks With Maoists

India, Pakistan Engaged in Back-Channel Diplomacy Over Kashmir

'US Spies' Shot Dead in North Waziristan

Middle East

Egyptian Opposition MP Faces Military Tribunal for 'Defamation'

Crown Prince Ridicules Claims of Saudi-Israeli Talks

Russia and Her Neighbors

Activists, Reporters Imperiled in Russia

Moldova Separatists Seek International Recognition


Report: Congo Gangs Hold Thousands of Child Soldiers

Militants Invade Shell Platform in Niger Delta

Proposed Rules for Journalists in Somalia Called 'Draconian'


US Eases Weapons Embargo on Haiti

US Tightens Cuba Trade Sanctions

North Korea

North Korea: Increased US Pressure Will Be Considered Declaration of War

Nuclear Test Puzzles Scientists at Home and Abroad

Annan Calls for Direct US-North Korean Talks

Kim Has Case of 'Malign Narcissism,' Expert Says

Online Nuclear Rumors Confuse People

Strain Shows on World's Anti-Nuke Rules

US Reacts

US Fears Export of North Korean Nuke Technology

Experts Say US Now Must Parley With North Korea

Both Parties Make North Korea Policy an Issue

Bush Faults Clinton Policy, but the Debate Is Complex

Neighbors React

Koreas' Ties Likely to Bend, Not Break

All Quiet on Korea's DMZ

South Korea Deploys Radiation Detector

Russia, China Block 'Act of War' Searches After Test

China Still Values the Survival of Communist Regime in North Korea


Abe Denies Japan Will Develop Nukes

Japan Faces Its Nuclear Taboo Amid Calls to Move on From Hiroshima
Sanctions Imminent?

Japanese Sanctions Seen Having Little Impact on North Korea

Aid Groups Warn Against Cut in North Korea Food

China Is Key if Sanctions Are to Be Imposed

Japan Bans North Korean Imports


UN Disagrees on Sanctions Against Iran

Ahmadinejad: 'Weaker' West Should Change Its Attitude on Iran

US Allows Spare Plane Parts Exports to Iran

Iran's Clerics Caught Up in Blogging Craze


A New Fence Is Added to a Border Town Already Split

Lebanese Speaker Warns War on Horizon Unless Israel Ends Violations

Lebanon Is Safe From Monetary Collapse Despite War

Former Lebanese General: Israel Testing Its Limits

Italian PM Lends Support to Siniora, Vows to Help Rebuild Lebanon at All Levels

Palestinian Authority

Hamas Rep in Lebanon Calls for Abbas to Step Down

Fatah Men Free Kidnapped American in West Bank

Dispute Over Prisoners Holds Up Abbas-Olmert Talks

Jordan's Abdullah Warns Palestinian Statehood at Risk

Report: Hamas Willing to Accept Previous Agreements With Israel


Israel: Arab Villages Want Equal War Damage Compensation

Israel to Help India Arms Probe

Jewish Group Offers 007 Middle East 'Missions'


US Air Power in East Asia Has Grown

No Quick End to Thai Martial Law

Security High After Mindanao Bomb

China's Party Leadership Declares New Priority: 'Harmonious Society'


UK Minister Slams Delays in Inquests Into Slain Soldiers

Blair in Final Drive for Northern Ireland Peace

Yugoslav Tribunal Rejects Croatian Bid

France Forced to Face Uncomfortable Truth About Ignored Colonial Soldiers


Justin Raimondo
North Korea's Nukes:
Why Now?

Charles Peņa
Co-Dependency in Iraq

Ivan Eland
Partition: The Way Out of Iraq

Praful Bidwai
Another Blow to Nonproliferation

David R. Henderson
The Nuclear Taboo

Alan Bock
Denial of the Obvious

Doug Bandow
Readings in the Age of Empire

Nebojsa Malic
Back to the Beginning

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

Ran HaCohen
The End of Lebanon?

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