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The Fault Lies in Ourselves: Paul Craig Roberts
Inventing Irrelevance: Nebojsa Malic
Stability or Democracy?: Nick Fielding
Slave Labor at US Iraq Embassy?: David Phinney
We Have Made Hell on Earth: Simon Jenkins

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Updated October 26, 2006 - 8:46 PM EDT

Iraqi PM Blasts US Over Pressure, Raid


Rumsfeld Tells War Critics to 'Back Off'


5 More GIs Killed in Iraq, Worst Month in a Year


Thursday Violence Leaves 39 Iraqis Dead, 44 Injured

  Frist to GOP Hopefuls: Don't Stress Iraq
  200 Active-Duty Troops Call for Iraq Withdrawal
Afghans Say 60 Civilians Killed in NATO Raids
Cheney: Detainees Subjected to Water-Boarding
Israel Says No Aggression Intended in German Ship 'Incident'
The Fault Lies in Ourselves
by Paul Craig Roberts
Which Will It Be, Stability or Democracy?  by Nick Fielding
Emanuel's War Plan for Democrats
by John Walsh
The Upside of Terror  by Garrison Keillor
The Disneyfication of War  by George Monbiot
Flambéing the Course  by Geov Parrish

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Slave Labor at US Embassy in Baghdad?

Iraq War Damaged US Reputation, Say Americans

North Korea Threatens War if South Joins Sanctions

Bush 'Not Satisfied Either' With War in Iraq

Rumsfeld: Bush 'Not Backing Away From Staying the Course’

The Emerging Probe of Top Dem's Ties to Israel Lobby

Bolton: Sanctions 'Help Regime Change'

Text of Bush's News Conference

We're Winning in Iraq, Says Defiant Bush, as US Angers Iraqi PM
Iraq Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 49 Iraqis Killed, 39 Injured

4 Killed as US Attacks Residential Area in Search for GI

US Forces Say Kill 12 Insurgents in Iraq's Ramadi

Baghdad Raids Hit Death Squads

Continued Violence Puts Damper on Celebrations of Islamic Holiday

Osama's Answer to Iraq's Violence

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 26

Security Developments in Iraq, Oct. 25

Iraqi Govt Rebels

Angry Iraq Leader Hits Back as Allies Try to Stay Confident

Bush Stokes Tension With Baghdad Over Withdrawal

Iraq Today
Rival Militias Threaten Iraq's South

Ethnic Cleansing in a Baghdad Neighborhood?

Iraq PM: Govt to Crack Down on Militias

Curfew in Amarah Cripples Daily Life

Occupying Iraq

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,804

Army Is Training Advisers for Iraq

British Troops in Iraq Likely to Be Halved After 'Success'

Australian Troop Commander Backs Iraq Security Time-Frame

Australian FM Rejects Timetable for Iraq Withdrawal

Seoul Sends Troops to Iraq for Rotation

In Iraq, Journalist Richard Engel Sticks to the Story

Global Iraq Fallout
Blix: Invasion of Iraq a 'Pure Failure'

'Experts': US Withdrawal From Iraq Disaster for Israel

Romanian DM Quits Over Iraq

Jihadis Turn From Iraq to Afghanistan

Blair Opposes Calls for Parliamentary Iraq Debate


Nearly 40 Insurgents, Some Civilians Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Taliban Threaten to Step Up Afghan Suicide Attacks

Ousted Rulers Masters of a Wide Area in Afghanistan

German Army Probes 'Loathsome' Acts in Afghanistan

German Soldiers Shown 'Desecrating' Skull in Afghanistan

US 'Nervous' About British Deal in Afghanistan

'War on Terror'

UK Terror Cases Run Out of Courtroom and Judges

Israel's Experience With Torture May Provide US Guidance

Saudi Prisoner Release Gives US Pause

Evidence of CIA Jails in Europe

European Ministers Discuss Terror

Prominent S. African Denied Entry Into US

Sept. 11 Plotter Asks Court for Lawyer, Trial

War at Home
Bush's Benchmarks Proposal Sounds Familiar

Iraq Withdrawal to Be Put to Voters in Several States

War Critics Try to Recruit Military

US Women Largely Disapprove of War

War Now Working Against GOP

Antiwar House Candidate Michael Berg on His Debate Lockout in Delaware

Antiwar Nuns May Land Back in Prison as Judge Insists They Give Thousands to the Air Force

Santorum: If I Lose, Terrorism Could Become a Greater Threat Than the Nazis

Ex-Bureaucrat for Pentagon Gets 18 Months for Illegal Arms Sales

Drug Raid Yields Los Alamos Documents

UK War at Home

UK Opposition Leader Calls for Extradition of US Soldiers Who Killed Reporter

Britain Bars Embedded Reporters From ITV Network

Sri Lanka

Not Much Hope Seen in Sri Lanka Talks With Tigers

EU Sends 5 Million Euros to Sri Lanka Conflict Victims

South Asia

New Indian FM: Peace With Pakistan 'Desirable'

Nepalese Rebels Protest at Police


Seoul to Draw Up Sanctions on North

Rice: Recent Events Prove 'Axis of Evil' Was True

Bush Says Alliance Against North Korea 'Firm'

ElBaradei: Sanctions No Answer to North Korea

Darker Days Loom After Nuclear Test

South Korea's Cruise Missile Program Revealed


Japanese DM Warns Against 'Careless Debate' on Nukes

Tokyo Brings Forward Missile Defense


Iran Steps Up Enrichment Work Despite Sanctions Threat

US: European Plans for Arms Sanctions Against Iran Are Too Weak

Russian Project Holds Up Iran Sanctions Deal

Iran Wants to Boost Arab Ties

Israeli-German Clash
Israeli Jets Clash With German Ship Near Lebanon

Israel Says It Was Responding to Unauthorized German Helicopter

Israel, Germany at Odds Over Lebanon Air Incident


German Troops Set for Wider Role in International Conflicts

Germany in Radical Shakeup of Military


Israeli Official Accuses Syria, Iran of Rearming Hezbollah

Lebanon FM Denies Arms Smuggling From Syria

Fears Resurface After Beirut Bomb Blast Near Residences of Saudi, UAE Envoys


Israeli Leaders Consider Invading Gaza

Israeli Experts Uphold Nuclear Vagueness

Israeli Foreign Minister May Go to Qatar

Settlers Attack Palestinian Farmers

Peres: I'll Release Prisoners as President

Israeli Army Stops Shipment of Explosives From Gaza to West Bank

Kidnappings of Journalists in Gaza

Palestinians in Nablus Lament Their 'Dying' City

Middle East

Report: Syria Ups Military Alert Level

In Syria, Iraq's Fate Silences Rights Activists

Egypt: Crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood Deepens

Russia and Her Neighbors

Putin Attacks Georgia 'War Plans'

Putin: I Won't Run for Third Term

Putin Says to Retain Influence After 2008 Exit

Former Police Linked to Crimes Against Civilians Investigated in Russian Journalist's Death


Kosovo Islamic Leaders Join Call for Independence

US Urges Kosovo Albanian Calm During Serb Vote


Chinese Court Sentences Dissident

Tibet: Cold Reality of Chinese Occupation


Burundi's Spy Agency Is Killing Opponents, Says Rights Group

Sudan 'Is Arming Rebels' in Chad

Sudan Open to More Troops Under AU Control


Somali Refugees Flee to Kenya as War Looms

Somali Islamists Cut Fuel Supply to Government Base


Iran, Hezbollah Charged in 1994 Argentine Bombing

Chávez Asks Bolivia to Run for UN Seat

US Talks in Colombia Note Alleged Abuses of Human Rights

In Other News

NATO Commander Asks Member Nations to Drop Troop Limits


Justin Raimondo
No Excuses

Nebojsa Malic
Inventing Irrelevance

Charles Peńa
Fish or Cut Bait in Iraq

Ivan Eland
Imperial Arrogance in Iraq

David R. Henderson
Oil, Nuclear Power, and Iran:
A Lesson in Opportunity Cost

Alan Bock
The More Things Change...

Doug Bandow
in the Balkans

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Praful Bidwai
N. Korean Blast May Hit Indo-US Nuclear Deal

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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