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More Troops – or Less Empire: Pat Buchanan
The Neocons' Nadir?: Jim Lobe
Terror, Torture Fine for Some: Saul Landau
Don't Blame Maliki: Justin Logan
Georgia's Dangerous Game: Jon Sawyer

No weapon has ever settled a moral problem. It can impose a solution but it cannot guarantee it to be a just one.
Ernest Hemingway
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Updated November 2, 2006 - 8:58 PM EST

More Than Ever, Iraqis Target US Forces


Bush: US Must Stay in Middle East to Keep Oil Available

  Military Chart Shows Iraq Sliding Toward 'Chaos'

Thursday: 58 Iraqis Killed, 92 Injured

  US Civilian Deaths in Iraq Top 842
  Rumsfeld OKs Increase in Iraqi Forces
Bush 'Would Understand' Israeli Strike on Iran
  Russia Won't Back Draft Text on Iran Sanctions

Iran May Limit Work With UN if Sanctions Imposed

Israeli Soldier, 8 Palestinians Killed in Gaza Raid

Hamas: Gaza Raid Will Have 'Negative Influence' on Shalit Deal

Don't Blame Maliki for America’s Iraq Problems  by Justin Logan
Terror, Torture Fine for Some
by Saul Landau
How Neocon Favorites
Duped the US
 by Robert Parry
More Troops – or Less Empire
by Patrick J. Buchanan
Turning the Corner Into Madness
by Robert Scheer
Georgia's Dangerous Game  by Jon Sawyer

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The Neocons' Nadir?

Iraqi Prime Minister Asserts Independence, Gains Stature

Revealed: US Soldier Killed Herself After Objecting to Interrogation Techniques

Bush Reaffirms Support for Rumsfeld and Cheney

US, UK Militaries Still Using Depleted Uranium Despite Warnings

An Administration Ally Goes Off-Message

Rights Group: UK Watering Down Torture Prohibitions

Iraq Civilian Deaths Still Rising
Iraqi Politics

Iraqis Spar Over Order to Lift US Checkpoints

Iraqi Shi'ites Alarmed at US Détente With Sunnis

A Coup in Baghdad? It Wouldn't Be the First

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Blasts MP Over Quorum

Iraqi Shi'ites Continue to Exert Independence and Seek Changes to UN Deal on US Troops

Iraq Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 90 Iraqis, 3 US Troops Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded

Baghdad Reels From Bombings

Gunmen Kidnap Iraqi Coach for Blind

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 2

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 1

Iraq Today
Iraqi Data Suggests Civilian Deaths Still Rising

Iraq State TV Accuses US of Releasing 'Terrorist'

Saddam Will 'Either Face Death or Return to Power,' Says Lawyer

Southern Iraq Approaches the Tipping Point

Treating Friend and Foe in the Baghdad ER

Along Iraq-Syria Border, a Struggle to Cover the Terrain

China, Japan Keen to Develop Iraq Oilfields

Baby Boom Echoes in Iraq

Occupying Iraq

Ex-US Commander: Military Alone Can't Win in Iraq

Army Journal Cites Problems With Iraqi Army Trainees

Quick-Win Conflict a Quagmire for US

Medic Tends a Fallen Marine, With Skill, Prayer and Anger

Contractors Bail

Bechtel Finishes $2.3 Billion Iraq Job Mourning 52 Dead Workers

Kroll Pulls Security Teams Out of Iraq

The War at Home

Unpunished Shooting in Iraq Triggered Desertion, Soldier Says

In Reversal, Kerry Apologizes for Remarks on Iraq Soldiers

Congressman Slammed for Blaming Iraq Ills on Generals

Poll Shows Iraq War Is Voters' Main Concern

Iraq Veteran Fights Midterm Battle

Poll: New Iraq Approach Urged by 58% of Americans

Nervous Defense Contractors Watching Elections

Wave of Change Likely to Wash Away Pro-Israel US Politicians

Global Iraq Fallout

Saudi Study Calls Iraq 'Lost Battle'

Blair Accused of Delaying Iraq Inquiry Until After He Quits

'War on Terror'

Detainees Challenge Military Trials Law

US Changed Force-Feeding Schedule of Detainees for Ramadan

Chertoff Lays Out Terror Plan to Police Chiefs

Air Plot Said to Target US Cities

UK Teachers Asked to Spy on Muslims

British Court Frees Airline Plot Suspects


NATO Kills Three Near Kandahar

Suicide Bomber Injures 2 NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan

Blair Urges Brits to Support Afghanistan War

Turkey Rejects NATO Afghanistan Request

EU to Give $3.2 Million to Afghanistan

Restaurant Chain in Afghanistan Could Cost Canadian Taxpayers

German Skull Troops Suspended


White House Praises Pakistani Attack on School

Rights Group Urges Probe Into Pakistan Military's Attack on School

Balochistan Assembly Slams School Attack

Tribesmen Rampage in Protest of Pakistani Military's School Attack

NATO Takes the Fight to Pakistan

Sri Lanka

Rebel Targets 'Hit' in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka's Military Accuses Tiger Rebels of Breaching Truce


'Foreign Minister': War in Somalia 'More Likely Than Not'

War Fears Mount After Somali Peace Talks Collapse


South Korea Appoints Dove FM, and Hawk as DM

North Korea's Return to Talks Won't End UN Sanctions

US Expected to End Probe on North Korea's Money Laundering

Bush Cautious on North Korea Talks


Russia Defends Supply of Missiles to Iran

Iran to Mimic US-Led Naval War Games in Gulf

Iran to Pay Incentives to Attract Western Tourists


Lebanon: Up to 200,000 Still Displaced After War, UN Says

One Killed in Explosion in Lebanese School

Explosion Rocks Police Barracks in Beirut

US Tells Iran, Syria 'Hands Off' Lebanon

Syria Denies Aiding Bid to Topple Lebanese Regime

Chechen Military Engineers Embrace Relative Calm of Lebanon Duty

Lebanese Haunted by Deadly Cluster Bombs

Lebanon's Advertising Sector Feels Postwar Pinch

Full Speed Ahead for Plans to Revamp Palestinian Refugee Camps


Hezbollah Seeks Bigger Role in Cabinet

Hezbollah Threatens Protests in Lebanon

Hezbollah and the Political Ecology of Postwar Lebanon

Nasrallah: Talks Progress on Hezbollah-Israel Prisoners' Swap

Attack on Gaza

Israel Sends Tanks to Take Gaza Town

Gaza Violence Erupts After Israeli Incursion

Israeli Military: Gaza Invasion Might Not Stop Qassam Attacks

Hamas PM Blames Extremist Israeli Minister for Deadly Raid in Gaza

Israeli Minister: We Must Treat Gaza Like Russia Does Chechnya

Egyptian FM: Israeli Attack on Gaza Border Would Not Be Tolerated

Egypt Snubs Foreign Help on Gaza Border


Former Israeli Intel Chief: Lebanon War Had Unachievable Goals

Abbas: Israel Must Stop 'Massacre' of Palestinians

Israel Blames Iran for Failed Efforts to Free Soldier

Senior US Officials on Peace Mission in Israel as Fighting Flares


Blair Dispatches Senior Envoy to Syria

France Seeking Better Syria Ties

Syria Switches to the Euro Due to US Sanctions

Middle East

Even in Kuwait, Shi'ite-Sunni Ties Fray

US Assails Egypt's Jailing of Sadat Nephew

Turkey Cleric: Criticizing Islam Threatens Peace

Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia, Georgia Seek End to Diplomatic Crisis at Moscow Talks

Kyrgyz Opposition to Hold Protest

EU Divided Over Uzbek Sanctions


Taiwan Set for New Clash With Beijing

Chinese Activist's Verdict Overturned

US, Australia Have Fears of Fiji Military Coup


Paris Airport Strips 70 Muslim Staff of Security Clearance

Self-Rule Charter Put to the Test as Catalans Vote

Poll: Most Favor Scottish Independence

Kosovo May Soon Be Free of Serbia, but Not of Supervision


Congo Government Welcomes US Sanctions on 'Warlords'

Ugandan Rebels Sign New Truce

UN Lays Out Path to Ivory Coast Vote Within a Year


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