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Time for Rumsfeld to Go: Army Times
Missing the Fundamentals: Alan Bock
Who's Targeting Iran – and Why?: Gordon Prather
An Empire of Liberty?: Ryan McMaken
The More-Than-$2-Trillion War: Bilmes/Stiglitz

The time has come to stop beating our heads against stone walls under the illusion that we have been appointed policeman to the human race.
Walter Lippmann
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Updated November 5, 2006 - 9:03 PM EST
Saddam Sentenced to Death
  Saddam Urges Iraqis Not to Take Revenge on US
  White House Mocks Suggestion Saddam Verdict Timed for US Vote
  Iraq Imposes All-Day Sunday Curfew in Capital, Four Provinces
  Shi'ites Worry US Support Is Shifting to Sunnis
  Sunday: 13 Iraqis, 2 US Troops Killed; 61 Iraqis Wounded
On Second Thought: Neocons Rethink Iraq War
  1999 War Games Foresaw Problems in Iraq
  White House: 'Army Times' Editorial 'Shabby'
  Cheney: Democratic Victory Would Embolden Militants
Army Guard, Reserves Face New Iraq Call-Ups
  Army Recruiters Accused of Misleading Students to Get Them to Enlist
  Anger Joins Grief for Family Feeling Misled by Military
Pentagon Targets Kim's Nuclear Sites
  Former Defense Secretary Perry: US May Attack North Korea
US: Suspect Can't Talk to Lawyer, Could Reveal US Prison Secrets
  US: Filmmaker Can't Sue Unless He Thinks We'll Arrest Him Again
What to Do Before Tehran Gets the Bomb  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Suicide Terrorism and Democracy
by Robert A. Pape
Who's Targeting Iran – and Why?
by Gordon Prather
Time for Rumsfeld to Go  Army Times
An Empire of Liberty?  by Ryan McMaken
Better Late Than Never?  by Matt Taibbi

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48 Palestinians Dead as Israel Bombards Gaza
Israel to Align With Fatah as Border Strike Tactics Fail
France Blocks NATO Bid to Create a Global Terror Force
Iraqi Police Kill 53 Terrorist Suspects in Baghdad
First Hussein Trial Ending Amid Doubts
Bush Says US Pullout Would Let Iraq Radicals Use Oil as a Weapon
GI Memorial Services 'Too Sensitive to Cover'
12,000 Turks March Against Radical Islam
CIA Review Highlights Afghan Leader’s Woes
Newspaper: German Soldiers Held Gun to Random Afghan Child's Head, Took Pictures
Scores of Bodies Found in Baghdad Taken to Holy City of Karbala to be Laid to Rest
Saddam Verdict
Appeal Panel Will Review Saddam Sentence
Iraq Waits Nervously to Hear if Saddam Will Hang
Iraq PM Hopes Saddam 'Gets What He Deserves'
Saddam Tells Lawyers He Faces Death Without Fear
US Lawyer Says Saddam Faces 'Victor's Justice'
Iraq Occupation
US Backs Hot Line in Iraq to Solicit Tips About Trouble
US-Backed Iraqi Troops Raid Sadr City Cell
UN: Iraq Worse Than Planned For
Parents of Fallen US Troops Visit Northern Iraq
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 102 Iraqis Killed, 65 Injured
Two Russians Killed in Iraq Rocket Attack
US Military Deaths in Iraq at 2,828
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 5
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 4
Britain at War
Conservative Crack Appears Over British Iraq Inquiry Vote
One Dead, Four Lives Ruined: The True Cost of War in Iraq
Widows of UK Military Police in Iraq Get Secret Big Pay-Outs
Reid to Gag Whitehall Whistleblowers
British Minister Slams Use of Cluster Bombs in Iraq
New Bid to Hold Terror Suspects in UK
Nazi Bombs Threaten London Olympics
The War at Home
Investigation at the CIA Looks for Favors Among Friends
Losses Color a Patriotic Town's View of the Iraq War
US Churches Sharply Divided on Iraq War
Seniors' Views on Iraq Could Cost GOP
US Diplomat: Bush Would Prefer if Scotland Wasn't Independent
US Military
Army General Issues Appeal to Keep Military Ranks Filled
More on the Suicide by US Soldier Who Objected to Torture
Annual Gathering of Military Leaders a Hush-Hush Affair
AWOL Soldiers Reconsider Return to US
UK Paratroopers on Standby for Drop on Taliban
Seven Taliban Militants Killed in South Afghanistan
Two Pakistanis Among Six Killed in Afghanistan
NATO Forces Attack Insurgents Close to Afghanistan Capital
Air Force Officers Held for Attempt to Murder Musharraf With Rockets
Opposition 'United' on Ouster of Musharraf
Masked Men Kill Tribal Elder in South Waziristan
Pakistan Must Seal Its Border, NATO Send More Troops: Dutch FM
Kyrgyzstan Investigates Opposition 'Coup Plot'
Kyrgyz Opposition Maintains Protests
At North Korea Border, an Even Flow
Tourists Still Flock to Korean DMZ
Thousands Demand Resignation of Taiwan President Over Scandal
Taiwan's Embattled Leader Plans to Address Nation
Hardline Muslims Protest Bush Visit to Indonesia
Rebel Mine Kills Two Sailors in Sri Lanka
Tajik Opposition Activists Detained Ahead of Poll
Indian Army Suffers 100 Suicides a Year
Nicaragua: Old US Adversary Poised for Comeback
A Week Later, Protesters Still Hanging on at University in Oaxaca
Bolivia Will Not Compensate Oil Companies After Nationalization
Cuba Military Readies for Castro, Revolution Parade
Weekend Reviews
A Fanciful Neocon Version of Our Expansionist History
McGovern's New Book Focuses on War That Has Been a 'Disaster'
Book Clubbed
Documentary Blasts Iraq War Profiteering

Translating Virgil's Epic Poem of Empire

Iran Test-Fires More New Weapons in War Games
Russian Minister Says UN Sanctions Against Iran Should Be for Limited Period
Decades After the Hostages, a Conciliatory Voice in Iran
Thousands of Iranians Warn US in Embassy Protest
Iran Reformist Cleric Boycotts Electoral Vetting Test
Filmmaker Sees Lessons in Iranian History
Is Lebanon the Hub of a New Cold War?
Germany Says Israel Not Respecting Lebanon Airspace
UN Calls for End to Israeli Flights Over Lebanon
Malaysia Delays Sending Troops to Lebanon Until January
Indonesian Military Gear Leaves for Lebanon UN Force
As Gaza Death Toll Rises, Israeli Military Insists Only a Few Civilians Have Been Killed
Gaza Town Shocked and Battered by Israeli Raid
Hamas FM: Israeli Operations in Gaza May Endanger Shalit's Life
Israel Helps Provide Legend for Palestinian Struggle
Israeli Sniper Kills 12 Year Old Girl in Gaza
Settler Celebration Prevents West Bank Farmers From Harvesting Olives
Egypt Says Dismayed Over Israeli Actions in Gaza
Jews and Arabs Can Never Live Together, Says Israel's Vice PM
Israelis Gather in Memory of Slain Premier Rabin at Site of 1995 Killing
Peace Groups Protest Gaza Operation During Rabin Memorial
Seven Qassam Rockets Fired at Israel
Islamist Groups Clash With Government Forces on Egyptian Campuses
Russia Offers MiG-29 to Egypt
Middle East
Yemeni Court Upholds Acquittal of 19 Men Accused of Plotting to Kill Westerners
Al-Jazeera English TV Date Set
France to Sign Military Accords With Kuwait in November
East Africa
Islamists Claim First Blood in Jihad as Somalia Edges Closer to War
Kenyan Muslims Accuse US of Plotting to Attack Somalia
Arab Militia Work With Sudan Army in Darfur Town
AU Pays Darfur Factions $1 Million a Year
Rebels Threaten All-Out Attack on Nigeria's Oil
French Accused of Complicity in Genocide That Killed a Million in Rwanda
Kremlin Threatens to Toughen Sanctions on Georgia
Three Suspected Chechen Rebels Shot Dead in Ingushetia
Turkish PM Regrets EU 'Obstacles'
Children From Secretive Nazi Program Tell Their Stories in Public for First Time
Fiji’s Fragile Balance of Power in Crisis
Fiji Coup Fears Prompt Travel Warning
Americans Keep Dying
Lovelady (TX) Soldier Killed Four Days Before Return Home
Modesto (CA) Soldier Killed 11 Days Before Return Home
West Point Grad (MO) 'Came Home Early'
Marine (MI) Killed During Extended Stay in Iraq
Soldier (MD) Found Pride in Service in Afghanistan
Soldier (FL), Killed in Afghanistan, Is Unit's First to Be Killed in Action Since Vietnam War
Nephew of Fallen Soldier (OH) Also Served in Uncle's Unit in Iraq
New Orleans (LA) Soldier Killed in Iraq Laid to Rest
Greensboro (NC) Soldier Dies of Noncombat Related Illness
Marine (TN) Killed in Iraq Laid to Rest
Mother: 'I Just Want to Hold Him One More Time' (IL)
Canadian Soldier Serving in US Army Never Questioned War
Gibson County (IN) Marine Killed in Iraq
Marine (CA) Dies in Iraq From Gunshot
Fallen Marine (WI) Sought Iraq Duty
Hawthorne (NV) Residents Remember Slain Soldier
Marine From Eaton Rapids (MI) Dies in Combat in Iraq
Family, Friends Mourn Univ of Michigan Student Slain in Iraq
Korean-Born Soldier (NY) Killed in Afghanistan

Justin Raimondo
The Neocons, Undaunted

Alan Bock
Missing the Fundamentals

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Doug Bandow
The Painful Death of Humanitarian Intervention

Ivan Eland
Filling the Spin Vacuum

Nebojsa Malic
Inventing Irrelevance

Charles Peña
Fish or Cut Bait in Iraq

David R. Henderson
Oil, Nuclear Power, and Iran:
A Lesson in Opportunity Cost

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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