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The Antiwar Wave: Justin Raimondo
Mother of All Supplementals: Charles Peņa
Iraqi Militias Take Refuge in Govt: Jamail/Fadhily
A Misguided Faith in Force: H.D.S. Greenway
Fighting Over Who Lost Iraq: Andrew J. Bacevich

The best defense is no offense.
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Updated November 8, 2006 - 9:24 PM EST

Rumsfeld Quitting

Democrats Win Control of Senate

  War-Weary Voters Demand Change

Shift Coming in US Policy on Iraq


Washington Tells Iraqis Not to Worry Over US Election

US Losses Rise Again in Iraq

Wednesday: 2 GIs, 199 Iraqis Killed or Reported Dead

  17 Marines' Conduct in Iraq Investigated

White House Denies Imminent Departure of Khalilzad

Israeli Artillery Shelling Kills 19 Civilians in Gaza

  Israel Leaves Gaza Town to Count Dead
  Envoy: US May Lose Interest in Israel
  57 Unarmed Palestinian Minors Killed by Israel Since June

Suicide Bomber Kills 42 Soldiers in Pakistan

Sri Lanka Rebels: Army Firing Kills 65 Civilians

Fighting Over Who Lost Iraq
by Andrew J. Bacevich
More Killing Doesn't Honor Son Lost to War  by Joe Colgan
Bush's Latest Critics? Those Who Led Him to War  Daily Star (Beirut)
Tragedy, Farce, and Worse  by Lew Rockwell
No Closure in Iraq  by Juliette Kayyem
Congress Needs to Restore Iraq Auditor  Dallas Morning News

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Iraqi Militias Take Refuge in Facilities Protection Service

Saddam Calls for Iraq Unity Two Days After Death Sentence

Poll: Support for Iraq War at All-Time Low in US

Blair to Keep War Powers

Iraq Charges 100 Over Prison Torture
Saddam Trial

Saddam Back in Court for Genocide Trial

Hussein Displays Courtesy After Death Sentence Fury

Hussein May Be Hanged by Spring, Lawyer Says

Iran Urges Iraq to Ensure Saddam Hangs

Iraq's Ba'ath Threatens Retaliation if Saddam Executed

Iraq Today
Juba the Baghdad Sniper Eclipses Saddam's Call for Reconciliation

Iraqis Doubt US Election Results Will Affect Them

Suspects Still at Large in Iraqi Torture Case

Baghdad Airport Reopens as Curfew Lifted

The Day the Hatred Boiled Over in Balad

Iraqi Healthcare System Rapidly Deteriorating

Sunni Party Warns Against Civil Strife

Iraq Attacks Continue
Tuesday: 1 US, 1 UK, 35 Iraqis Killed; 8 Iraqis Wounded

Mortar Exchanges Kill 21 in Baghdad

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 8

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 7

Occupying Iraq

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,837

British Soldier Killed in Basra

US Soldier Admits Iraq Charges

Media Group Demands US Charge or Release Iraqi Photographer

UN Watchdog: $22 Million Missing in Iraq Contracts

New Dispute on Halliburton's Billing in Iraq

Japan to Extend Mission in Iraq to July

Warsaw Summons US Envoy to Explain Iraq Spat

The War at Home

Voters Came Out in Droves, Fueled by Iraq

Poll: Confidence in Iraq War Success at 27 Percent in US

Iraq on the Minds of Hoosier Voters

Superbug Brought Back by Iraq War Casualties

UK 'War on Terror'

How Young Hindu Turned to Islam and Abu Hamza

Hindu Family of al-Qaeda Man Now Untouchables

'War on Terror'

Feds Eye Terrorist Recruiting in Prisons

Six Terrorism Suspects Arrested in the Netherlands

Al-Qaeda Claims Yemen Oil Attacks, Vows More Strikes


Afghan Violence Leaves Five Dead, Including NATO Soldier

Afghan Unrest Fuels Tensions Ahead of NATO Summit

Afghanistan: Tribal Elders Reopening Southern Schools

Afghanistan Opposes Fencing Border With Pakistan

Pashtuns Protest Pakistani Meddling in Afghanistan


Filming of Movie Brings New Tension to Daniel Pearl Case

Pakistan Asks India to Tackle Kashmir Dispute Head-On

Pakistan Promises: We Won't Nuke First


Rebel Maoists to Join Nepal Government in Landmark Peace Deal

Nepal Maoist Boss to Step Out of Shadows

Rights Groups Slam Nepal Maoist Intimidation

Nepal Government, Rebels Agree on UN Role on Arms


Nicaraguans' Votes Are In, and Ortega Is Back

Panama Voted to UN Security Council


Iran Renews Offer to Talk Iraq With US

At the UN, Discord Over Confronting Iran's Nuclear Ambitions

Security Council Formally Takes Up Iran Sanctions Draft

US: Israel Will Not Strike Iran Nuclear Plants

Iran Proposes Defense Pact With Gulf States

Attack on Gaza

Israel Declares End to Gaza Mission, but Firing Continues

Israeli Forces Pull Out of Northern Gaza Town After Bloody Week-Long Sweep

Palestinians Return to Shattered Homes in Northern Gaza Town

Palestinians Return to Their Battle-Scarred Homes as Israeli Troops Withdraw

Hamas: Israelis Shell Home of Lawmaker


Abbas to Hamas: Give Me Shalit

Israel Says It Uncovered Jihad Women's Network

Abbas Hopes for Palestinian Cabinet Deal 'in Days'

Palestinian Teachers Return to Class

US Said to Favor Palestinian Government of Technocrats

Palestinians Hopeful About Olive Harvest

Egyptian Police Finds More Explosives in Sinai Headed to Gaza


Israel: Haifa Residents Bounce Back

Israeli Military to Ease Restrictions on West Bank During Christian Holidays

Israeli City Hit by Rocket Fire

Sderot Kids: Can't Remember Life Without Qassams

West Bank Wildcat Outpost Gets Eviction Order


Lebanon Unity Talks Break Off to Study Proposals

UN: No Evidence of Uranium-Based Munitions in Lebanon

UN Finds White Phosphorus Israel Used in Lebanon

North Korea

US, Japan Plot Action on North Korea Sanctions

Japan Will Keep Role in Six-Nations Talks, Abe Says

Middle East

Jordan's King in Plea for Revival of Peace Process

From Tunis to Tehran, the Great Veil Debate

Morocco Says Independent Western Sahara Would Be 'Terrorist Den'


Turkish Army Keeps Eye on Politicians

Turkey and Europe: Why Strained Friendship Is Fraying


Somalia: Ethiopia Must Withdraw Troops

Somali Speaker Pursues 'Rescue' Effort in Talks With Islamists


Over 100 Killed in Chad Violence

Darfur 'Genocide Crosses to Chad'

British and American Hostages Freed in Nigeria


Kyrgyz President Threatens to Dissolve Parliament

Clashes Erupt in Capital of Kyrgyzstan

Pro-Govt, Opposition Activists Clash in Kyrgyzstan


President of Tajikistan Is Reelected

US Watching Vietnam Terrorism Trial

Parole of Suharto's Son Riles Rights Activists

Thai Advocates Islamic Law for Far South


Justin Raimondo
The Antiwar Wave

Charles Peņa
The Mother of All Defense Supplementals

Ivan Eland
Disregarding Democracy

David R. Henderson
Who Is 'We'?
Part Two

Alan Bock
Missing the Fundamentals

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Doug Bandow
The Painful Death of Humanitarian Intervention

Nebojsa Malic
Inventing Irrelevance

Ran HaCohen
Good News From Gaza

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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