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Leaving Iraq, Honorably: Sen. Chuck Hagel
Long After We Withdraw: David Rieff
What Now, Iraq?: Alan Bock
Less Painful Now Than Later: Ted Galen Carpenter
Beware 'Phased Withdrawal': Carolyn Eisenberg

War is a racket. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives.
General Smedley Butler
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Updated November 27, 2006 - 9:24 PM EST
War, Failing Confidence Cripple Maliki
  Another Bloody Sunday: 148 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed
  Monday: 109 Iraqis Killed, 70 Wounded
  Thousands to Leave as UK, Poland, Italy Downgrade Iraq Commitment
  Both Sides Blame the US as Violence Escalates in Iraq
  Crowd Stones Iraqi PM as Govt Calls for Calm
  Iraq Militants Claim Downing of US Air Force Jet, Pilot Reported Dead
US Lawmakers Losing Patience With Iraq Govt
  Bush Heads to Mideast Amid Chaos, Doubt
  Iraq Study Group Weighs Overture to Iran and Syria
  Iraq Study Group Far From Predictable, Report Still Weeks Away
Gaza Cease-Fire Appears to Take Hold
  Gaza Truce Raises Hopes for Revival of Peace Process
  Gemayel's Death Provides New Ammunition for All Sides in Lebanon
NATO Urges End of Right to Opt Out of Afghan Combat
  NATO Urged to Plan Afghanistan Exit Strategy as Violence Soars
  4 Civilians Working for US Military Killed in East Afghanistan
Leaving Iraq, Honorably
by Sen. Chuck Hagel
Robert Gates and the Iran Arms Sales  by Robert Parry
Withdrawal From Iraq Now Will Be Less Painful Than Years From Now  by Ted Galen Carpenter
Long After We Withdraw  by David Rieff
What Now, Iraq?  by Alan Bock
Syria, Israel Both Have Motives
by Tarif Abboushi

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Hail to the Chief: Dick Cheney's Unfettered Presidency
President Bush's Bad Reputation
Lawmakers Criticize Training and Deployment of Iraqi Forces
Sword of the Shia
Syria Would Seek Reward for Helping to Calm Iraq, Some Say
Iraqi Clerics Say US Occupation at Root of Hostilities
Restrictions on NATO Troops in Afghanistan
Private Spies Track Extremists Across World
For Iraq Police, Staying Alive Is Goal
Violence Continues
Mahdi Militia Seen as Heroic in Aiding Bomb Victims
Armed and Nervous, Baghdad Residents Endure Curfew
Iraqi Leaders Pledge to Track Down Insurgents
Iraq Tribe Says It Kills Dozens of al-Qaeda Fighters
Iraqi PM Says Politicians Are Causing Violence
Bombings Push Iraq Closer to Abyss
Iraq Declares War on Petroleum Smuggling
Iraqi Leaders Try to Halt Iraq's Sectarian Violence, but It Tears One City Apart
When Will Iraqi Troops Be Ready?
Attacks Continue
Another Bloody Sunday: 148 Iraqis, 5 GIs Killed; 58 Iraqis, 7 Brits, 2 GIs Wounded
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,875
Mortars Set Fire to US Base in Iraq
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 27
Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 26
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi President Heads for Iran for Talks With Ahmadinejad
Australia's Only Iraq War Casualty Shot Himself by Accident: Report
Australia Inquiry Says Wheat Board Misled UN Over Iraq
Turkish PM: Dividing Iraq Will Lead to Civil War
US Faces a 'Real Dilemma' in Iraq, Egyptian President Says
The War at Home
GOP Sen. Hagel: US Should Pullout of 'Mismanaged' Iraq
Top Democrat Calls for Iraq Ultimatum
Congressional Leaders Press Bush on Iraq
Iraq: Bob Gates' Tough Choices
CNN's John Roberts Tells Kurtz: Iraq Worse Than Media Shows
Justice Dept Asks Court Not to Block Records Over Fitzgerald vs. NY Times
US Works to Bridge Its Muslim Trust Gap
Imams Recoil at 'Religious Profiling'
Colo. Subdivision Bans Wreath Peace Sign
US Military
The Pentagon Handoff
Stress Disorders, Drug Abuse Mean Little Help for Troops
Iraq Vet AWOL Again, Says Army Ignores His Case
Vets Skeptical VA Can Cope With Iraq War Wave
Feds Plan Redo of Weapon Sites
Four US Ships to Get Missile Interceptors
57 Taliban Among 72 Killed in Afghan Bloodbath
Bomb Kills 15 at Restaurant in Afghanistan
Suicide Bomber Kills Two NATO Soldiers in Afghanistan
Suicide Attacks Are Acquiring Deadly Foothold in Afghanistan
Military Option Alone Not Enough in Afghanistan: German Minister
Taliban Says It Released Two Reporters
Bush Demands Afghan Action on Drugs
Afghanistan's Fledgling Army Joins Fight
C-17 Crews Deliver Under Fire
Rival Separatist Groups Attack Each Other With Rocks in Kashmir
Rebels Warn Against Leasing Indian Kashmir Resort to 'Outsiders'
Indian DM: Pakistan Should Authenticate Positions of Troops
Indian Army Goes Hi-Tech to Build Modern Warfare
Sri Lanka
21 Sri Lanka Rebels Killed in Separate Attacks
Sri Lanka Ready for Consensus to Resolve Civil War
Nepal Rebels and Govt Fail to Finalize Parliament
Nepal Expands Citizenship Rights to Millions
China Weighs Iran and Iraq Risks for Oil Prize
Witness in Chinese Activist Trial Held
Japanese Doctor Admits WWII POW Abuse
Quick Count: Leftist Leads Ecuador Vote
Ecuador's Correa Party Claims Victory
Death of a Spy
Litvinenko's Murder: Murky Waters
Was Litvinenko Sacrificed to Embarrass Putin?
Sushi Bar Man Is Nuclear Waste Expert
Third Man at Meeting: 'Drink Up' Claims False
Poisoned Spy Visited Israel With Oil Dossier
Sushi Bar Informant Fears He May Have Been Contaminated
Putin Faces Barrage in Death of Ex-Spy
Death of an Ex-Agent Puts Spotlight on Renaissance of Moscow Secret Services
Ex-Spy's Death Adds to Kremlin Intrigue
Iranian Military Aircraft Crashes, Killing 36; 2 Survive
Iran Offers US Tentative Help on Iraq but Denies Iraq/Syria/Iran Summit
Iran Promises Cooperation if UN Watchdog Handles Case
Tehran to Protest to UAE Over 'Anti-Iran Activities'
Senior Hezbollah Official Vows to Press Ahead With Protests to Topple US-Backed Govt
Lebanese Sectarian Tensions Mirror Iraq
Chilling Echo for Lebanon, Mirror of Regional Tension
Hezbollah Warns Lebanon Faces 'Dark Tunnel'
Accident Reveals Newly Laid Israeli Mines, UN Says
Briton Tells of Surviving Israeli Mine Blast
Ministers Who Live in Fear of Assassination
Report Downgrades Estimate of Direct War Losses in Lebanon
Hamas Chief Abandons Six-Month Deadline for Palestinian State
Israelis Promise 'Restraint' Amid Breaches of Fragile Gaza Cease-Fire
No Truce Between Olmert and Peretz
Olmert Likely to Present Plans for Diplomatic Peace Effort
Poll: Israelis Want Olmert, Peretz Out of Cabinet
Poll: 58 Percent of Israelis Back Accepting Syrian Offer
France Expresses Hope in Gaza Truce, Urges New Peace Push
Travel Ban on Palestinians in Israeli Cars Limited to Green Line
Shi'ite Opposition Makes Strong Showing in Bahraini Elections
Islamists Do Well in Bahrain Poll
Middle East
Jordanian King: Middle East Facing Three Civil Wars, Not Just Iraq
Armenian Foreign Minister Reaches Out to Ankara
Turkish Protests at Pope's Visit
EU to Meet With Israel, Arab Neighbors
Ethiopia Issues Somalia Threat
Somali Lawmaker in Pact With Militia
Chad Rebels Marching on Capital
Chad Denies Rebel Move on Capital
Chad Army Retakes Abeche Town From Rebels
DR Congo
UN Says Engages Rebels as Army Flees Congo Town
UN: Congo Rebels Hold Eastern Town
Fighting Flares in East DR Congo
Thousands Flee Attack in Congo
UN, AU Agree on First Stage of 'Hybrid' Darfur Force
Jordanian Chechen Chief Dies in Gunfight
Russian Troops Kill Five in Chechnya
Latvia's Pride Over NATO Summit
Rejection to NATO Evident in Ukraine
Claims of Fraud in Italian Election
Chavez Rallies Supporters With Attacks on 'Devil' Bush
Pinochet Accepts Blame for Bloody Coup

Canadian Military Seeking $4 Billion for Aircraft, Arctic Patrol Ship


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