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Who Makes the Middle East?: Ran HaCohen
The Abominables of TNR: Arthur Silber
The Balkanization of Iraq: Loretta Napoleoni
The Litvinenko Mystery: Justin Raimondo
Iraq's Cheap Insurgency: Tom Engelhardt

The most successful war seldom pays for its losses.
Thomas Jefferson
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Updated November 29, 2006 - 9:27 PM EST

US Predicts Surge of Violence in Iraq

  Sadr Bloc Suspends Its Role in Iraq Govt

Fierce Fighting Shuts Down Baquba


Wednesday: 83 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed


Pentagon May Shift US Troops Out of Deadly Anbar Province


As Iraq Deteriorates, Iraqis Get More Blame

White House Memo Doubts Iraqi PM's Ability

Bush-Maliki Meet Put Off Amid White House Criticism of PM

  Powell: Iraq in Civil War, Accept It

Bush: No Pullout Until Iraq a Stable Democracy


US Troop Levels in Iraq Stymie Panel


US Diplomatic Venture Shuts Out Syria and Iran

Ahmadinejad Sends Letter to American People
  Iran Resolution Drops Mention of Sanctions

Iran War Games Aimed to Warn US Allies Against Backing Attack

NATO Rebuffs Bush on Troops for Afghanistan

The Abominables of
The New Republic
 by Arthur Silber
Iraq Panel's Real Agenda: Damage Control  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Iraq's Insurgency Does It on the Cheap  by Tom Engelhardt
George Washington's Iraq Strategy
by Joel Achenbach
War Weariness  by Robert Higgs
The Balkanization of Iraq
by Loretta Napoleoni
Don't Rush to Judgment  by Tom Parfitt
Israeli Settlers, or Squatters?
by Gershom Gorenberg

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Radiation Found on Planes After Ex-Spy's Death

US Kills Five Young Girls, Baby in Ramadi Raid

US Adviser’s Iraq Memo

Sen.-Elect Webb Confronts Bush Over Son in Iraq

Judge Strikes President's Authority to Designate Terrorist Groups

Rural America Suffering High Death Toll in Iraq, Afghanistan

Hezbollah Denies Training Mahdi Army

Rising Violence Swells Ranks of Iraq's Militias
Occupying Iraq

UN Extends Iraq Occupation Mandate Another Year

Gates Warns Against Leaving Iraq 'in Chaos'
Deeper Crisis, Less US Sway in Iraq

In Amman Enemies, and Allies, Await Bush

Blair Says to Keep Significant Force in Iraq Even After Security Handover

US General: 7,000 al-Qaeda Members Killed or Captured in Iraq Over Two Years

British, Danish PMs Discuss Iraq Troop Pullout

South Korean Cabinet Approves Extended Troop Deployment in Iraq

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,881

US: Crashed F-16 Pilot's Body Likely Snatched

UK Troops 'Bragged Over Beatings' of Iraqis

Iraq Today

Iraq Extends State of Emergency as Sectarian Violence Persists

A Baghdad Resident Seeks a Safe Haven

Iraq Is Full of Skeletal Remains, Says US Forensic Expert at Saddam Trial

Kurdish Fighters Offer Guerrilla Feminism for the Mideast

Iraq Attacks Continue
Tuesday: 62 Iraqis, 1 Marine Killed; 100 Iraqis Wounded

Suicide Bomber Attacks Iraq Governor's Convoy

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 29

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 28

Iraq Fallout

Iran's Khamenei Accuses US of Destabilizing Iraq

Iraqi Refugees Spill Into Jordan, Driving Up Prices

Iraqis Seek Refuge From Violence in Jordan's Capital

Wheat Board Scandal Hurting Australian Govt at Home and Abroad

The War at Home

Bush Deflects Questions About Civil War in Iraq

NYT Jumps on the 'Civil War' Bandwagon

Gates Iran-Contra Memo Raises Questions

Colorado Woman With 'Peace Wreath' Won't Be Fined After All

White House Wages War of Words Over 'Civil' Term

In Statement, Defense Choice Criticizes Iraq Planning

US Military

Army Looks to Veteran Reservists to Train Deploying Soldiers

US Military Trains 'Air Force' of Bomb-Sniffing Bees

'War on Terror'

Khaled al-Masri, Still Fighting for His Day in Court

US Justice Department Watchdog to Review Domestic Spying Program

Controls on Bank-Data Spying Impress Civil Liberties Board

Texas: Man Pleads Guilty in Terror Case


Afghanistan Takes Top Priority at NATO Talks

Pakistani Officials to NATO: Give Up to Taliban, Ditch Karzai

Taliban Stage New Wave of Insurgency in Afghanistan

Taliban Taking Back Afghanistan

NATO: Afghan Security Handover Is on Track for 2008

Sweden May Send More Soldiers to Afghanistan

War on Opium in Afghanistan Hurts Poor, Does Little to Harm Drug Trade

Report: Afghan Officials Aid Drug Traffickers


Sudan President Dashes Hopes for Hybrid Darfur Force

French Army Clashes With CAR Rebels

Chad in 'State of War' With Sudan, Government Says

Chad Military Plane Shot Down Near Sudan


US-Backed UN Resolution on Somalia Risks Wider War

Ethiopian Troops Clash With Somali Islamists

Eritrea Says US Masking 'Invasion' of Somalia With Peacekeeping Plan

Somali Islamists Stage Anti-US, Ethiopia Protest

Somali Islamist Accuses Ethiopia of Shelling Town


Opposition Accepts DR Congo Poll Loss

Rwandans United in Anger at France

Europe's CIA Flight Shame

Senior EU Officials Accused of Covering Up Secret CIA Prisons for Terror Suspects

EU: Britain Allowed 170 Secret CIA Flights

1,245 Secret CIA Flights Revealed by European Parliament

Poland, Italy 'Colluded on CIA Detentions'

NATO Conference

Bush Berates Hesitant NATO Allies

Blair Urges 'Flexible' NATO Force

Georgia's NATO Bid Irks Russia


Russia Downplays Iran Nuclear Links

Iran Offers Algeria Nuclear Know-How

US Opposes Georgia-Iran Deal


Leader of Syrian Militant Faction Blows Himself Up Near Lebanese Border

UN Says Israel Laid Anti-Personnel Mines in Lebanon

Muslim, Christian Leaders Appeal for Calm in Lebanon

Gemayel Slaying Deepens Christian Rifts

Siniora Vows to Remain in Office 'To Prevent Civil War'


Gaza Relishes Moment of Peace

Israeli Restrictions Delay Palestinian PM's First Trip Abroad

Israel to Let Abbas Deploy Loyalist Brigade in Gaza

West Bank Fighting Threatens Gaza Truce

Al-Aqsa Brigades Cell Presents New Rocket

Israeli Army Chief: Military Wasn't Involved Enough in Truce Decision

Abbas: Olmert Initiative 'Positive' Step Toward Peace-Making

Jordan Vows to Reject 'Unjust' Palestinian-Israeli Peace

Jordan Says No to Palestinian Refugees

Egyptian Intelligence Chief to Visit Israel

Israel's War at Home

Israeli Northern Command Ordered Cluster Bomb Firings Despite Army Chief's Order

Israel Approves $350 Million in Postwar Costs

Land Claim Unsettles Some Israeli Settlement Residents

Sri Lanka

Tamil Tiger Rebel Leader Calls Truce 'Defunct'

War Drums Sound in Sri Lanka After Rebels Demand Tamil State

Rights Group Accuses Sri Lanka Over Child Soldiers

Outrage Over Child Soldiers in Sri Lanka

South Asia

Nepal, Maoist Rebels Agree to Arms Monitoring Deal

Six Tourists Among 10 Wounded in Kashmir Attack

Pakistan Successfully Test-Fires Missile

Russian Intrigue

Litvinenko 'Smuggled Nuclear Material' Out of Russia

Former KGB Spy's Italy Contact Under UK Protection

Billionaire Ally of Dead Spy Issues Statement

Moscow Points the Finger of Blame at Billionaire Exile Boris Berezovsky

For Sale on Internet: Polonium-210

Mystery Illness Hits Former Russian PM, Free-Marketeer, and Putin Critic


UN Warns Fiji Over Feared Coup

Fiji PM and Military Head to Meet


US: Insular Myanmar a Threat to International Peace

US and Pyongyang Resume Talks

Poll: Most Japanese Reject Development of Nuclear Weapons


Kosovo Protesters Attack UN Site

Former Northern Ireland Foes Talk It Out

Pope Now Backs Turkey's EU Bid


Iran Envoy in Argentina Criticizes Bombing Case

Chávez Supporters Await Call to Arms

Castro Misses 80th Birthday Ceremony

Surge in Violence Shocks Even Weary Mexico

In Other News

Egypt to Spend $5 Billion on Suez, Allow Supertankers

Web Censorship 'Bypass' Unveiled


Justin Raimondo
The Litvinenko Mystery

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

Ivan Eland
Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

Doug Bandow
Who Decides on War With Iran?

Charles Peńa
Worse Than Staying the Course

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Praful Bidwai
North Korea Wins Nuclear Poker Round

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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