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Gates, Hadley: More of the Same: Ray McGovern
Bush Determined to Stay the Course: Jim Lobe
Spying Won't Deter Peace Groups: Aaron Glantz
10 Fallacies About Iraq Violence: John Tirman
China, India Make Progress: Praful Bidwai

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Updated November 30, 2006 - 9:25 PM EST

Bush: Iraq Reviews Won't Tie My Hands

  Iraq Panel Will Urge Gradual Pullback
  Gates Favors Seeking Help From Iran and Syria

Bush Seems Determined to Stay the Course

  Powell: Iraq in Civil War, Accept It

Maliki: Iraq Forces Ready by 2007

  Bush, Maliki Plans for Iraqi Forces Vague
  Sadr Seeks Anti-US Bloc in Iraqi Parliament
  Thursday: 92 Iraqis and 2 GIs Killed
Ahmadinejad Sends Letter to American People
NATO Rebuffs Bush on Troops for Afghanistan

Spying Won't Deter Us, Peace Groups Say

300 Reported Killed in Sudan Battles

Learning to Live With the Ayatollahs  by Robert Scheer
The 'Centrist' Position on the War in Iraq  by Glenn Greenwald
GIs in Iraq Strive for Survival, Not Heroism  by Gordon Livingston
Gates, Hadley: More of the Same
by Ray McGovern
Civil Words Over a Civil War in Iraq
by Clarence Page
Liar. 'Liar?'  by Eric Alterman

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Go Big, Go Long, Go Home — or Go to the Axis of Evil?

New Report Paints Bleak Picture of War in Iraq

Fierce Fighting Shuts Down Baquba

NATO's Rapid Response Force Declared Fully Operational

China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

UN Troops Face Child Abuse Claims

Baker Panel Reaches Consensus, Will Announce Results Next Week
Iraq Today

Is Iraq a Civil War? Scholars Say Yes. Media Debate It.

Iraqi Premier Wants More Control Over His Military

More Iraqi Refugees Escape to Syria

Iraqi Sunnis Hope Jordanian King Will Represent Them at Bush-Maliki Meeting

Iraq, Iran Reach Agreement on Security

Iraq's Oil Industry in Grip of Despair

Benchmarks: Iraq's Failing Grades

Communities and Factions in Iraq

Saddam's Trial Thrown Into Chaos

Occupying Iraq

US Moving Up to 2,700 More Troops Into Baghdad

Pentagon Eyeing More Deployments to Iraq

US Senate Democrats Urge Special US Envoy to Iraq

US Soldier Dies From Wounds in Iraq's Anbar Province

South Korea to Withdraw All Troops From Iraq by End of 2007

US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,883

Iraq Attacks Continue
Wednesday: 83 Iraqis, 2 GIs Killed

Gunmen Again Fire on Iraq Health Ministry

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 30

Security Developments in Iraq, Nov. 29

Iraq Fallout

Saudi Arabia Threatens to Intervene if US Leaves Iraq

Bahrain Feels Chill From Neighboring Iraq

Hezbollah Denies Training Iraqis

Iraq Changing Mideast Balance

Bush-Maliki Meeting

Iraq PM, Meeting Bush, Harried on All Sides

Three 'More' Options for Bush and Maliki

The War at Home

Controversy Over Pentagon's War-Spending Plan

Wars Wearing Down Military Gear at Cost of About $2 Billion a Month

Man to Plead Guilty to Charges in 'Foreign Govt' Spy Case

Army Contractor KBR to Pay $8 Million in Claims

United Kingdom

The Myth of the Special Relationship Between US and Britain

Former UK Law Lord Attacks 'Totalitarian' Bush Regime

'War on Terror'

Democrats Reject Key 9/11 Panel Suggestion

US Settles Suit Filed by Wrongly Jailed Ore. Lawyer

Alleged CIA Torture Victim Speaks Out

CIA Torture Victim Expresses Confidence in US Justice System


Britain to Commit Extra Battalion to NATO

Blair Insists NATO Is Winning the War in Afghanistan

US Sees Afghanistan as Test of NATO Role

Tighter Security for Spanish Troops in Afghanistan

In Afghanistan, Yesterday's Warlords Are Today's Bureaucrats

Afghanistan: Desperate Women Choose Suicide

Living Symbols of Reform in Afghanistan

Sri Lanka

Rebels Isolated in Bid for Own State in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Says Rebels Use UN Aid Convoy as Smokescreen


Iran Strengthens Ties With Afghanistan

Bush Tries to Strengthen 'Sunni Bulwark' to Contain Iran

Sunni Arab States Wary of Iran's Role


Army on Alert as Lebanese Political Tensions Mount

Opposition Leaves Country Guessing as Security Forces Tighten Grip on Beirut


Olmert Offer Earns US Praise but Doubts at Home

Olmert to Tell Rice Israel Will Exercise Restraint in Gaza

Baker Panel Aide Expects Israel Will Be Pressured to Make Concessions

Egypt's Intel Chief: Shalit Affair May End 'Very Soon'

Israel Warns Losing Patience Over Truce Violations

US to Offer Funds to Help Boost Abbas' Forces

Peace of the Weak? Olmert and Abbas Balk

Palestinian PM Pushes 1967 Borders Proposal

Israel Frees Palestinian Minister

Status of Orphaned Palestinian Villages Outside Wall 'Not Up for Review'

Israel Ups the Stakes in the Propaganda War

Gunmen Attack Internet Cafes in Gaza


France Stands by US Refusal to Engage Syria

Assad: Syria to Challenge US Efforts to Control Mideast


Chad Wants to Move Refugees Far From Sudan Border

UN Rights Chief: Atrocities Daily in Sudan's Darfur


Ugandan Rebels Pull Out of Talks

Somali 'Parliament' Backs Plan for 'Peacekeepers'

Deadline for Ethiopia-Eritrea Border


Japan FM: We Can Make Nuclear Weapons

Japan, China Resume Defense Talks Eyeing North Korea

UN 'Forbids' Selling Kim Jong-Il Weapons – and Luxury Goods

Agreement to Seek North Korea Talks, but No Date


Fiji Coup Threat Grows as Army Controls Key Sites

Australian Black Hawk Lost at Sea Near Fiji

South Asia

Arms Accord a Strong Start for Nepal's Peace Process

Pakistan Under Fire Over Detentions

Maldives Arrests Spark Claims of State Repression


Radiation Found on Planes After Ex-Spy's Death

Russia, the Usual Suspected Assassin


Turkish Failure to Open Ports to Cyprus Jeopardizes EU Hopes

CIA Abuses: EU Report Condemns European Complicity

The Hague: Serbian War Crimes Suspect Hospitalized


Why Canada's Liberals Could Pick an Iraq-War Supporter as Their Leader


Justin Raimondo
The Litvinenko Mystery

Praful Bidwai
China, India Make Progress – at No Cost to Pakistan

Ran HaCohen
Who Makes the Middle East?

Ivan Eland
Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?

Nebojsa Malic
Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

Doug Bandow
Who Decides on War With Iran?

Charles Peña
Worse Than Staying the Course

David R. Henderson
Milton Friedman: A Tribute

Alan Bock
Withdrawal: Why Wait?

Sascha Matuszak
China's Little Capitalists

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