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How Long Must Iraq Hell Last?: David Gordon
Is President Bush Sane?: Paul Craig Roberts
Sense and Stubbornness: Alan Bock
Polonium-210, Fiction and Fact: Gordon Prather
Bush Is in Denial: Robert Fisk

Any forces that would impose their will on other nations will certainly face defeat.
General Vo Nguyen Giap (Vietnam)
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Updated December 3, 2006 - 9:27 PM EST
Rumsfeld Urged Major Iraq Shift
  Bush Fights Pressure for Iraq Pullout
  US Intel Chief: Iraqi Violence 'Self-Sustaining'
  US Air Force Seeks $33.4 Billion in Extra 2007 Funds
Iraqi Army Division Deepens Discord
  Sunday: 7 GIs, 88 Iraqis Killed; 41 Wounded; Pilot Listed as KIA
  Saturday Bombings, Attacks Leave 187 Iraqis, 1 GI Dead
  US Attack in Iraq Kills 9, Including Baby and Two Women
  Iraqis Doubt PM Can Head Off a Civil War
  Many Marines Head to Dangerous Anbar
  Saudi Arabia Denies Would Back Insurgents in Iraq
Massive Anti-Govt Protests Continue in Lebanon
  Siniora Calls for Dialogue: 'I Bow My Head to the Demonstrators'
  US Blasts 'Intimidation' Against Lebanon's Government
How Long Must Iraq Hell Last?
by David Gordon
Saudis Threaten to Back the Ba'athists (Again) in a New Iraq Proxy War  by Tony Karon
Iraq Is Already Enduring Two Wars. Could It Survive a Third?  by Jonathan Steele
Polonium-210, Fiction and Fact
by Gordon Prather
Is President Bush Sane?
by Paul Craig Roberts
Taking Responsibility for Iraq
by Brian J. Foley

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Text: Rumsfeld’s Memo
US Spy Chief Says He'll Stay On
Bush, Awaiting Report, Vows to Seek Iraq Consensus
Bush Acknowledges Public Anxiety on Iraq
68% of Americans Say Iraq in Civil War
'About Five Minutes Into It, We Had to Take Over'
Review Finds Army Destroyed Evidence in Friendly-Fire Case
Reid Warns Scotland: Independence Could Lead to Terror Attacks
Iraq Says Civilian Deaths Up 44 Percent in November
Today in Iraq
Shi'ite Leader Rejects Conference on Iraq
Corruption: the 'Second Insurgency' Costing $4bn a Year
Ramadi Defended by Insurgents Turned Police
Iraqi Man Sentenced to Die for His Role in Chow Hall Bombing
Iraqi Toy Vendors Offer Welcome Diversion From the Chaos
Attacks Continue
Saturday: 187 Iraqis, 1 GI Killed; 83 Iraqis Wounded
91 Die in Triple Car Bombings in Baghdad
Truck Rams Into Crowd of People in Iraq, Killing About 20
US Military Deaths in Iraq Hit 2,887
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 3
Security Developments in Iraq, Dec. 2
Global Iraq Fallout
Syria Envoy Says Iraq Help Not Tied to a US Pullout Schedule
Blair to Visit Bush to Make Iraq Plans
Mideast Leaders Question US Policy on Iraq
The War at Home
Rice Not Ready to Discuss US 'Mistakes' in Iraq
Iraq Panel Co-Chairmen Face Uphill Task
In US, Fear and Distrust of Muslims Runs Deep
Homemade Memorial Stirs Opposing Passions on Iraq
US Military
Funding Continues for Illness Scientists Dismiss
Women Take on Major Battlefield Roles
'Emotional Rollercoaster' Hits War Hero
Fort Leavenworth MP Unit Bound for Iraq to Oversee Internments
Army to Fund Research on Memory Pill That May Help PTSD Victims
Military Radio Signal Jams Garage Doors
Afghanistan Opium Crop Sets Another Record
Canadian Tanks Deployed in Combat Situation for 1st Time Since Korean War
Conflict Takes Toll on Canadian Non-Commissioned Officers in Afghanistan
Helicopter Missing in South Afghanistan
Czech Troops Take Command of Kabul Airport in Afghanistan
Landmine Ambush Kills 14 Soldiers in Eastern India
India Claims Missile Defense System Developed
Pashtuns Want an Image Change
Air Force Seeks Answers After Dummy Bomb Accident in South Korea
Four Seriously Injured in Bhutan Blast
Nepali Rebels Reported Still Recruiting
Serbs March in Support of Seselj
200 Bodies Found in Bosnian Mass Grave
Americans Keep Dying
Family Grieves for Soldier (CT) Killed Days Before His Iraq Tour Ended
Dickinson (MI) Soldier Killed in Iraq on Thanksgiving Day
Clinton (TN) Soldier Hoped to Become Minister
Army Private From Prescott (AZ) Was Engaged to Marry
Bonham (TX) Soldier Killed in Action in Afghanistan
Roadside Bomb Blast in Iraq Kills Kentucky Soldier
Hartselle (AL) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Roadside Bomb in Iraq Kills Danville (IN) Marine
Panhandle Marine (TX) Killed in Iraq
Losing a 'Happy-Go-Lucky' Marine (NJ)
West Point Grad 'Was a True Texan'
Family Remembers Slain Soldier (LA)
'Not a Big Guy, but Tough as Hell' (CA)
Maine Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Accident
With Drums, Prayers, Soldier (ND) Killed in Afghanistan Is Honored
Utah Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Paratrooper From Decatur (GA) Killed in Iraq
Austin (TX) Family Mourns the Loss of Marine
Springfield (VA) Marine Dies in Iraq
Mobile (AL) Soldier Killed in Iraq
Russian Spy Intrigue
Russian Ex-Spy Lived and Died in World of Violence and Betrayal
FBI Probe Litvinenko 'Blackmail Plot' Claim
Former Russian PM Had No Radiation Poison
Italian in Spy Case Shows No Poisoning
Putin Wanted Blair to Gag Poisoned Spy
Russian Spy Contact Says Poisoned Over Shared Secrets
Poisoning Latest Blow to Russia's Image
Russia Says Six-Party Iran Talks to Be Held Tuesday
US Tells Banks to Shut Down Iran Operations
Arab States Stress Peaceful Solution to Iran Nuclear Case
Saudi Arabia Quietly Works to Curb Iran's Growing Influence in the Arab World
Ayat. Khatami Denies Iran Role in Iraq Insecurity
Iran Responds to US Fingerprinting Law
Lebanon's Showdown Set for Lengthy Battle of Wills
At Barricades in Downtown Beirut, Lebanon's Fault Lines Grow Deeper
Saudi King Denounces Protest Against Lebanon PM
Britain Calls for Return to Talks in Troubled Lebanon
A Diva Brightens a Dark Time in Beirut
Israel Accused of Violating Ceasefire as Abbas Sees Top Diplomats
After Failure of Unity Talks, Showdown Between Abbas, Hamas Intensifies

Palestinian Prime Minister Won't Resign

Palestinian PM Admits Hamas Holding Out for Key Cabinet Posts
Abbas Considers Options to End Palestinian Impasse
New UN Resolutions Back Palestinian Right to a State
Solana: Hamas Missed Chance to Have Economic Sanctions Lifted
Gaza Women Warned of Immodesty
Israel Fires at Palestinian Fishing Boats in Gaza
Israeli Arab MPs: Reform an Attempt to Kick Us Out of Govt
Israeli Arabs Seek Right to Return to Villages Abandoned in 1948
Mock Attack Shows Israeli Military Base 'Very Exposed'
Tel Aviv: Protest by 'Coalition Against Siege on Gaza'
Israeli Settlers Denounce Peace Group's Report on Land Confiscation
Saudi Arabia
US Pressured Blair Into Arms Bribery Inquiry
MPs Demand Blair Save Saudi Weapons Deal
Saudi Arabia Detains 139 Suspected Militants
Saudis Lead Israel Peace Bid
Middle East
Bahrain Shi'ites Fail to Win Majority
Egypt Raids Sinai Villas in Search of Palestinians
Islamists Seize Key Somali Township
Eritrea Warns of Chaos in Somalia if UN Approves Deployment of Troops
Chad Rebels Capture Eastern Town
Fiji Military to Move Against Government Early Monday: Report
Fiji Army Chief Says He’s the Boss
Fiji PM Returns Amid Coup Fears
Chavez Favored as Venezuelans Prepare for Vote
Venezuela’s Economic Boom Buoys Chávez’s Campaign
Venezuela's Main Presidential Candidates
Castro Absent From Cuban Military Parade
No Castro, but Lots of Speculation
A Rare Silence Reverberates in Castro’s Long Goodbye
Weekend Reviews
Our War Against Canada: Alex Cox and the Long March of American Militarism
Fiasco Details Foreign Policy Failure That Will Haunt Us
Class 11: Inside the CIA's First Post 9/11 Spy Class

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Who Makes the Middle East?

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Sanctions: Useless, or Worse Than Useless?

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Bitterness, Irony, and Hope

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Worse Than Staying the Course

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Milton Friedman: A Tribute

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China's Little Capitalists

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