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A Peculiar Outrage: Ronan Bennett
Clumsy Political Process: Alan Bock
Any Casus Belli Will Do: Gordon Prather
Brinkmanship Unwise in Uncharted Waters: VIPS
Carter Enters Lions' Den: Paul Findley

 Les Roberts

More Iraqis Killed than Rwandans in Genocide Attempt of ‘94: UK govt. now admits Johns Hopkins/Lancet underestimated death toll

 Chris Hedges

War is Horrible: Only the inexperienced claim otherwise

 James Bovard

War, Lies, Torture: And those who aid and abet

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Updated April 1, 2007 - 9:28 PM EDT
UK Talking With With Iran Over Sailors
  Iranian TV Shows Brit 'Confessions'
  Iranian Students Target UK Embassy
  Bush Calls for Iran to Free UK Sailors
  Britons Oppose Military Action to Free Sailors
  Exile Group: Iran Planned to Kidnap British Sailors
  Russian Intel: 'US Ready to Strike Iran on Good Friday'
Iraq Toll Up 15 Percent Despite Crackdown
  Sunday: 7 US, 1 UK Soldiers, 50 Iraqis Killed, 19 Iraqis Kidnapped
  Iraq Backs Plan to Relocate and Compensate Arabs From Kirkuk
  March Toll: Twice as Many GIs Killed as Iraqi Troops
  Tal Afar Bomb Killed 152, the Deadliest of War
Real Deadline for War Money Is May or Later
  Pentagon Says Funding Delay Would Affect Rotations, Training, Repairs
  Iraq War Funding in Limbo on Hill as Lawmakers Take Spring Break
  Bush Chides Democrats Over Pork in Iraq Bill
Olmert Invites Arab Leaders to Peace Summit
  IDF Ready for Possible Major Gaza Incursion
  Olmert: Time Not Right for Gaza Invasion
  Lebanese US-Based Anti-Syrian Group Makes Case to Washington
  Jordan, PA Arrest 2 Palestinians for Selling Hebron House to Jews
America's Ongoing Battle With Reality  by Jeff Taylor
Brinkmanship Unwise in Uncharted Waters  Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity
It's Time to Rein in the FBI's Snooping  St. Petersburg Times
Any Casus Belli Will Do
by Gordon Prather
Carter Enters Lions' Den  by Paul Findley
What’s Happening Around Iran
by Ian Bremmer

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The Complicated Power of the Vote to Nowhere
Tillman Case Memo Fuels Cover-Up Theory
Opium for the People: Extraordinary Move to Legalize Afghan Poppy Crops
After Bloody Week in Iraq, Singer Delights With Win
Officials Reject Reports of US Involvement in Sadr City Airstrike
Iraq Justice Minister Offers Resignation
Ex-Aide Details a Loss of Faith in the President Over Iraq
Bush Embracing Clintonian Shuttle Diplomacy in Mideast?
Somali Civilians Hit Hard in Fighting in Mogadishu
US Launches Campaign to Isolate and Embarrass Syrian President Assad
Today in Iraq
Former Iraqi Premier Criticizes US
Sunnis Try to Blast al-Qaeda Out of Iraq
Top US Commander in Iraq Tours Baghdad Marketplace
Iraq Blast Targets Hospital Visitors
Gunfire Ruins a Shopping Trip Every Time
Saturday: 1 GI, 67 Iraqis Killed; 96 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Dutch Ease Rules for Some Iraqi Asylum Seekers
UN Refugee Agency to Boost Presence in Iraq
The War at Home
Inspector Lists Computers With Atomic Secrets as Missing
Bush, Democrats Blast Each Other Over Iraq Spending Bill
Prosecutor Posts Go to Bush Insiders
Bush: Gonzales Has My Full Support
Iran Native Becomes Mayor of Beverly Hills
US Military
Trial Delayed in Iraq Rape-Slaying Case
More Homeless Vets Than Beds
Vet Disabilities Not All Passing Muster
Experts Say More Needs to Be Done for Brain-Injured Vets
Report Faults Pentagon for Weapons Buying Problems
Some Bumps at Start of War Tribunals at Guantánamo
Australian's Guantánamo Plea Deal Was Negotiated Without Prosecutors
Australian Critics See Politics in Guantánamo Detainee Deal
Scores Dead in Battle-Ravaged Somali Capital
Somali Capital Endures Third Straight Day of Fighting
Splintering of Rebel Groups Adds to Chaos in Darfur
Mugabe's Opponents Strive for United Front

UK Oil Worker Seized in Nigeria

Haiti's Children Die in UN Crossfire
25 Years After War, Wealth Transforms Falklands
Colombian Mayor Won't Give in to Fear
Americans Keep Dying
A South Carolina High School Mourns Its 2nd Iraq Casualty
Father of Four Dies on Third Tour in Iraq (SC)
Puerto Rican Man Exchanged Fast-Food Job for Military Life
Oklahoma Marine Wanted to Be Church Missionary
Rosemount (MN) Soldier Dies in Iraq
War Claims Another 'Hero' (ME)
'Different Kind of Enemy' Takes Soldier (PA)
Army Medic (TX) Based in Alaska Loved the Army
Attack Kills Guardsman From Frazee (MN)
Wife Speaks About Arkansas Soldier Killed in Iraq
New York Marine Wanted a Better Life
Samoan Soldier Will Be Buried in Hawaii
Atlanta (GA) Soldier Dies in Non-Combat Incident
Fighting in Iraq Kills Lewisburg (TN) Marine
Palmdale (CA) Soldier's Loss Felt
Good Soldier (AL) Remembered as an Unselfish Team Player
Family, City Remember Alhambra (CA) Soldier Slain in Iraq
Soldier (PR) With Ties to Pennsylvania Killed in Iraq
Pennsylvania Guardsman Killed in Baghdad's Green Zone
New Freedom (PA) Soldier Dies in Iraq
Iran Warns Britain Over Politicizing Sailor Crisis
Elite Revolutionary Guard Broadens Its Influence in Iran
Iran Denies Planning to Keep Nuclear Work Secret
Iran President: UK Sailors Trespassed
Iran Army Chief Warns of Israeli 'Suicide Attack'
40% Favor Military Action to Prevent Iran Nuclear Capability
Mideast Peace?
Jordan Wants Germany to Play Key Role in Mideast Peace
EU to Work With PA Officials Not Affiliated With Hamas
EU Welcomes Arab Peace Plan
Olmert Accuses State Watchdog of Going Too Far in Investigations
Israeli Officials Concerned Over Hamas Arms Buildup
Israel Bars Hamas Minister From Hebron Holy Site
In Mideast, a Growing Linguistic Divide
Gaza Clan Chief May Have Abducted BBC Reporter
Palestinian Boycott Over BBC Man
Palestinian Hope Held Hostage
UN Chief Warns Arms Smugglers From Syrian Could Threaten Lebanon Cease-Fire
Hezbollah: UN Troops Welcome in South
Supporters of Lebanese Detainees Submit List to UN Chief
Yemen Names New Prime Minister
NATO Forces Kill, Capture, Key Taliban Leaders in Southern Afghanistan
Five Afghan Security Personnel Killed in South Afghanistan
Eight Suspected Taliban Slain in Afghanistan
Afghan Hostage Appeals to Karzai for Freedom
Romanians Securing Vital Afghan Highway
Pakistan: 14 Dead in Renewed Northern Fighting
Pakistan Test-Fires Short Range Ballistic Missile
Japanese Defense Talks With US Set for April 30
Japan’s Textbooks Reflect Revised History
China Is Accused of Fueling Pacific Arms Race as Submarine Orders Rise
Taiwan Presidential Hopeful on Trial In, Outside Court
Wrangling Delays Maoists' Entry Into Nepal Government
North Korea Accuses US of Conducting 110 Spy Flights in March
Four Thai Buddhists Shot Dead by Islam Rebels
Ukrainian Rivals Rally in Capital
Killing of Mad Max Signals the Return of Ukraine's Gang Wars
Northern Ireland
Black Watch Pulls Out of Northern Ireland Hotspot After 30 Years
Five Suspected IRA Dissidents Arrested
EU Calls on UN Security Council to Back Kosovo Independence
Imminent Danger Pay Will Be Halted for US Troops in Bosnia, Croatia
Explosives Haul Found in Basque Region
In Reconciling Its Past, Poland Is Divided Anew
British Report Seeks Non-White Troop Cut
Russian Tycoon Queried in Poisoning of a Former KGB Officer
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The Political History of the Car Bomb
On War It's Not
Within the Baghdad Bubble

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How to Live With Hunger

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