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How Much Iraq War Costs You: David Henderson
Hungary's New Lesson for America: James Bovard
How to Get Out of Iraq: Juan Cole
True Story of Free Speech in America: Robert Fisk
Rewind to Britain's Occupation of Iraq: Hugh Dellios

 Justin Raimondo

George the un-Great: He makes Max Boot look like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm

 Ivan Eland

The Speaker’s Syria Trip: Talking is better than violence

 Anthony Gregory

War Good for the Economy?: Of course not

 Hamid Dabashi

Are Iranians Evil?: No, they’re just people

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Updated April 9, 2007 - 9:27 PM EDT
4th Anniversary of the Fall of Baghdad
  Four Years Ago: Just Another Staged Baghdad Rally?
Insurgents Recruit in US-Run Jails in Iraq

Hundreds of Thousands in Iraq March Against Occupation

  Officials: Attacks on Green Zone Increasing

Monday: 5 GIs, 27 Iraqis Killed; 61 Iraqis Wounded

US May Extend Iraq Tours for Another 15K GIs
  Sen. Levin: Senate Will Give Bush War Funds
  Constitution's Framers Split Powers to Bridle 'Dog of War'
  Cost of Iraq War Filters Down to States and Cities
Pope: 'Nothing Positive' Coming From Iraq
  Baghdad Christians Mark Easter in Shadow of Warfare
Iran Warns Relations With Iraq in Danger

Ahmadinejad: Iran Expanding Nuclear Process

The True Story of Free Speech in America  by Robert Fisk
The Wall Street Journal and Criminal Intent  by Scott Horton
Rewind to Britain's Occupation of Iraq  by Hugh Dellios
How to Get Out of Iraq  by Juan Cole
Hope, Experience, and North Korea
by Steve Chapman
An Israeli Refusenik's Good Fight
Robert Hirschfield interviews Yonatan Shapira

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On US Hunt, Taliban Always Watching
Sadr Calls for Attacks on US Troops
Patterns of War Shift Amid US Force Buildup
Iraq Envoy: Iran Prevented Maliki's Plane Due to Lack of Prior Notifications
A Shock Wave of Brain Injuries
'How Could They Keep Me From My Husband?'
Smaller Staff Changes Inspector General's Mission
Toppled Saddam Statue Now Symbol of 'Broken Dreams'
Today in Iraq
Sadr Says Fight in Diwaniyah Is 'Trap' by US
Sadr Blames 'Evil' US for Violence
Baghdad Execution-Style Killings Falling: US, Iraqi Officials
Curfew Imposed in Baghdad Ahead of Anniversary
Baghdad Bans Vehicles on Regime-Fall Anniversary
Iraqi Details 'Shocking' US Missteps
Iraq: Medical Waste a Growing Health Hazard
Sunday: 11 GIs, 73 Iraqis Killed; 95 Iraqis Wounded
Hostage Crises
Australian Government Pays $260,000 to Iraqis They Shot
Iraq PM in Japan After Delay
Leading Shia in Saddam Regime Dies in Exile
Al-Jazeera Airs Iraq Most Wanted Footage
Egyptians to Host High-Level Meeting on Stabilizing Iraq
The War at Home
Poll: Half of Americans Expect War With Iran in Next Year
Families Caught in Battle Over the Iraq War
Protesters Decry War Supply Shipments
DoJ Scandal Puts Spotlight on Christian Law School
First Amendment Defense Is Pursued in Hezbollah TV Case
Congress Girds Up for Return to Oversight
Bill Richardson's Diplomatic Missions
Self-Styled Hippie Grandmother Reporting in Iraq for Central Texas Paper
US Military
Ranchers and Army Are at Odds in Old West
US Army Prosecutions of Desertion Rise Sharply
Stratcom: Warheads Ready for a Trade-In
Field Rations Are Falling Short in Fueling Troops
Hunger Strike Breaks Out at Guantánamo
Australian Govt to 'Monitor' Gitmo Detainee After Release
EU Residents: Shopping List Could Make You 'A Terror Suspect'
Government Predicts 'Millions to Rebel' in Britain Over ID Cards
ETA 'Renews Commitment to Peace'
Genocide Court Ruled for Serbia Without Seeing Full War Archive
Roman Catholic Bishops Warn of Mass Uprising if Mugabe Remains in Power
Zimbabwe's Government Responds With Violence
Algeria Fighting Leaves 15 Dead
Sudan Says It Will Probe Darfur Rapes
Morocco's Harder Line on Security Challenges Reforms
Western, Middle Eastern Media Differ Widely on Iran's Treatment of Britons
UK Politicians Condemn Clergy for Praising Iran's Release of Sailors
British MoD Criticized for Allowing Sailors to Sell Their Stories
Iran Warns Iraq Over Iranians Held by US Forces
Families Seek News of Detained Iranians in Iraq
Iran Says US Was Involved in Kidnap
Iran Probes Fate of Missing Former FBI Agent
Iran Says Won't Discuss Right to Make Atomic Fuel
PA: Talks Toward Shalit Swap Have Taken 'Big Step' Forward
Five Fractious Faiths Share Easter in Jerusalem Church
Israeli Border Town Residents Condemn Peace Group
Peretz Fires Back at War Critics
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian in Hebron
Israeli DM Regrets Letting Lieberman Join Govt
Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Stay Armed to Offset Israel
Hezbollah Leader Says Lebanese Dialogue Has Failed
Referendum to Resolve Lebanon Political Crisis: Nasrallah
Lebanon Opposition Divided Over Saudi Arabia's Role
In Beirut, a Crisis Settles Into a Routine
Clashes With Kurdish Rebels Kill Four Members of Turkish Forces
North Korea
US Delegation Arrives in North Korea
Richardson Makes Rare Visit to North Korea
Report: North Korea, Myanmar Mull Resuming Ties
7 NATO Soldiers Killed in Afghan Blasts
Afghan Translator Beheaded, Taliban Says
2 Afghan Soldiers, 2 Taliban Militants Killed in Eastern Afghanistan
Suicide Bomber Botches Attack in Afghanistan
16 More Killed in Kurram Clashes
Three Tribesmen Shot Dead in South Waziristan
Pakistan Tribals in Talks to Quell Sectarian Violence
India to Test Long-Range Ballistic Missile
One Killed in Indian Blast
Nine Soldiers, Civilian Killed in Philippines Clash
Seven Killed in Sri Lanka
China Blasts US Report on Human Rights
East Timor’s Displaced Hope Polls Will End Fear
Thai Military Shuts Web Chatroom

Justin Raimondo
Easter Holiday Break

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Alan Bock
Lamenting Lack of War

Doug Bandow
Congress Must End the Iraq War

Philip Giraldi
Democrats Earn Their Stripes in the War Party

Ivan Eland
Kudos to Pelosi for Visiting Syria

Nebojsa Malic
Forfeiting Nothing

Charles Peña
Foreign Follies
a Sobering Read

Ran HaCohen
How to Live With Hunger

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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