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The Legacy of Boris Yeltsin: Justin Raimondo
Still Whacking Moles in Iraq: Charles Peña
Blacksburg in Global Context: Brown/Engelhardt
Poll: Muslims Suspicious of US Goals
Working for the Clampdown: James Bovard

 James Bovard

Working for the Clampdown: Congress gives president new martial law powers

 David Beito

The Military Industrial Consequence: Historian ranks FDR near top of worst presidents list

 Eric Margolis

Occupying Afghanistan Never Works: Not even when America does it

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Updated April 25, 2007 - 9:24 PM EDT

US Warden Charged With 'Aiding Enemy'


UN Says Iraq Hiding 'Grim' Casualty Figures


Is the Surge Backfiring?


Maliki Support Eroding in Iraq


Wednesday: 1 GI, British Soldier, 48 Iraqis Killed; 76 Iraqis Wounded

Insults Fly, but Reps Weigh Iraq Compromise

Jessica Lynch, Tillman Bro Slam Pentagon Lies


Bush Denounces Iraq War Timetable


House Panel Issues Subpoena for Rice, Gonzales Aid Gets Immunity

Canada's Afghan Troop Withdrawal Vote Defeated

In Wake of Israeli Attacks, Hamas Ends Truce

Nearly 350 Dead in Fierce Somali Fighting

  74 Dead in Somali Rebel Attack in Ethiopia
The Blacksburg Massacre in Global Context  by John Brown & Tom Engelhardt
Changing Sentiments: George W. Bush, 2003-2007  by Robert Fantina
Taiwan's Free Ride on US Defense
by Ted Galen Carpenter
Working for the Clampdown
by James Bovard
Tear Down This Wall  by Spencer Ackerman
Worse Than Nixon  by George McGovern

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Gonzales Vows Never to Resign

Cheney: Top Dem Pursuing Defeatist Iraq Strategy

Pelosi Won't Attend Petraeus Iraq Briefing

Obama: US 'Let the World Down'

Giuliani Warns of 'New 9/11' if Dems Win

Poll: Pervasive Suspicion of US in Islamic World

Frustrations With Wolfowitz Boil Over at Meeting

Iraq: Walls Will Increase Violence, Specialists Say
Today in Iraq

Gunmen Disguised as Iraqi Soldiers Kill Six

Truck Bomb Kills 25 Near Ramadi

As Life Fades Away, Baghdad Becomes a Memory

US Says Baghdad Security Wall Is 'Temporary'

UNICEF Seeks to Prevent Iraq Measles Epidemic

Tuesday: 3 GIs, 74 Iraqis Killed; 110 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation

'Islamic State' Claims Nine US Troop Deaths

Deadliest Attacks on US Troops in Iraq

Air Force Feels Pinch of Iraq Ground War

Howard: Pulling Aussie Troops From Iraq 'Would Humiliate US'

Britain to Transfer Army Base to Iraqis

Iraq Fallout

Kuwait Balks at Forgiving Iraq's Debt

Moscow Backs Lukoil Iraq Project

Moroccan Islamist 'Recruited Youth to Fight in Iraq'
The War at Home

Bush, Congress in Political War Over Iraq

Bush and Cheney Chide Democrats on Iraq Deadline

Congress Seeks to Revive Oversight Role

Giuliani Won't Comment on Iraq Buildup

Embattled McCain to Launch '08 Bid Today

Pentagon Intel Chief Seeks End to Antiwar Activist Database

Ranger Alleges Cover-Up in Tillman Case

Wal-Mart Hires Ex-Military Intelligence Officers

A Skeptical Vietnam Voice Still Echoes in the Fog of Iraq

'War on Terror'

DHS Warns of Chlorine Bombs in US

UK Cleric Who Praised London Bombers Arrested on Terror Charges

Murder Charge for Guantánamo Canadian


US: Top Taliban Commander Killed in Afghanistan

18 Taliban Killed in Afghanistan

Afghans Say Taliban Commander May Be Surrounded

Media at Risk Under New Afghan Law


More Muscle to Pakistan's Madrassas

400 'Political Undesirables' Arrested Ahead of Pakistan Protest

MI5 Meeting With Pakistani Politicians to Assess Musharraf-Bhutto Deal

Pakistan, Spain to Boost Cooperation Against Terrorism

South Asia

Tamil Tigers Launch Second Air Attack

Separatists Stay Away as Kashmir Talks Begin in New Delhi

Indian PM Asks Pakistan to Stop 'Terror Activities'


Iran Maintains Nuclear Defiance Ahead of EU Talks

US Denies Mulling Proposals to Let Iran Continue Enrichment

US Presses Iran on Missing American

Iran Offers to Publish British Captives' Memoirs

US Reveals the Sanctions List Over Syria, Iran


Israeli Military to Request Green Light to Strike Hamas Leadership

Israeli Military Officials Claim Hamas Kidnap Attempt Thwarted

Egypt: Palestinian Rockets Give Israel Excuse to Attack

Egypt to Meet With Hamas to Try to Avoid Escalation

Security Crisis Erodes Cash-Strapped Palestinians' Livelihoods

Israeli Arabs Urge Govt to Stop Treating Them Like Enemies

Obama to Israel: Status Quo Not Working

Middle East

UN Chief to Press Assad on Mideast Peace

Syria Jails Leading Human Rights Lawyer

Lebanese Impasse Looks Familiar to Ex-Sudanese PM

Moderate to Be Next Turkish President, but Tensions Remain


Ethiopian Tanks Pound Mogadishu

Somali 'Govt,' Islamists Battle for Seventh Day

Four Civilians Killed in Mogadishu Blast

Businessmen in Somalia Vow to Fight 'Government'

UN Hopes for Better Access to Displaced in Somalia


Sudan: No Quick Fix for Darfur

Darfur Forces Understaffed, Underequipped, and Now Under Fire


Pentagon Mulls New African Command

Zimbabwe Army's Deserters Underscore Country's Troubles

Call for Nigeria Street Protests

Missile Defense

New US Missile Proposals Cause Old Adversaries to Stir

US Might Negotiate on Missile Defense

US Sees Poland Moving Forward With Shield Plan

Poland Ties US Missile Plan to Security Pledges

Yeltsin's Legacy

Yeltsin's Chechen Nightmare

Why Boris Yeltsin's Legacy Is Rosier in the West


Russia to Veto Kosovo Independence Plan at UN

Rice to Visit Russia Amid Kosovo Veto Threat


North Korea Could Become 'Moderate Nuclear Power' by 2010, US General Says

Group: North Korea's Top General May Be Dying


Taiwan Says It Would Win War With China

Japan's 'Atonement' to Former Sex Slaves Stirs Anger

Blast in Philippine South Wounds Three USAID Staff


Justin Raimondo
The Legacy of Boris Yeltsin

Charles Peña
Still Whacking Moles in Iraq

Ivan Eland
Absurd Analogies Won't
Stop Terrorism

Alan Bock
Getting Out With Some Dignity

Doug Bandow
America to George W. Bush: We Can Do Better

Nebojsa Malic
War of Words

Ran HaCohen
The Legend of the
Removed Checkpoints

Philip Giraldi
Cheney Does Africa

David R. Henderson
How Much Is the Iraq War Costing You?

Praful Bidwai
From Horror, an Opportunity for Peace

Sascha Matuszak
From China to Cairo

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