Is the U.S. About to Attack Iran?

It sure looks like it. For some time the White House has been hurling threats at Iran. Now there are rumors that the Bush administration will use U.S. bases in central Asia to launch attacks on alleged nuclear sites in Iran – and don't count on Congress to stop them. Indeed, Congress just stripped a provision from the military appropriations bill that would have required the president to consult with the people's representatives before starting yet another war.

The Israelis, whose own nuclear weapons are given a pass by U.S. officials, might ignite the hostilities with air strikes of their own – in hopes that the U.S. will join in. The Israel lobby, with its enormous influence over the leadership of both parties, is pressing for a U.S. confrontation with the Iranians, and not a single major presidential candidate in either party will stand up to them: from Rudy Giuliani to Barack Obama, an attack on Iran is "on the table."

A third carrier group will join the two already in the Persian Gulf at the end of this month – and one has to assume, given the record of this administration, that Washington is not just playing games. is needed now more than ever – but if our fundraising doesn't pick up soon, we can't guarantee we'll be around to keep you informed as the flash point approaches.

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Updated May 9, 2007 - 9:09 PM EDT
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