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White Elephants: Uri Avnery
Britain's Boot Sale: Bahlol Lohdi
She Stands at Every Door: Kathy Kelly
Beyond Disaster: Chris Hedges
The Real Debate About Iraq: Ira Chernus

 Gareth Porter

US Still Backs Iran in Iraq, Sunni Insurgents Too

 Bruce Fein

Life, Liberty, Property on the Ropes, The Constitution in Exile

 James Ridgeway

In Search of John Doe 2: Feds Lied About The OKC Bombing

 Sheldon Richman

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Updated August 7, 2007 - 11:20 PM EDT
Iraqi Political Crisis Grows

Gates Sees Chance for Troop Reduction This Year


Iraqi Kurdish Group Claims Turkish Troops Crossed Border


Tuesday: 3 GIs, 1 Briton, 54 Iraqis Killed; 24 Iraqis Wounded

Bush Levels Dubious Iran Nuclear Arms Charge


Iran Demands Right to Nuclear Technology

Syrian-Backed Opposition Claims Victory in Lebanon Poll
Britain's Boot Sale: Desperate Measures for Desperate Times  by Bahlol Lohdi
She Stands at Every Door
by Kathy Kelly
Talk to Iran; It's Working With North Korea  by Ted Galen Carpenter
White Elephants  by Uri Avnery
Beyond Disaster  by Chris Hedges
In Bush We Trust – or Else  by John Diaz

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Pentagon Admits 190,000 Weapons Missing in Iraq

Poll: Iraqis Oppose Oil Privatization

Iraqi Insurgents Praise Soccer Win

Neocon Advisers Shape GOP Candidates' Policies

Judge Orders Release of Reports on '04 Surveillance

Navy Barred From Using Sonar During War Games

Bush Still Wields the Threat of Terrorism

Karzai's Warmth to Iran Raises American Eyebrows
Today in Iraq

Five Ministers Threaten to Leave Iraq's Cabinet

No Home Play for Iraq in World Cup Qualifiers

Three-Day Curfew Imposed on Baghdad to Protect Pilgrims

Violence Rises in Shi'ite City Once Called a Success Story

The Suicide Bombers: A Breakdown

Monday: 8 GIs, 123 Iraqis Killed; 131 Iraqis Wounded

Turkey to Pressure Iraqi PM Over Kurdish Rebels

Occupying Iraq

Cheney Says 'Main Battle in Iraq' Against al-Qaeda

25,000 Turn Against Iraq Insurgency, Military Says

Gates Assesses Stability in Iraq

Shi'ites Blamed for Most Attacks on US in Iraq

Occupation Interpreters Beg for Asylum as Militants Show Them No Mercy

Abandoned by Britain: The 91 Iraqis Who Risked All

The War at Home

Priests Finding It Difficult to Preach About Iraq War

An American Suicide

A Veteran General Hears Echoes From Vietnam in Iraq

Homeless Vets: A Hidden Crisis

Father of Fallen Soldier Now Battling Deportation

GOP Candidates Delicately Try to Separate Selves From Bush

Army Dumps Explosives on NJ Beach, Wants Town to Pay Removal

Universities Install Footbaths to Benefit Muslims, and Not Everyone Is Pleased

Clinton's Foreign Policy Balancing Act

'War on Terror'

Bush Signs Surveillance Expansion

New Law Gives Govt Six Months to Turn Communications Into Permanent Spying System

After Wiretapping Victory, Bush Says He Wants More Authority From Congress

FBI Raids DOJ Attorney's Home With Secret Warrant in Search for Warrantless Wiretap Leaker

Poems From Guantánamo

Extradition Ordered for Three Accused in Airport Bomb Plot


Bush Differs With Karzai on Iran's Role in Afghanistan

Karzai Bringing Bush a Gloomy Report on Security

Taliban 'No Threat' Says Karzai

Bush: No Deal on Korean Hostages

Doctors Deliver Medicine to Korean Hostages in Afghanistan

Taliban Warn of More Kidnappings

Taliban Rule the Road in Ghazni

Twenty-One Taliban Reported Killed in South Afghanistan

Text of Bush and Karzai Meeting

Russia Cancels Most Afghan Debt

It's Easy for Soldiers to Score Heroin in Afghanistan


Musharraf: No Move to Change Govt Composition

Musharraf on His Way Out?

Pakistan: No al-Qaeda Safe Havens

War on Terror Hits a Wall in Pakistan

Waziristan Elders Drop Out of Pakistani-Afghan Assembly

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Accused of 'Dirty War' Abuses


US Accuses Iran as Baghdad Talks Open

US, Iran Hold Talks on Security Issues

Iran Shuts Leading Reformist Paper


Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Meet

Abbas Assures Olmert He Won't Talk to Hamas

Palestinian Dies After Being Shot at Checkpoint

Israeli Officer Dismissed Over Shooting Palestinian Girl

Israeli Rights Group: Palestinians 'Face Collective Punishment'

Amnesty Brings Hope to West Bank Fighters

Israelis Warned of Hezbollah Kidnap Threat Abroad

Barak Defends Lebanon Withdrawal in 2000

Israeli Army to Prosecute Soldiers Who Refused Hebron Evacuation Order

Touring Israel's Barrier With Its Main Designer


Gemayel Calls for Lebanese Christian Unity

UN Security Council Tells Syria to Protect Border With Lebanon

Lebanon UN Soldier's Widow Still Seeks 'the Truth'

Hezbollah's Christian Soldiers?


Darfur's Rebels Vow to Work Together Toward Peace

Mia Farrow Offers Her Freedom for Darfur Rebel


Somali, Ethiopian Troops Detain 100 in Mogadishu

Mogadishu's Biggest Market Reopens After the Troops Leave

Somalia Describes Military Operations in Mogadishu


7,600 Arrested in Zimbabwe Price Crackdown

Mugabe Questions Objectivity of Journalists


Uganda Army Clashes With Congo Over Oil Zones

Ethiopia Executes Spy Boss Killer


Korean Troops Exchange Fire Along Border

Japan Remembers the Horrors of Hiroshima

US Backs New East Timor Government

US Military Holding Massive War Games Off Guam

United Kingdom

British Court: Restrictions on Antiwar Protester 'Unlawful'

British Defense Ministry Publishes Details of UFO Sightings


Russia Rolls Out a New Air Defense System

ETA Demands Protection Money From Businesses in Northern Spain

Georgia Says Russian Jets Dropped Unexploded Bomb

Raul Hilberg, 81, Historian Who Wrote of the Holocaust as a Bureaucracy, Dies


Chávez Seeks End to Term Limits

Chávez Consolidates Control Over Military


Justin Raimondo
Bill Kristol and
the Stink of Fear

David R. Henderson
Remembering Hiroshima

Alan Bock
Pat Tillman Saga Far From Over

Doug Bandow
Threatening the All-Volunteer Force

Philip Giraldi
Terrorists Are Everywhere

Charles Peña
Surveillance Society

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal: Breakthrough or Bad Bargain?

Sascha Matuszak
Keeping Up Appearances

Nebojsa Malic
Summer of Discontent

Ivan Eland
Payback for NATO Expansion

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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