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9/11 as a License to Kill: Norman Solomon
'Swear Him In': Ray McGovern
Kissinger: Realist, or Neocon?: Philip Giraldi
AEI Hypes Iran 'Threat': Khody Akhavi
A Big Victory Against the Wall: Uri Avnery

 Michael Scheuer

All But Paul ‘Marching to al Qaeda’s Drum’

 Gareth Porter

No Good Reason to Attack Iran

 Eric Boehlert

American TV and Print Give Up Covering the War

 Andrew Bacevich

Iraq and Vietnam

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Updated September 11, 2007 - 10:50 PM EDT

Petraeus' Familiar Call: Stay the Course


Bush May Withdraw Some Troops Next Year


General Proposes Bigger Role in Protecting Iraqis

Iraqi Civilian Casualties: 2007 Deadlier Than 2006
  Iraq Says Fired 14,000 Interior Ministry Employees
  Death Toll Makes a Mockery of US Optimism

Tuesday: 76 Iraqis Killed, 48 Wounded

Petraeus: Iran Weapons Flow Into Iraq Rising

  US to Build Military Base on Iraq-Iran Border

Iranian Official Raises Possibility of an Intrusion Into Iraq

Sources Confirm Israeli Airstrike on Syria

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 18 in Pakistan

27 Killed in Afghan Suicide Attack

Bin Laden in New 9/11 Hijacker Video

Hush, the Serious People Are Talking  by Michael Tomasky
Six Years of 9/11 as a License to Kill  by Norman Solomon
A One-Day Guide to War Supporters and Their Enablers  by Glenn Greenwald
'Swear Him In'  by Ray McGovern
Another 9/11 – in a Long Series
by Robert Higgs
A Big Victory Against the Wall
by Uri Avnery

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'The US Will Lose War Regardless What it Does'

Bush's Support for Local Powers May Speed Iraqi Fragmentation

Poll: Iraqis Say US Troops Not Helping

Bin Laden's Black Beard Baffles US Intelligence

Thompson: Due Process for bin Laden

Poll: Most Americans Say Iraq War Is Failure

Rumsfeld Says Afghanistan 'Big Success'; Blames Iraq Failure on Iraqi Govt

PA Takes Steps to Suspend Libby's Law License

Politics Hang Over
September 11 Ceremony
'War on Terror'

Every Day Is Like 9/11, Iraqis Say

Al-Qaeda Slips Further From Political Goals

Al-Qaeda: Often Foiled, Still Global

Intel Officials Contradict White House: Bin Laden Still a Threat

9/11 Galvanizes One Lawyer in Fight for Muslims

US Man Gets 24 Years Jail in Pakistan Camp Case

FBI Cast a Wide Net When Getting Phone Records

Today in Iraq

Iraq Government Defends Security Efforts

Maliki: Iraqi Forces Need More Time

Baghdadis Pray for Peaceful Ramadan

Volunteers Collect Baghdad's Nameless Dead

Entrances to Karbala Reopened for Pilgrims

Gunmen Blow Up Mosque in Mosul

Monday: 13 GIs, 77 Iraqis Killed; 132 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Gen. Jones: US Occupation of Iraq Appears Permanent

7 US Troops Die in Iraq Vehicle Accident

Looking to Anbar for Iraq's Future

British Government Denies US Pressure Delayed Basra Pullout

The War at Home

Screenwriter Defends Hollywood's Late Critique of Iraq War

Texan Accused of Doing Oil Deals With Saddam

Like Ike: Petraeus for President?

Afghan War Amputees Turn Prosthesis Pros


Taliban Say They Are Not Against Peace Talks

Abe: Keep Supporting Afghan Mission


Ex-Premier Arrested Upon Return to Pakistan

Pakistan Edgy as Ex-Premier Is Exiled Again

Pakistan: Militants Still Holding Troops After Govt Raid


Serbia Threatens New War Over Kosovo

US Airman Dies, Three Hurt in Kosovo Car Crash

Bosnia War-Crimes Suspects Revive Hunger Strike


Report: Czechs Offer Pentagon Use of Former Soviet Barracks

ETA Car Bomb Fails to Explode in Northern Spain

Historic Handshake in Northern Ireland

Amsterdam's Soft Approach to Jihadists


Chávez Likely to Win End to Term Limits

Mexican Oil, Gas Pipelines Hit Again by Explosions


Time Magazine Loses Suit Against Suharto

Chinese Warships Set Sail for Exercises With Australia, New Zealand

Petraeus Report/Surge

We Are Winning in Iraq, General Petraeus Insists

Petraeus: Iraq 'Comfortable' With Gradual US Withdrawal

Military Chiefs Split on Success of Surge

Poll: Iraqis Say Surge Has Failed

Iraqis See Little to Applaud

Baghdad Viewpoints: The Surge

Analysis: Iraq 'Victory' Sites Lowered

What Crocker and Petraeus Didn't Say

Laurel Wreaths for Petraeus

The General's Long View Could Cut Withdrawal Debate Short

A Tale of Two Speeches: in Washington, American Ambassador’s Tone Is Upbeat

Political Fault Line Emphasized by Timing of Hearings

Transcript of Iraq Hearing Statements

Petraeus Report (.pdf)


Netanyahu Says Iran 700 Days From Nukes, Urges Military Action

Iran Seeks End to Sanctions Threat

US Urges Iran to Cooperate With Probe, but Says That's Still Not Enough

Discipline Aided Scholar in Iran Prison


Lebanon Says Fatah al-Islam Chief May Have Escaped

Hezbollah Bastion Rebuilds After War With Israel

Spy Chief: Hezbollah Could Attack US if It Felt Threatened

Israel Buzzes Neighbors

Syria: Israeli Planes Dropped Live Ammunition in Flyover

Turkey Says Israel Has Pledged Probe Into Airspace Violation

Israeli MP Criticizes Israeli Overflight of Syria


Officials: Haniyeh Proposes He Meet With Abbas in Mecca

Hamas Govt Slams Abbas-Olmert Meeting

Olmert and Abbas Agree on Teams to Tackle Statehood

Olmert-Abbas Summit Far From Tangible

Palestinian Faction Attacks Israeli Military Post

Rocket Hits Sleeping Israeli Soldiers

Middle East

Saudi Says Israel's Future Hangs on Palestinian State

Islamists Suffer Setback in Morocco Vote

Horn of Africa

Bombs, Shootings Kill Five in Mogadishu

Rebels Say Ethiopian Troops Can Be Driven Out of Mogadishu

Ethiopia, Eritrea Trade Insults Over Border Impasse


Rebel: 3,000 Bombs Remain in Northern Uganda

Uganda Rebels 'Will Not Sign Incriminating Peace Deal'


Sudan Planes 'Bomb Darfur Town'

Congo Agrees to Flush Out Uganda Rebels

Nigerian Gunmen Kidnap Officials


Justin Raimondo
The Mystery of al-Qaeda

Philip Giraldi
Henry Kissinger: Realist, or Neocon?

David R. Henderson
9/11, Six Years Later

Alan Bock
Waiting for Gen. Petraeus

Praful Bidwai
Five-Nation Naval Drill Presages 'Asian NATO'?

Doug Bandow
China: Fragile Superpower

Nebojsa Malic
Drawing the Line

Charles Peńa
Close, but No Cigar

Sascha Matuszak
Politicize It

Ivan Eland
The State Perpetuates Itself
by Failing

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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