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None Dare Call It Genocide: Lew Rockwell
Marching Against the War: Alan Bock
Selling the War to 'Values Voters': Bill Berkowitz
Israel's Right of Self-Defense: Gordon Prather
Democracy: The Engine of Political Islam: Dalrymple

 Michael Ledeen

Caught Lying About Promoting War With Iraq

 Matt Taibbi

The Rip-off in Iraq: Billions Stolen

 Andrew Patel

Padilla’s Lawyer Describes Disgraceful Process

 Greg Palast

Thousands of Shia Forced From Anbar, Oil Price High

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Updated September 22, 2007 - 10:50 PM EDT
Iraqi Forces Take Lead in 8% of Baghdad
  Police Report US Forces Kill 7-Member Family in Northern Hilla
  Killings of Sistani Aides Suggest Worsening Shi'ite-vs.-Shi'ite Feuding
  Saturday: 2 GIs, 54 Iraqis Killed, 31 Wounded
Blackwater Back on the Streets of Baghdad
  Blackwater Accused of Selling Weapons on Iraq's Black Market
  Iraq Aims to End Immunity of Security Firms
  The Real Story of Baghdad's Bloody Sunday
Bush May Boost Spending Request for Iraq War
  Nine-Month Iraq Timetable Is Voted Down by Senate
  Gen. Lynch Blames Public's Antiwar Views on the Media
US Commander: Iran Gives Militants 'Lethal Aid'
  Iran and Israel Face Off Over Nuclear Weapons
  French Official Backs Hard Line on Iran
  Columbia University Won't Cancel Ahmadinejad Speech
Israel, US Shared Data on Suspected Syrian Nuclear Site
  US Feared North Korea-Syria Link Before Israeli Strike
None Dare Call It Genocide
by Lew Rockwell
The Eerie Familiarity of These Preparations for War  by Adrian Hamilton
New Military Report Acknowledges Signs of Police State in Baghdad  by Tom Hayden
Israel's Right of Self-Defense
by Gordon Prather
Texans Turn Against Bush's War
by Bill Sasser
An Endless Occupation?  by Zoltan Grossman

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Far Right Sells Iraq War to 'Values Voters'
Border Shelling Hits Iraqi Kurdish Villagers
US Bars Attorneys' Access to Detainees
State Department Hires Bloggers to Improve US Image
Iraq War Costs Near Vietnam Levels
Iraq War Costing $720 Million a Day, Group Says
Senate Roll Call Vote on Latest Iraq Pullout Bill
Syria Relaxes Entry Restrictions
on Iraqi Refugees
Today in Iraq
Iraq VP Warns Maliki of Stalling Reform
Militias Jeopardize New Basra Hospital
Basra, After the British
Fear Drives Baghdad's Housing Bust
25 Arrests in Slaying of Prominent Sunni
Nine Gunmen Arrested in Diala
Iraqi Alliances Spread, US Says
Iraq Occupation
US Troops Detain Iraqi Intelligence Officer for Illegal Activities
Head of Firm Paid to Track Iraq Spending Investigated
Iraq Embassy Builder Accused of Kickbacks
Lance Cpl. Pleads Guilty in Death of Iraqi Policeman
UK Firm Awarded Largest Iraq Security Contract
Rice Orders Full Review of Iraq Diplomatic Security
Attacks Continue
Mahdi Army Leader Killed in Western Baghdad
Basra Boycott of Sermons After Killing of Two Sistani Aides
Gunmen Kill Iraqi Journalist
Police Officer Escapes Assassination Attempt in Northern Basra
Five Killed, Wounded in Separate Incidents in Kirkuk
Friday: 4 GIs, 1 Romanian Soldier, 29 Iraqis Killed; 19 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Cholera Outbreak
UN Health Agency Confirms 1,500 Cholera Cases in Iraq
Iraqi Cholera Outbreak Spreads to Baghdad
Cholera Spreads to Iraq's Southernmost City
Iraqi Refugees
UN: Number of Iraqi Refugees Up 45 Percent in 2007
UN Says Iraqi Asylum Requests Doubled
Thousands of Iraq Refugees to Be Admitted to US
Palestinian Refugees From Iraq Arrive in Brazil
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq FM Asks Russia to Cancel 80 Percent of Debt
Iraq, Afghanistan Wars Take Center Stage at San Sebastian Film Festival
The War at Home
GOP Senator Hutchison Backs Democrat on Iraq Plan
McCain Slams Call for Pullout, Says Congress' Role Is to Fund the War
Senators Tell Marines to Ease Off MRAP Whistleblower
Congress Wants Testimony From Blackwater Boss
Poll: Most in Indiana Favor Iraq Pullout
Stanford Campus in Uproar Over Fellowship for Rumsfeld
US Military
Pentagon to Outsource $15b War on 'Narcoterror'
Senators Tell Marines to Ease Off MRAP Whistleblower
Pentagon Planning Five Regional Teams Under AFRICOM Framework
Battles of Britain
Most Still Unsure on Brown's Foreign Policy
UK Army Chief: Iraq War 'Unpopular', Afghan War 'Misunderstood'
UK General: Soldiers Should Get Some Parades When They Come Home
'War on Terror'
Pope: War on Terror Must Honor Laws
US to Patrol Manitoba Border With Drone Aircraft
Muslim Groups, ACLU Sue to Get FBI Records
Ex-FEMA Leader Says Feds May Overreact
FBI Sees Closer Anti-Terror Cooperation
Police Official: Girl Who Wore Art Project Into Airport Could Have Ended Up in Morgue
Russia FM: US Shield Is to Spy on Russia
Report: Two Russian Strategic Bombers Fly Along Alaska, Canada Coasts
New Charge in Russian Journalist's Death
France on al-Qaeda Alert After Algeria Attack
NATO Retreats From Establishment of Rapid-Reaction Force
Dutch Could Hold the Key to EU Treaty Poll
Chile to Extradite Fujimori to Peru
Castro Makes TV Appearance: Talks Iraq, Economics
Weekend Reviews
The Betrayal of the American Right
Now He Tells Us!: Alan Greenspan Writes a Typical Beltway Memoir
Paralyzed Man Soldiers on in Antiwar Documentary
Elah Brings the Invisible Scars of Iraq Vets Into Focus
Georgian Troops in Iraq Deploy Along Borders With Iran
Rice Says Paris Agrees on Pressing the Iranians
French FM Slams Iran 'Adventurism'
French FM Draws Antiwar Protesters in Washington

Transcript: Rice, Kouchner Remarks

Greenspan Says Preemptive Strike on Iran Is 'Difficult Choice'
Iranian Leader Tells Off CBS Reporter: 'You Don't Represent 300 Million People'
Iran Oil Exchange Won't Undermine Dollar's Supremacy, Ex-Chairman Vows
India's Ties With Iran Irritate US
Singapore Firm Fined Over Attempted Missile Export to Iran
Russia Bolsters Ties With Iran
Russia Warns War With Iran Would Block Oil Flows
Israeli Raid on Syria Fuels Debate on Weapons
Israel Scrambles Warplanes to Intercept 'Syrian' Birds
North Korea, Syria Hold Talks Amid Suspicions
Americans Warned on Travel to Syria
Israeli Military May Propose 'Complete' Gaza Pullout
Israeli Deputy PM Urges Turnover of Arab Areas
Israel Imposes Closure on Gaza and West Bank for Holiday
Israel Rejects Hamas's Offer for Cease-Fire
UN: Israel Has Added Dozens of New Roadblocks in West Bank
Israeli Pledge to Isolate Gaza Becoming More Noticable
Video of Boy's Death Ordered Released
Israel Blocks Muslim Worshippers
Leader of Holy Day Bomb Plot Is Held, Israel Says
Student Challenges Gaza Lockdown in Court
Israeli Planes Violate Lebanese Air Space
Bombing Could Topple Lebanese Govt
Killing Casts Shadow Over Lebanese Poll
Crowds Attend Lebanese MP Funeral
Palestinian Plight in Lebanon Worsens
Police Capture Leader of Turkish Hezbollah
Military Training Craft Crashed in Western Turkey
US Says Forces Kill 6 Civilians, 75 Taliban Troops in Afghanistan
Afghan General Cautious on Peace Talks
Afghan Legislators Want Control Over Rights Body
Kabul Car Bomb Attack Kills French Soldier
Eleventh Dutch Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Musharraf Places Loyalists in Key Military Positions
Pakistan Derides Threat From bin Laden
Bhutto Vows to Stop Pakistan From Becoming Another Iraq
Islamists Rally Against Musharraf
Militants Free 25 Soldiers in South Waziristan
Pakistan's Human Rights Record Under Fire
South Korea to Push for Formal War Settlement
Nuclear Talks With North Korea to Resume on September 27
US Says No Direct Role in Resolving Kashmir, but Will 'Nudge'
Tribunal: Former Khmer Rouge Leader 'Ordered Murder of Civilians'
Moroccan Islamists Say They Could Join Govt
Morocco Awaits New Government With Attention on Islamists
Somali Govt: Hundreds of Thousands Need Urgent Aid
Somalia: Internet Journalist Released After Five Days in Detention
26 Nations Call for Sending UN Peacekeeping Force to Darfur
Cracks in the Peace in Oil-Rich Sudan as Old Tensions Fester
US Gives 'Strategically Important' Ethiopia $97 Million
Algeria Bomb Attack Injures Nine
UN Calls for More Darfur Troops
Uganda Soldier Sentenced to Death Over Killing
EU Wants Africa Summit Despite Zimbabwe Dispute
In Other News
Diaries Reveal Life in War for 14 Children

Justin Raimondo
The Mirage of 'Victory'

Alan Bock
Marching Against the War

Doug Bandow
Desperately Searching for a New Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
Why 'Partition' (of Iraq) Is a Dirty Word

Charles Peņa
Greenspan's Unsure Grasp of Economics

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

Nebojsa Malic
The War Empire Forgot

Philip Giraldi
Henry Kissinger: Realist, or Neocon?

David R. Henderson
9/11, Six Years Later

Praful Bidwai
Five-Nation Naval Drill Presages 'Asian NATO'?

Ran HaCohen
Palestine: Blood Is in the Air

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