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Bush's Pentagon Papers: Tom Engelhardt
Secrecy and the War Without End: Alan Bock
WWIII – Bring It On: Gordon Prather
A Tale of Two Atrocities: Rahul Mahajan
American Freedom Agenda Act of 2007: Ron Paul

 Chris Hedges

We Have Found the Islamo-Fascists

 Mark Danner

The President’s Faith in Himself

 Melissa Goodman

Military’s Role in Domestic Spying

 Brandon Mayfield

Falsely Accused of Madrid Train Bombings

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Updated October 20, 2007 - 11:08 PM EDT
Turkey Expects US to Act Against Kurds
  Kurds Demand US Defense
  Kurdish Govt Vows to Retaliate if Turkey Attacks
US Govt Report: Iraqi Surge Gained Little
  Blackwater Attempted to Take Iraqi Military Aircraft Out of Iraq
  Ex-Top Envoy: Functionally 'There Is No Iraqi Government'
  Iraqi Violence Moves South
  Saturday: 24 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded
Pentagon Chief: US Can Strike Iran
  Afghanistan Says No Proof Iran Govt Arming Taliban
Bhutto Bombing Kicks Off War on US Plan
  Pakistani Militants Share Deep Beliefs
Feds See IEDs as Rising Threat Inside the US
Bush's Pentagon Papers: The Urge to Confess  by Tom Engelhardt
The War on Afghanistan Was Wrong, Too  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Even With Nothing to Hide, Spying Threatens Your Freedom  by John W. Dean
WWIII – Bring It On  by Gordon Prather
Nuclear Hypocrisy  by Joe Conason
Israel: End Olive Harvest Attacks
by Yehuda Litani

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Pentagon Announces Iraq Deployments
Alerted Guard Units Have Served in Iraq
Assassination of Sheikh Shakes US Claims
Blackwater to Be Phased Out of Guarding US Diplomats in Iraq
Iraq Ranked 157th on Int'l Press Freedom List
US Asks Court to Dismiss Lawsuit on Secret Flights
Children 'Armed' to Teeth in Baghdad
Iraq Occupation
US to Probe Latest Iraq Convoy Shooting
Lithuania Sends Its Troops Back to Iraq
Two US Marines Face Haditha Court-Martial
Ex-US Commander in Iraq Gets 2-Year Term
Colleague Says Soldier, Commander Argued Before Killing
Today in Iraq
Pipeline Attack in Northern Iraq
Iraqi Oil Output Likely to Drop, Expert Says
Money Gone, Iraqis Reluctantly Head Home
Sunni Iraqi Accordance Front: Execution of Anfal Officers Would Only Benefit 'Enemy'
Bomb Wounds Anti-al-Qaeda Cleric During Friday Prayers in Iraq
Police Chief in Kirkuk Survives Attempt on His Life
Friday: 2 GIs, 22 Iraqis Killed, 15 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraqi Families Start 'Abuse' Probe Campaign in Britain
UN Refugee Agency Launches Field Unit to Help Iraqis in Jordan
The War at Home
Director De Palma Disturbed Over Iraq Film Edit
In Memoir, Ex-Spy Tells Her Side of CIA Leak Case
US Military
US Military Explains Nuclear Weapon Mistake
Four Air Force Colonels Are Relieved of Command Over Nuke Flight
PTSD Reports Up 20,000 in a Year
VA Doubles Disability Aid for Iraq War Veteran
'War on Terror'
Claim of Pressure for Closed Guantánamo Trials
Why US Won't Remove Arar From No-Fly List
Wiretapping Compromise Was Months in the Making
Lawsuit Is Reinstated for Man Wrongly Suspected in 9/11
New Generation Taliban Rivaling Chief: US-Led Coalition
Japan Opposition Slams Afghan Mission Bill
Pakistan's Bhutto Vows to Persevere Despite Deaths of 140, New Threats
Bhutto Says She Warned of Plots Against Her
Bhutto Blames Zia Cronies for Bid on Life
Benazir Fingers Three for Carnage
Pakistan: Suicide-Bomber Seen Running Through Crowd
Backstage, US Nurtured Pakistan Rivals’ Deal
Bhutto Attack Clouds Pakistan's Future
Benazir Bhutto Has a Long List of Enemies
Pakistan: Religious Leader Among Five Hurt in Peshawar, Dik Blasts
Indian Army Busts Three Guerrilla Hideouts in Kashmir
Four Maoists Killed in Police Encounter in Southern India
South Korea: North Wants Better US Ties
North Korea on Brink of Famine After Floods
China Congress Setting Rumor Mill Alight
China Tells Critics Not to Politicize Olympics
China Communists Plan Expanded Say in New Leadership
China Call for Taiwan Accord a Bypass
Bush Imposes New Sanctions on Myanmar
Bomb Kills Eight, Wounds 70 in Manila Mall
US Servicemen in Japan Accused of Rape
Rebel Chief Says Khartoum Shelling Refugee Camp
Sudan: Negotiations to Save National Unity Government Fails to Reach Solution
North Sudan 'Not Involving South' in Oil Strategies

Chad Rebels Battle Army in East

Two Mauritanians Held for Links to al-Qaeda Freed
Kurd Rebels Say They May Hit Turk Pipelines if Attacked
Turkey: Iraq Should Tackle Kurdish Rebels
Iraq Kurdish Leader Vows to Fight Strike
Who's Bluffing on the Turkish-Iraqi Border?
Iraqis Who Fled Homes in Fear Face New Terror as Turkey Targets PKK Rebels
UN Chief Concerned About Possible Turkish Raids in Iraq
Armenian Eyes, Ears on US Genocide Vote
Iran Backing Terror, Says Blair
Iran Says Ready to Help Nations Develop Nuclear Programs
Israel PM Upbeat After Iran Talks in Russia
G-7 Urges Banks to Weigh 'Risks' of Dealing With Iran
Talks on Iran-Pakistan-India Pipeline Enter Final Phase
UN Nuclear Agency Examines Syria Images
Report: Syria Dismantling Facility Targeted by IAF
Israel 'Mole' Took Photos of Syrian Target: Report
Syria 'Open' to Diplomatic Ties With Lebanon
Iraq Partition Will 'Blow Up' Mideast, Says Syrian President
Syria: US Interference Threatens Lebanon's Stability
Another Mideast Summit?
The Roadblocks to Another Mideast Summit
UN Chief: Middle East Peace Conference Decisions Should Get UN Okay
'Serious' Israeli-Palestinian Talks Ahead of US Meeting
Gaza Children Take Up New War Game: Hamas vs. Fatah
Report: Rise in Settlers' Violence in Hebron
Palestinians Live as 'Ghosts' in Gaza
Special Israeli Troops Wound Palestinian, Arrest Another in Rafah
Israeli Govt Watchdog Appeals to High Court Over Terms of Lebanon War Report
Israel Refuses to Open Talks With Lebanon Over Shaba Farms
Hezbollah Slams US Call for 'Partnership' With Lebanon Army
Angry Parents Want Refugees Out of Lebanon Schools
Lebanon: Analysts See Multiple Possible Outcomes to Political Crisis
Report: Israel Withheld Information on Gabriel Dwait
Hezbollah: US Could Turn Lebanon Into Another Iraq
Middle East
Bush Certifies Saudi Arabia as 'War on Terror' Ally
Senior Muslim Brotherhood Member Denies Remarks on Israel
Turkish Man Shot on Egypt's Border Dies
Poles Lean Toward Party Tougher With US
Poland's Powerful Twins Face Key Test Sunday
Belarus' Lukashenko Calls Jews 'Dirty', Israeli Ambassador Returns Home
Brown Faces Euroskeptic Wrath After EU Deal
EU Eyes New Priorities After Deal
UK: House Damaged by Peeping-Tom Soldiers
Serbia War Crimes Suspects Held
Bush to Unveil 'New Initiatives' on Cuba
Cubans in Favor of Voting, Poll Says
Protesters Take Control of Bolivia Airport
Weekend Reviews
New Information and Key Trends Regarding Islamic Extremist Groups in the Balkans
US Troops Use New Film to Scout Enemy
New Documentary Follows Iraqis Fighting US Occupation of Their Country
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy
War and Deliverance
Jason Epstein on the Nuclear Threat

Justin Raimondo
Mass Murder
in the Horn of Africa

Alan Bock
Secrecy and the War Without End

Doug Bandow
The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Ivan Eland
US Has Double Standard at Home and Abroad

Charles Peña
Not -So-New Homeland Security Strategy

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

David R. Henderson
How George Bush Changed
My Life

Nebojsa Malic
The Phantom Menace

Philip Giraldi
Neocons Acquire Another
Front Group

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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