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Invade Pakistan?: Justin Raimondo
AWOL Is the Only Escape: Sarah Olson
The Story of Turkey: Ann Berg
Iraq: Reconciliation or Warlords?: Jim Lobe
Fallujah Still Under Siege: Ali al-Fadhily

 Daniel Levy

Peace is Possible

 Eric Margolis

Pakistan: Chickens Come Home

 Gareth Porter

War Party Lies About Syria, DPRK, Iran

 Aaron Glantz

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Updated November 21, 2007 - 10:15 PM EST
US Arms for Iraq Went to 'Private Arms Bazaar'
  Iraqi Insurgent Groups in Deadly Clash
  In the Bond Market, a Bleak Prognosis for Iraq
  Sunday: 35 Iraqis Killed, 21 Wounded
Turk General Says Not Too Late for Incursion
  Along Iraq-Turkey Border, Kurdish Guerrillas Remain Resolute
  Iraq's Kurdish Leaders Walk Fine Line
Musharraf: Jan. Elections Won't End Martial Law
  Pakistanis' Anger at Musharraf Extends to US
  Bhutto Turns Screw on Musharraf
  Pakistan Nuclear Security Questioned
The Myth of the Suitcase Nuke
Teargas Used as Rare Malaysia Demo Draws 100,000
Chinese Sub Pops Up in Middle of US Navy Exercise
Nukes, Nuclear Power and Global Warming  by Gordon Prather
I Witnessed Waterboarding –
Yes, It Is Torture
 by Joseph Galloway
Left and Right Work to Restore Our Rights  by John F. McManus
Paying for the Wars' Wounded
by Colonel Daniel Smith (Ret.)
Legal Idiocy and the War on Terror
by Joseph Margulies
What About Democracy for Bosnia?
by David Chandler

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Deaths Mark Grim Afghan, Iraq Milestones
Assessing Afghanistan
Antiwar Activists Focus Fury on Democrats
Kucinich: Impeachment Only Way to Stop Iran War
Iraq's Troubles Push Oil Up
Maldive Islands, a Tourist Paradise, Feels Lash of Islamic Violence
Still Waiting to Cash in on Iraq's Oil
Today in Iraq
Packed Classes Hint at Peace in Battered Iraq
Iraqis Face Fuel Shortages as Winter Sets In
Iraq's Kurdish Capital Always on Its Toes
Shy Baghdad Men Reaching for Sex Stimulants
Saturday: 1 US Soldier, 58 Iraqis Killed; 35 Iraqis Wounded
Iraq Occupation
Forced Iraq Postings 'May Be Necessary'
Inside the Green Zone
Murder Trial Sniper Says US Used 'Bait' for Suspect Iraqis

US Sniper Acquitted of Murdering Iraqis

Iraqi Refugees to Syria
Conditions Deteriorate for 2,000 Palestinians Stuck at Iraq-Syria Border
Syria Displays New Iraq Border Security
Number of Iraq Refugees to Syria Drops Amid Restrictions
US Military
Bush, Congress Spar Over Vets
Army Claims Sexual Trysts Tied to Iraq Contracts
In Death of Spy Satellite Program, Lofty Plans and Unrealistic Bids
6 Workers Injured in Blast on Navy Ship
Wounded, and Sharing War Stories
Vietnam Memorial Turns 25
Navy Chopper Crashes Off Southern California
UK Military
The Cruellest Sacrifice: Revealed: 88 Casualties of MoD's Failures
MoD Accused Over Spy Plane Deaths
British 'Spy' Arrested in Russian Secrets Plot
British Forces Stretched to the Limit by the Fight Against the Taliban
UK Troops' Spouses Speak Out
PM Offers Meeting With Soldier's Mother
People Back Home Are Indifferent to Us, Say UK Troops in Iraq
Safety Plea by Coalition Iraqi Translator
Trident Shiplift 'Vulnerable to Terror Attacks'
'War on Terror'
Guantánamo Builds Tent City for War-Crime Tribunals, Amid Uncertain Future
14 Saudis in Guantánamo Return Home, Only 23 Left
UK Terror Tactics 'Create Unease'
Venezuela: Police Shot in Rally Against Chávez
Students Emerge as a Leading Force Against Chávez
New UN Envoy Sees Long Haiti Mission

UN Chief Opposes Somalia Peacekeepers

About 60 Killed in Heavy Fighting in Mogadishu
Corpses Litter Mogadishu After Battles
Somalis Flee Mogadishu Fighting
Residents Say Bomb Wounds Several in Algerian Village
US Urges Restraint by Ethiopia and Eritrea
Sudan: Ten to Be Executed for Journalist Murder
Libya Is Opening Up, but Not All the Way
Deputy Otti Arrested, Says Uganda Rebel Leader Kony
Americans Keep Dying
Slain Arkansas Sailor's Mom Says War Must Stop Now
New York Soldier Leaves Behind Young Son and New Baby Due in December
Vermont Soldier Went Into Army to Pay Off College Loans
Daughter Dies Suddenly, Family Looks to Army for Answers (MA)
Pace (FL) Soldier Remembered as Great All-Around Person and Athlete
Community Mourns Loss of 'Courageous' Young Airman (PA)
Air Force Civilian Counterintel Specialist Is Killed by Bomb in Iraq (RI)
Decorated Soldier From NY Killed by Bomb in Iraq
Soldier (WV) With Ties to Alaska Killed in IED Explosion
Wisconsin Woman With Passion for Barrel-Racing Killed by IED in Iraq
West Seneca (NY) Soldier Was Determined to Serve
Roadside Bomb Kills USAF Special Agent (MO) in Iraq
Career Army Sergent From Bremerton (WA) Killed in Afghanistan
Israel's Deputy PM: 'All Options on the Table' in Facing Iran
Iraqi Fighters 'Grilled for Evidence on Iran'
Iraqi Official Says Iranian Is Key to UK Hostages
US to Free 'More Iranians': Iraqi Shi'ite Leader
Iran's Khatami Urges Reformists to Rally for Change
Bush, Merkel Seek to Overcome Iran Differences
Former German FM: Elections in US, Iran Could Escalate Nuclear Row
Israeli Official Warns of Nuclear 'Apocalypse'
Book: Powell Pushed Iran Policy Shift
Iran, Pakistan Finalize Contract for Gas Pipeline Deal
Turk Cities Will Pay if PKK Leader Dies in Jail: Brother
Turkish Newspapers Vie for Fluency in Two Societies
Middle East Peace Moves
Report: Israel-Syria Summit in 2008
Palestinians Claim Jerusalem Backtracking Ahead of Annapolis
Egypt, Saudi Back Mideast Peace Meeting
Egypt's Mubarak Seeks Single Arab Position Ahead of Mideast Meet
Report: Annapolis Summit to Be Followed by Meeting in Moscow
Abbas Vows to Pursue Arafat's Drive for Statehood
Three Years On, Divided Palestinians Remember Arafat
PA Police Seize 40 Bombs in Militant Stronghold in Nablus
Lebanon Again Delays Presidential Vote
Constitutional Impasse in Lebanon
Israelis Shoot Two in Lebanon Border Village
Lebanon's Empty Soccer Stadiums
Palestinian Factions in Ain Al-Hilweh Want to Keep Al-Qaeda at Bay
Jordan, Fearing Islamists, Tightens Grip on Elections
6 US Soldiers Killed, 8 Wounded, in Afghan Battle
Most Trainer Slots for Afghanistan Remain Unfilled
Raj-Era British Embassy in Afghanistan to Be Rebuilt
Afghanistan: Student Attendance Banned After Deaths
UK's New Afghanistan Plan: Pay Farmers to Ditch Opium
Bush Says Will Take Musharraf at His Word
Closely Watched, Bhutto Is Allowed to Move
Bhutto's Persona Raises Distrust, as Well as Hope
Bhutto Tries to Unite Opposition With Visit to Fired Judge
Bush, Rice Defend Musharraf as an Ally
Pakistan Expels Three British Reporters
Exiled Koreans Return After 60 Years
South Korea Seen Developing Laser Weapons
Sri Lanka Violence Claims 25 Lives
Suu Kyi Is Front-Page News in Myanmar
Suspected ULFA Rebels Blow Up Power Transmission Tower in NE India
Hong Kong Reformer Raps Back at Critics
Georgia Says Emergency Rule to Last as Needed
Georgian Tycoon To Contest Poll
Russia Reduces Election Monitors
Bosnian Serbs in Walkout Threat
Balkans’ Idolatry Delights Movie Fans and Pigeons
Ireland to Vote Next Year on European Union Treaty
New Test Eurofighter Takes to the Air
Weekend Reviews
Structures of Power and National Security
Iraq War Fought on Three Fronts in Lions for Lambs
Making War to Keep Peace
Warning, This Film Could Make You Very Angry
Orders From the Top
The Imperial Presidency
The Melting of the Cold War

Justin Raimondo
Invade Pakistan?

Philip Giraldi
A Conservative View of Iran

David R. Henderson
Why Attack Iran?

Alan Bock
Lebanon: The Next Civil War?

Doug Bandow
Worshipping the Military, or the Society it Defends?

Charles Peńa
Fred Thompson and the Kitchen Sink

Ivan Eland
Bush's Role in Bringing
Pakistan to the Abyss

Nebojsa Malic
From Beneath You It Devours

Ran HaCohen
The Israeli Right Has a Peace Plan

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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