A Brazen Evil: Justin Raimondo
An Opening to Iran?: Alan Bock
'Justifying' Torture: Two Big Lies: Rowley/McGovern
Court Confirms Dictatorial Powers: A. Worthington
Keep Watch on the Hawks: Abbas Edalat

 Andy Worthington

Torture and Bogus "Trials"

 Gareth Porter

Seismic Shift or Non-Decision on Iran?

 Peter Crail

Dealing with North Korea

 Ray McGovern

War With Iran to Keep Us in Iraq?

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Updated July 21, 2008 - 10:51 PM EDT

Iraq Hopes for US Troop Withdrawal by 2010

  Mullen Warns Against Obama's Iraq Troop Plan
  US Troops Kill Son of Iraqi Governor in Raid on House
  Sun Shines on Obama's Iraq Debut
  Monday: 24 Iraqis Killed, 32 Wounded
Afghan Police, Civilians Killed by US-Led Troops
  Obama Tells Karzai He Plans to Continue Terror War 'With Vigor'
  Obama Urges Moving US Troops to Afghanistan From Iraq
  US Plays for High Stakes on Pakistan-Afghan Border
Rice Says Israeli Strike in Iran 'a Speculation'
  Adm. Mullen: I'm Fighting Two Wars, I Don't Need a Third
Benny Morris Justifies Israel's Coming Attack on Iran  by David Bromwich
Court Confirms President's Dictatorial Powers  by Andy Worthington
Back to the USSR: McCain's Plan for the Next Cold War  by John B. Judis
Restoring WWII to Its Proper Context  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Buchanan Is Right  by Thomas E. Woods Jr.
'Justifying' Torture: Two Big Lies
by Coleen Rowley and Ray McGovern

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Confident Iraq Rides US Political Tides
Iraqi Media: US Building Airbase on Iran Border
For 'Surge' Troops, Pride Mingles With Doubt
US Refuses to Concede Arms-Sale Freeze on Taiwan
British Panel Doubts US on Torture
US Military Jails 'Black Holes,' Say US Lawyers for Afghan Reporter
Historic First Terror Trial Opens at Guantánamo
Obama Meets Afghan President Karzai in Kabul
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Panel Proposes Delay in Key Election
Sadr Backers Seethe Over Iraqi Army but Avoid Violence
Work Resumes at Iraq Refinery in Once-Violent Area
Roadside Bombing Kills Three Cops in Diyala
Two Killed in Mosul Car Bomb Attack
Iraq Opens Airport in Holy City of Najaf
Sunday: 24 Iraqis Killed, 34 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Amman Grants Entry Visas to 17,000 Iraqis
'No Evidence' That Suicide Claim Is Genuine
Coalition Forces 'Nearly Saved British Hostages in Iraq'
The War at Home
Lieberman: Obama Prepared to Accept Defeat in Iraq
Iraq War Veteran Seeks Discharge as Conscientious Objector
For Iraqi Refugees, the Wait Drags on to Enter the US
After Battling for US, Iraqi Fights for Citizenship
Soldier in Famous Photo Never Defeated 'Demons'
Basque Separatists Bomb Spanish Tourist Resorts
Serbia: Envoys May Return to EU States
Zimbabwe's Opposition Holds Out on Signing Memorandum

Zimbabwe Opposition Ready for Talks: Odinga

Mugabe Threatens to Seize Foreign Firms Over Sanctions
Top Kenya Officer Retires in Quiet Military Shakeup
New Darfur Mediator Says Mission Not Impossible
Colombians March Against Kidnappings
Spanish Paper: Mossad Involved in Freeing Betancourt
Betancourt in Plea to FARC Rebels
Sri Lanka
17 Killed in Latest Sri Lanka Fighting
Sri Lankan Soldiers Capture Rebel Base
US Admiral Urges Global Pressure on Iran
Iran Says Working on Plan to Settle Nuclear Dispute
Iran Praises Latest Nuclear Talks

Rebels Kill Two Iranian Revolutionary Guards

Britain's Brown Demands End to Israel Settlements
Video Shows Handcuffed Palestinian Demonstrator Shot in Leg
Israeli Soldier Shot Bound Palestinian, Video Shows
Israeli Military to Investigate West Bank Shooting
Obama Heads to Meetings With Israeli and Palestinian Leaders
Hamas Condemns Collaborator to Death
Israeli Military Increases Indictments Against Draft Resisters
Israeli Spy Chief: Hezbollah May Attack Soon
Three Killed in Lebanon Refugee Camp Brawl
Palestinian Commander Dies in Lebanon
German Hostages Freed in Turkey
Canadian General Says Afghanistan Situation Is Worsening
Obama Tries to Win Over Afghans
Karzai: Hard Man in a Hard Country
Roadside Bombing Kills Three Children, Wounds Four Others in South Afghanistan
Fighting Flares in Pakistan's Baluchistan; 43 Killed
Taliban Threaten to Strike Provincial Government in Pakistan
Mullen Sees a 'Syndication' of Extremist Groups in Pakistan Tribal Areas
Pakistan Army Says 15 Militants Killed
Premier of India Stakes Career on US Nuclear Pact
Gunbattle in Kashmir Kills Two, Wounds Three
Thailand's Standoff With Cambodia Over Temple Is Mixed Up With Politics
Soldiers Wounded as Rebels Attack Xstrata Mine in Philippines

Justin Raimondo
A Brazen Evil

Alan Bock
An Opening to Iran?

Ivan Eland
Are 400,000 Terrorists Trying to Attack the United States?

Doug Bandow
John McCain: The Candidate of God – Mars, the God of War

Nebojsa Malic
The More Things Change…

Philip Giraldi
Conservative Confusion on Iran

Praful Bidwai
Deceptions Surface in US-India Nuclear Deal

David R. Henderson
Fisking Feith's
Faulty Case for War

Charles Peña
Is Iran Still an Option?

Sascha Matuszak
The US and China:
Unsettling Similarities

Ran HaCohen
Israel at Sixty

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