Goodbye, GOP: Justin Raimondo
Beware of Big Ideas: Leon Hadar
Understanding the Iran Crisis: Phyllis Bennis
Bush to Go With Whimper: Jim Lobe
No, He Won't: Gene Healy

 Tim Dickinson

Maverick? Lunatic.

 Lawrence Wilkerson

The Cheney Cabal's Lies and Torture

 Jacob Hornberger

Operation Keelhaul

 Steve Clemons

Iran, Palestine, Pakistan

US, Iraqi Negotiators Finalize SOFA, Pact Still Faces Long Road to Final Approval    Russia, Georgia to Hold Dueling Peace Talks as Planned Meeting Collapses    Afghans Say 70 Taliban Killed in Helmand Air Strike    Bush Set to Go With a Whimper, Not a Bang    US Brings Iraq Prison Camp Out of Legal Black Hole    Goodbye, GOP    Waterboarding Got White House Nod in Secret Memos    NIE Paints 'Very Bleak' Pakistan Picture    Assailants Attack US Consulate in Mexico    Friendly Fire in Iraq – and a Coverup    As Taliban Influence Grows, 'Shadow Government' Seems an Increasingly Viable Option to Afghans    Iran Takes No Offense at McCain 'Bomb' Song    UAE Recognizes Kosovo's Independence    UN: Afghan Insurgency Spreads, Attacks Rise Sharply    Pakistani Muslim Scholars Warn Suicide Attacks Are Banned    Report: US, Allies Planning Iran Sanctions Without UN Support    Moldova to Pull Out of Iraq by Year End    16 Killed in Somali Insurgent Attacks    Musharraf Says His Policy on Terror War Was Right    Beware of Big Ideas    US Still Mulling Diplomatic Office in Iran    Understanding the US-Iran Crisis    Interventionism at Home and Abroad Destroys Freedom    The Empire Strikes Out    Pentagon Challenge: Ask Iraqis How Many Have Died    Iraq's Kurds, Turkish Delegation Meet in Baghdad    UN: Nearly 190,000 Flee Pakistan Battles    House of Lords Rejects 42-Day Terror Plans    New President Won't Tame Executive Power    New, Improved, and Unnecessary Nukes    
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Updated October 15, 2008 - 11:21 PM EDT

US, Iraq Agree to Let Troops Stay Until 2011

  Islamic Group Condemns Violence Against Iraqi Christians
  Iraq Condemns PKK Attacks in Turkey
  Wednesday: 42 Iraqis Killed, 57 Wounded
NIE Paints 'Very Bleak' Pakistan Picture

UN: Nearly 190,000 Flee Pakistan Battles

Afghans Prefer Taliban Justice Over Kabul


Afghans Say 70 Taliban Killed in Helmand Air Strike


Commanders Look for New Strategy in Afghanistan


3 NATO Soldiers, 16 Civilians Die in Afghanistan

US Still Mulling Diplomatic Office in Iran


Report: US, Allies Planning Iran Sanctions Without UN Support

Georgia-Russia Peace Talks Collapse

Waterboarding Got White House Nod in Secret Memos


Bush Set to Go With a Whimper, Not a Bang

New President Won't Tame Executive Power  by Gene Healy
Interventionism at Home and Abroad Destroys Freedom  by Jacob G. Hornberger
New, Improved, and Unnecessary Nukes  International Herald Tribune
Beware of Big Ideas  by Leon Hadar
The Empire Strikes Out
Michael Mechanic interviews Andrew Bacevich
Understanding the US-Iran Crisis
by Phyllis Bennis

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US Brings Iraq Prison Camp Out of Legal Black Hole

Lawyers Criticize Quality of Guantánamo Interpreters

Lawmakers: Bush Stymied Plame Probe

Iran Takes No Offense at McCain 'Bomb' Song

US Policy on International Court Unlikely to Shift

Military Families Speak Out at Boston Common

The Lethal Legacy of World War II

Friendly Fire in Iraq – and a Coverup
Today in Iraq

Egypt Building Iraq Embassy but Ties Will Take Time

84 Iraqis Return Home From Jordan

Turk-Kurd Talks

Iraq's Kurds, Turkish Delegation Meet in Baghdad

PKK Says Turkey Is 'Weaving Plots' to Divide Kurds

Turkey Seeks Help of Foe in Anti-Rebel Strategy

Kurdish-Turkish Agreement to Ban PKK From Using Iraqi Territories

Attacks Continue

Iraqi Officials to Probe Attacks on Christians

Bomb Explodes in Front of Church in Mosul

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 6 Iraqis Killed; 12 Iraqis Wounded

Occupying Iraq

US Forces Release 50 Detainees From Fallujah

Kidnaps Rise After Success in Iraq

Moldova to Pull Out of Iraq by Year End

Iran Envoy: US Won't Solve Problems With Anti-Iran Propaganda in Iraq
'War on Terror'

Guantánamo's SERE Standard Operating Procedures

House of Lords Rejects 42-Day Terror Plans


Afghan Insurgency Spreads, Attacks Rise Sharply

NATO Troops to Retreat if Afghan Civilians at Risk

Some Afghans Still Live Under Taliban Rule - and Prefer It

Official: Afghanistan Suffering From Iraqi Gains

14 Taliban Killed in Bajaur Clashes

Afghan Blast Kills Nine Civilians, Including Two Children


Musharraf Says His Policy on Terror War Was Right

Severe Economic Crisis Threatens Pakistan's Stability

Pakistani Muslim Scholars Warn Suicide Attacks Are Banned

Pakistan May Ink Civil Nuclear Accord With China

Q&A: US Presidential Race Seen Through Pakistani Lens

Pakistan, India to Improve Rail Links


India Church: 50,000 Flee Anti-Christian Clashes

Indian Muslim Leaders Slam Government on Crackdown

Indian Christians Denounce Attacks by Hindus

South Asia

Dozens Die in Fierce Sri Lanka Fighting

India Defers Polls in Kashmir


Larijani Says Iran Wants Nuclear Talks to Continue

Iran: World Losing Confidence in Nuclear Treaty

Prospects for Iranian Nuclear Issue Still Dim After French Delegation's Visit


Lebanon: Maverick Christian Leader Cozies Up to Iran

Syria Establishes Diplomatic Ties With Lebanon

Jew-Arab Tensions in Acre
Hezbollah Voices Support for Acre 'Resistance'

Palestinian Group Vows to Kill Anti-Arab Israeli MP to Avenge Acre Riots

The Arab Driver, Yom Kippur, and How a City Was Inflamed


Fatah Rejects Hamas Request for Bilateral Talks

Rice Repeats Unlikely Pledge to Seek Peace Deal Between Palestinians, Israelis

Rice Urges Israel to Do More for Palestinians

Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Fire-Bomber Near West Bank Settlement

Conscience of the Israeli Spymaster's Daughter

West Bank Settlers' Rage Grows

Youthful Voice Stirs Challenge to Secular Turks
Russia and Her Neighbors

Russia Gives Territory to China

Minister: Russian Armed Forces to Halve Officers by 2012

Azerbaijani Leader's Surefire Win


US Presence Worries Bulgarians

Czech Military Official: Chemical, Biological Weapons Bigger Threat Than Nuclear War

UAE Recognizes Kosovo's Independence


Rights Group: Iran, Russia Supplying Arms to Sudan

Food Aid Halts as Darfur 'Hunger Gap' Increases

Sudan Completes Probe Into Darfur Militia Leader


Zimbabwe Generals' Fears of Prosecution Threaten Deal

Zimbabwe Riot Police Use Violence to Quell Fresh Protests


16 Killed in Somali Insurgent Attacks


Assailants Attack US Consulate in Mexico

Russia-Venezuela Drills Set

Polls Open With Canadian PM Seeking Majority


Cambodia Says That Thai Troops Have Retreated From Disputed Border

North Korea Defectors Drop Leaflets Condemning Leader

China Jails Tibetan Monks Convicted in Bomb Blast


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