How the Recession Could End Iraq War: Tony Karon
Will Iraq Strategy Work in Afghanistan?: Ivan Eland
Has the 'Amber Light' Turned Green?: G. Prather
Moving Towards an Afghan 'Grand Bargain': J. Lobe
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 Shashank Bengali


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Updated October 19, 2008 - 11:26 PM EDT
Taliban Kills 40 Afghans on Bus
  Moving Towards a 'Grand Bargain' in Afghanistan
  New Civilian Deaths Raise Afghanistan Tension
  Afghanistan: Taliban Says They Shot Down US Helicopter
Iraqi Ruling Coalition to Seek SOFA Amendments
  Iraq Deal in Doubt Due to Disagreements
  At Least 50,000 Iraqis Protest US Security Pact
  West Point Study Claims Documents Show Iran Aids Militias From Iraq
  Saturday: 25 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded
Report: 50 Troops Killed in South Russia Attacks
  Ossetian Rebels Authorized to Return Fire Against Georgians
  Georgia Used Cluster Bombs in August War, Too
N. Korean Diplomats Await 'Important Message'
  Envoy Alert Fuels Kim Jong-Il Rumors
US Official Holds Talks in Crisis-Hit Pakistan
  Zardari: Dialogue With Militants Only if They Lay Down Arms
Activists Mislisted as Terrorists Balk at Rules for Seeing Files
America's National Strategy of Global Intervention  by William Pfaff
Civilian Dead Are a Trade-Off in NATO's War of Barbarity  by Seumas Milne
Afghanistan: Not a Good War
Gone Bad
 by Larry Everest
Baffle Them With Warfare  by Jeff Huber
Has the 'Amber Light' Turned Green?  by Gordon Prather
Maliki in Damage-Control Mode
by Sami Moubayed

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Pentagon Plans 'Spaceplane' to Reach Hotspots Fast
Gitmo: 17 Uighur Detainees in Limbo Despite Clearance
Rallies Held Across Canada to Call for End to Afghan War
Al-Qaeda Desert Base Looks Abandoned, but Is It?
UK Soldiers' Families Furious Over £100m Perks for Top Brass
Papers: Stalin 'Planned to Send a Million Troops to Stop Hitler if Britain and France Agreed Pact'
Spies Worry Hackers
Could Fuel Financial Panic
Iraq Occupation
Army to Probe Five Iraq Slayings Linked to Colorado Brigade
Muqtada al-Sadr Urges Rejection of US-Iraqi Pact
FM: Iraq Must Decide on US Military Pact
850 New Policemen Join Training Program at US Base in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Military Looks at Unmanned Air Force
In a Baghdad District, Scars of Sectarian Violence Run Deep
In Iraq, the Doctors Are Out
Sadrist MP's Assassins Captured in Baghdad
Four Security Personnel Involved in Mosul Christians Displacement Arrested
Attacks Continue
Mass Grave With 11 Bodies Found in Samarra
Female Suicide Bomber Killed by Iraq Police
Saturday: 25 Iraqis Killed, 17 Wounded
Iraq's Neighbors
Four Iranian Revolutionary Guards Arrested Inside Iraq
Iranian-Kurdish Rebels Say Turkish Strikes Kill Four
'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Web Forums Abruptly Taken Offline
TSA Agent Steals $200k Worth of Gear, Resells It on eBay
Response to 9/11 Was 'Huge Overreaction': Former UK Spy Chief
Gitmos Detainee's Time Served Is Challenged by White House
CIA's Loss of Top Spies 'Catastrophic,' Says Agency Veteran
Olympic Mosque Could Create Breeding Ground for Extremists, Says Senior Anglican
Iran Blames Intolerance for Losing UN Seat Vote
Iran Expects Russia to Honor Commitments on Bushehr Plant
Peres: Drop in Global Oil Prices Is a Serious Blow to Iran
Settlers Disrupt Palestinian Olive Harvest, Attack Journalists
Israeli Soldier Beaten, Rifle Snatched as IDF Base Is Infiltrated
Hamas to Egypt: Free Prisoner or We'll Freeze Shalit Talks
Arab Rights Group: Recognize Acre Riots as Acts of Hostility
Timeline of Hamas-Fatah Struggle Over Gaza
Lebanese Army Commander Inks Deal for More US Weaponry
Lebanese PM Denounces Israeli Threats in Letters to UN Chief
Turkish Police Hold Scores in Kurdish Demos
Czech Republic
Czech Government Trounced in Regional Election Rout
Snitch Accusation Against Writer Reopens Traumas of Czech Past
Political Turmoil Jeopardizes Financial Relief for Ukraine
Vladimir Putin's Deputy Rules Out Attacks on Russia's Neighbors
Urban Renewal and Partial Amnesia in Chechnya
In Mostly Georgian Part of Abkhazia, Ethnic Lines Seem Indelible
Poland Angered by Exclusion From US Visa-Waiver List
Spanish Conservatives Lash Judge Over Franco-Era Probe
Former Karzai Bodyguard Killed in Afghanistan
Three Canadian Soldiers Wounded on Afghanistan Patrol
The Night I Was 'Killed in Action' by a Taliban Ambush
Pakistan and Taliban Battle for Key Tunnel Supplying UK and US Forces
PM's Adviser: 'No Danger' of Pakistan Defaulting on Debts
US Strike Is Said to Kill Qaeda Figure in Pakistan
China to Help Build Two Pakistan Nuclear Plants
Pakistani Security Forces Arrest 168 Foreign Militants
Zardari Wants Trade for Restive Regions, Plans Talks With Next US Administration
Convert or We Will Kill You, Hindu Lynch Mobs Tell Fleeing Christians
India PM Offers Aid to Rebuild Orissa Churches
Indian, US Navies Begin Sea Exercises to Tackle Piracy
Sri Lanka
Four Killed in Sri Lanka Fighting
Indian PM Concerned Over Civilians Caught in Sri Lanka Conflict
Wary of Islam, China Tightens a Vise of Rules
Hardliners in Bid to Oust China's PM
Rights Groups Urge China to Extend New Press Freedom to Domestic Media
Thai PM Seeks Direct Talks Over Cambodia Border Row
Islamist Rebels Abduct Budget Officer in Philippines
Bangladesh Military to Handover Power to Elected Government on December 31
Tsvangirai Says Zimbabwe Power-Sharing Deal Can Work
Opposition: Talks Breakdown Adds to Zimbabwe's Woe
From Underground, Leading a March for Democracy in Zimbabwe
More Than 5,000 Flee Congo for Uganda
Darfur: UN Says 40,000 Displaced in Last 2 Months
British Minister Withholds Aid as Ethiopia Hides Famine Victims
Mexico Says US Journalist Was Killed by a Protester; Rights Grops and Family Believe Otherwise
Families Dread the Pending Fortification of Barrier Between US and Mexico
United Nations
UN, US at Odds Over Who Should Host Financial Crisis Talks
Americans Keep Dying
Death of Father of Four in Iraq Under Investigation (TX)
Slain Mississippi Soldier Was New Father
Charter Flight Director Arranges for His Own Slain Son's Return From Iraq (CA)
Paratrooper From Florida Panhandle Killed by Afghan Bomb
Massachusetts Soldier Killed by Roadside Bomb in Afghanistan
Mom Shares Memories of Fallen Abilene (TX) Soldier's Life
Alaska Marine Killed in Afghanistan Vehicle Accident
Franklin (NH) Policeman Killed by IED While Serving in Afghanistan

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Can Afghanistan Be Won?

Philip Giraldi
Palin Goes Ballistic

David R. Henderson
A Star Is Born

Praful Bidwai
Lawmaker's Disclosure May Torpedo Nuke Deal

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Occupation by Another Name

Sascha Matuszak
The Security Blanket

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