Beware the New Globalism: Justin Raimondo
The Pragmatism of Ethnic Cleansing: S. Salaita
Millions for Defense…: Jerry Salyer
Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards: Bruce Fein
Don't Just Switch Out Gitmo: Jaffer/ Wizner
 Andrew Bacevich

Empire Weakens America

 Jesse Trentadue

Documents Show FBI Sting in OKC Bombing

 Matthew Alexander

I'm Still Tortured by What I Saw in Iraq

 Thomas Woods

Saying No to War

Mixed Reports on Pakistani Militant's House Arrest    US Bombs Afghan Police Station, Killing Seven    Iraq Eyes 'More Assertive Role,' Proposes Regional Bloc    Even More Hawkish Likud Gears Up for February Elections    NATO Explores Alternatives to Khyber Pass, No Good Options    British Forces to Start Leaving Iraq in March    Pakistan Won't Hand Over Detainees to India    Obama's Dueling Transition Teams    A Fighter Jet's Fate Poses a Quandary for Obama    Musicians Protest Use of Songs by US Jailers    How Myanmar's Opposition Lost Its Fear    Arms Expert Urges Moderate Approach on Iran    Google Earth Accused of Aiding Terrorists    Russia: Iran Could Not Build Atomic Bomb    Justice, of a Sort, for Blackwater    Beware the New Globalism    Maliki Blasts Opponents for Using US Pact as an Election Issue    EU's Law Enforcing Mission Starts Deploying in Kosovo    Pakistan Intesifies Crackdown on Mumbai Suspects    US Declines to Free Reuters Photographer in Iraq    Reports: Iran Tests New Missile From Warship    Pakistan Calls for Peace With India    Georgia Sacks Defence, Foreign Ministers After War    EU Rebuffs Georgian Call for Peacekeeping Force    The Pragmatism of Ethnic Cleansing    Canada's Death Toll in Afghanistan Surpasses 100    Don't Replace the Old Guantánamo With a New One    Millions for Defense…    Report Confirms Torture at Guantánamo    Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards    Babylon's History Swept Away in US Army Sandbags    The Nullification of the Bill of Rights    
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Updated December 10, 2008 - 11:29 PM EST
US Bombs Afghan Police Station, 7 Die
Obama's Dueling Transition Teams
Mixed Reports on Pak Militant’s House Arrest
  Pakistan Won't Hand Over Detainees to India
  Pakistani Ex-Intel Official Denies Aiding Group Tied to Mumbai Siege
  NATO Explores Alternatives to Khyber Pass, No Good Options

Arms Expert Urges Moderate Approach on Iran


Russia: Iran Could Not Build Atomic Bomb

British Forces to Start Leaving Iraq in March
  Iraq Eyes 'More Assertive Role,' Proposes Regional Bloc
  Iraq Violence at 5-1/2 Year Low, Petraeus Says
  US Refuses to Free Reuters Photographer in Iraq
  Babylon's History Swept Away in US Army Sandbags
Even More Hawkish Likud Gears Up for February Elections
The Pragmatism of Ethnic
 by Steven Salaita
Justice, of a Sort, for Blackwater
by Jeremy Scahill
Report Confirms Torture
at Guantánamo
 by Becky Akers
Millions for Defense…  by Jerry Salyer
Sentence First, Verdict Afterwards
by Bruce Fein
The Nullification of the Bill of Rights  by Jacob G. Hornberger

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A Fighter Jet's Fate Poses a Quandary for Obama

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Google Earth Accused of Aiding Terrorists

Today in Iraq

Iraqi Police Arrest 30 in Fatal Truck Bombings

With Violence Down, Iraqis Travel for Big Religious Holiday

Campaigns Get Under Way for Provincial Elections in Iraq

Unseen Iraq: Winter Bus Trip, Interrupted

Baghdad Home Prices Soar

Tuesday: 4 Iraqis Wounded

Occupying Iraq

US Official Urges Government to Protect Iraqi Judges

British Forces to Start Leaving Iraq in March: Down to 400 by Summer

Future of US-Iraq Relations? Teamwork

'War on Terror'

Guantánamo Hearings Resume With Trial in Doubt

Former Guantánamo Prosecutor May Be Key in UK Case

Who's at Fault for Harsh Detainee Treatment?

Berkeley City Council Urges US to Prosecute John Yoo

Continue Pressing al-Qaeda, Bush Urges Obama


Nuclear Envoys Haggle Over North Korea Draft Rules

North Korea Nuclear Talks Seek to Narrow Distrust

Defector Reaches Out to North Koreans by Balloon

Defectors: North Korean Military Makes Heroin


How Myanmar's Opposition Lost Its Fear

Sri Lanka: Part of Rebel-Held Highway Seized


Georgia Sacks Defense, Foreign Ministers After War

US: Russia Must Allow Monitors Into South Ossetia

Putin Makes Crude Outburst About Georgian Leader

EU Rebuffs Georgian Call for Peacekeeping Force


EU's Law-Enforcing Mission Starts Deploying in Kosovo

Ukraine Coalition Formed, PM Likely to Stay

Life Sentence for Failed Bomb Attempt in Germany


African Union Rejects Tougher Zimbabwe Action

S. Africa Against Any Move to Send Troops to Zimbabwe

Rights Group: New Crackdown on Dissent in Zimbabwe

China Considering Humanitarian Aid for Zimbabwe

Bush Calls on Zimbabwe's Mugabe to Step Down


Witnesses: Ethiopians Troops Pouring Into Somalia


India Releases Names, Details on Mumbai Gunmen

India Gives Info Tying Mumbai Gunmen to Pakistan

Mumbai Attackers Called Part of Larger Band of Recruits

India Wants Pakistani Group Added to UN's Terrorism List

Police Kill Five Rebels in India's Manipur State


Pakistan Intensifies Crackdown on Mumbai Suspects

Pakistan Calls for Peace With India

Bush Tells Pakistan That US Will Protect Americans


Helmand Governor Calls Security a Priority

US: 14 Insurgents Killed in Southern Afghanistan

Military Seeks New MRAPs for Afghanistan

Canada's Death Toll in Afghanistan Surpasses 100

French Aid Worker Freed in Afghanistan


Reports: Iran Tests New Missile From Warship

Iran Vows to Retaliate After Rebels Kill 16 Police

Iran and Ecuador Vow Closer Ties, to Open Embassies

Gaza Blockade

UN to Israel: Free Palestinian Prisoners, Lift Gaza Blockade

Boat Docks in Gaza to Defy Israel Blockade

Israel Reopens Crossings With Gaza to Aid, Fuel

Olmert Vows Gaza Attacks

Livni Ashamed of Gaza Ceasefire

Israeli Politics

Israel's Likud Selects Hardline Slate for Election

Hawks Dominate as Israel's Likud Announces Primary Results

The Far-Right Rises in Israeli Politics

Olmert: Likud Will Isolate Israel

Hardline Candidates May Dent Netanyahu's Chances

Israeli Political Parties


Poll: Most Israelis Think Rights Groups Oppose Their Country

Spying on Jews Challenges Israel's Secret Service


Miliband Tries to Coax Syria in From the Cold

Life on the Edge for Syrian Artists


Lebanese Militant Group Says Leader May Be Dead


Mediator Says Congo Rebel Talks Make Progress

No French Ground Troops for Congo, Kouchner Says


Colombia, Spain Probe Rebel Groups' Ties


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