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Updated January 23, 2009 - 11:25 PM EST
US Missile Strikes Kill 20 in Pakistan
Obama Ready to Cut Karzai Adrift
  Kabul's Rift With the US Widens
  Obama: Afghan Situation Perilous
Is Obama's Iraq Timetable Already Dead?
  US Forces in Iraq Kill Three Brothers in a House Raid
  US Envoy: Iraq Vote Must Be Credible, Not Perfect
  Kurds Report Iraqi Army Moving North
The Guantánamo Challenge
  Obama's Gitmo Orders Prompt Terror Debate
  Obama Promises US 'Will Not Torture' Detainees
  Intelligence Nominee Won't Say if Waterboarding Is Torture
Gaza Truce, Obama Fuel Talk of Talking to Hamas
  Fatah Fears Gaza Conflict Has Put Hamas in the Ascendancy
  Hamas Fights on Uneven Battlefield
  Fatah Says It Is Under Attack by Hamas
  Hamas Calls for Fatah Reconcilation
Alarm Spreads Over Use of Lethal New Weapons
  UN Expert: Compelling Evidence of Israeli War Crimes in Gaza
  Thousands Waiting for Israeli Explanations on Gaza Attacks
Sri Lanka Shelled 'Safe Zone,' Killed 67
Whistleblower: NSA Spied on Everyone, Targeted Journalists
Change Gaza Can Believe In
by Tony Karon and Tom Engelhardt
In Israel, Detachment From Reality Is Now the Norm  by Patrick Cockburn
Chaos and Lies: Why Obama Was Right to Halt the Guantánamo Trials  by Andy Worthington
Captive Nation  by Avi Shlaim
Panetta's Hypocrisy?  Washington Times
The Strongest Weapon of All
by Kathy Kelly

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Obama Picks Israel-Arab, Afghanistan-Pakistan Negotiators
BBC Defends Decision Not to Air Gaza Aid Fund Appeal
'A Lot of the Gaza Story Is Being Left Out'
Gaddafi Refloats One-State Idea After Gaza War
Freed by US, Saudi Becomes an al-Qaeda Chief
Many Bush Officials Held Over at Homeland Security
Swiss Nuclear Smuggling Suspect Claims CIA Link
Reforming the 'War on Terror'
New Top Intel Officer: Army Interrogation Manual to Apply to CIA
Blair Pledges New Approach to Counterterrorism
Ex-US Attorney Joins Terror Prosecution Team
Obama Intel Nominee Says No Torture on His Watch
Obama Orders Review in al-Qaeda Sleeper Case
A Look at Obama's Latest Executive Orders
What Next for Guantánamo Inmates?
Gates Says 'Challenge' in Closing Guantánamo
White House 'Can't Imagine' Returning Uighurs to China
The Children of Guantánamo Bay
Gitmo Closure: a Welcome Decision, but Late
Detainees Could End Up in South Carolina
Jubilation, Uncertainty at Gitmo After Obama Order
Witness: Guantánamo in the Beginning
News of Guantánamo's Closure Welcomed Worldwide
Closing Guantánamo: Will Europeans Take Detainees?
Hicks May Fight Gitmo Verdict
Freed Gitmo Prisoner Sues US for Unlawful Detention
US Military
Stress, Command Flaws Behind Suicides: US Army
Army Cuts Off Pay for WWII Alaska Militia Veterans
Air Force Nuclear and Cyber Sites Released
Iraq Occupation
Gates Says Iraq Meeting Was Start of Process
Army: Contractor Negligence Caused GI's Death
Tragic Report: US Doctor in Iraq Driven to Suicide
Estonia to End Military Mission in Iraq
Salvadorian Troops in Iraq Return Home: Source
Iraqi Politics
Iraq Shi'ite Parties Vie for Power in Provinces
Iraqi Voters Getting a Taste of Retail Politics
Iraqi Voters Show Preference for Can-Do Over Creed
Today in Iraq
Iraqi Military Lacks Artillery Components
Iraq Pledges Strong Ties With Serbia
Iraq Forced to Cut Spending as Oil Price Falls
Thursday: 10 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
NATO Air Strikes Kill 30 Militants in Afghanistan
NATO Chief Urges Greater Efforts on Afghanistan
Gates: US to Set Concrete, Near-Term Afghan Goals
NATO: Aid Needed for Afghan War
21 More Killed in Swat Valley Violence
Taliban Raid South Waziristan Scouts Camp
Pakistan Questions Terror Suspects
Indian Admiral: Mumbai Attacks Not Possible Without Pakistani Help
Indian FM: No Connection Between Mumbai Attacks and Kashmir
Afghanistan, India Unveil Strategic Road
Army: Indian Soldier Fatally Shoots Six Colleagues
Maoists Torch Lorries, Phone Tower in India Strike
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Says It Seized Rebels' Operation Center
Sri Lanka Presses Rebels, but at a Mounting Cost
Malaysia Police on the Lookout for Tigers Leader
China Defends Media's Obama Speech Censorship
Intimidation, Low Turnout Mar Bangladesh's Local Polls
Former Kosovo Premier Wants to Force Early Polls
Gaza Aftermath
Israel Rules Out Opening Gaza Border if Hamas Gains
Experts: Concerns Over Gaza Op Prosecutions Justified
Israel Seizes on Claims Gaza Death Toll Has Been Exaggerated
Israel to Open Gaza Crossing for Press
Unexploded Munitions Threaten Gaza
No Home to Return to in Gaza
Israeli Mom: Let My Kids Out of Gaza
Medic: Israeli Gunboat Fire Wounds Two Gazans
Israeli PM Says War Could Speed Soldier's Freedom
Israel's Gaza Commander Defends 'Just War' Amid Criticism of Civilian Killings
Tunnel Economy Continues
Gaza Tunnels Back in Business
Hundreds of Gazans Mass on Egypt Border to Repair Tunnels
Sources: Hamas Arms Smuggling Never Stopped During Gaza War
Palestinians Mend Tunnels Despite Israeli Threats
Israel Warns It Can Hit Tunnels
Four Palestinians Hurt in Egypt-Gaza Tunnels Collapse
Aiding Gaza
Newest Gaza Fight: Who Controls Reconstruction Aid?
Hamas to Start Paying Gaza Residents Compensation and Reconstruction Aid
Israeli Student Collects 10 Truckloads of Basic Aid for Gazans
Rafah Rebuilds
France Says Israel Continues to Block Aid, Diplomats From Gaza
Iran to Help Reconstruct Gaza Strip
Backlash Begins as Israel Split Over Success of War in Gaza
Israeli Envoy Leaves Egypt After Discussing Lasting Gaza Truce
Travel Advisory Issued for Top IDF Officers
Olmert to Clinton: Israel Will Do All It Can to Prevent Gaza Smuggling
UN and Gaza
UN Official Calls Gaza Devastation 'Shocking'
Security Council Calls for Durable Gaza Cease-Fire
UN Official Suggests Israel Pay for Destroyed Aid
UN Releases Gaza Attack Photos
US and Gaza
Sources: US Searched Suspected Arms-Smuggling Ship in Red Sea
Obama Urges Israel, Hamas to Keep Peace in Gaza
Hamas Says Obama Represents No Change to Bush
Analysis: US, Israel Could Coax Hamas to Moderate
Ex-Carter Admin Official: Israel Ignored Hamas Offer Days Before Attacking Gaza; Violated Ceasefire With Attacks, Blockade
Waltz With Bashir Won't Be Screened in Lebanon
DR Congo
UN Force Demands Role in Congo Anti-Rebel Push
Kabila Decision to Embrace Rwanda Angers Congolese
Return of Foreign Armies Tests Congo's Kabila
Rwandan, Congolese Troops Heading for Nkunda Stronghold
Report: Government Forces Kill Five Darfur Rebels
Sudan 'Optimistic' About Obama Despite Bad Clinton Memories
Zimbabwe Breakthrough Next Week Unlikely
With Ethiopian Pullout, Islamists Rise Again in Somalia
Four Europeans 'Kidnapped in Sahara'
After Bush, Cuban Dissidents See Hope in Obama
For Cuba and US, Making Up Is Hard to Do
Chavez to Leave in 2013 if Voters Say 'No'
Venezuela Will Push US to Hand Over Man Tied to Plane Bombing
US Diplomat Walks Out on Bolivia's Morales
Tijuana Off-Limits to US Marines

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