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The End of the Monroe Doctrine

 Alan Bock

Eye on the Empire

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Bush Jr.'s Foreign Policy Legacy

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Sorrows of Empire

Obama Considering at Least 2 Longer Iraq Withdrawal Plans    US Soldier Dies in Northern Iraq    Kyrgyzstan Base Closure Decision 'Final'    With Time Running Out, Israel Election Too Close to Call    Official: NATO Kills Seven Civilians in Afghanistan    UN Halts Gaza Aid, Citing Hamas Thefts    A Truce Too Big to Fail?    Hamas Is Not Going Away    Russia Sends Conciliatory Message to Obama    US Military Violated Security Agreement Twice in 2 Weeks, Iraqi Leaders Say    US Aided Failed Uganda Offensive Which Led to Civilian Massacres    Sadrists Irked Over Post-Election Arrests    Pakistani Military Kills at Least 52 in Khyber Attack    Musharraf: ISI Not Involved in Mumbai Attacks    Hamas 'Not Responsible' for Recent Rocket Attacks, Says Israel    Breakaway Abkhazia to Host Russian Bases    Pakistani Court Declares Nuclear Scientist Free    US Delta Base in Iraq Not Just Enduring – It's Growing    Audit: Army Wasted Millions in South Korea    Abolish Civilian Control Over Nukes?    Misreading the Iraqi Election Results    The Rewriting, Un-rewriting and Re-rewriting of History    Russia: Won't Install Missiles if No US Shield    Pentagon Awards $35m Electrical Contract Despite Electrocutions    Panetta Backs Rendition, but Not Torture    Drone 'Surge'; Predator Flights Up 94 Percent in 2008    US Deserter Receives German Peace Prize    Christian Support for Killing Iraqis    Russia Allows Transit of US Military Supplies    Georgia: 27 Russian Jets Sent to Abkhazia    Panetta Too Deferential to Congress    US to Be 'More Aggressive' With Iraq on Political Reform    The Nightmare of Netanyahu Returns    Would It Kill US to Apologize to Iran for the Coup?    Clinton: Obama Admin Will Follow Bush Stance on Hamas Boycott    Israel to Obama: Hold Iran's Feet to Fire, or Else    Pakistan: Riots Erupt After Shi'ite Mosque Bombing    Afghanistan Appeal May Temper European Allies' Ardor for Obama    
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Updated February 7, 2009 - 11:17 PM EST
US Aided Uganda Offensive Killing 900 Civilians
Iraqi Govt: US Violating Security Agreement
  Obama Considering at Least 2 Longer Iraq Withdrawal Plans
Pakistani Military Kills At Least 52 in Khyber
  Pakistani Court Declares Nuclear Scientist Free
  Musharraf: ISI Not Involved in Mumbai Attacks
Official: NATO Kills Seven Afghan Civilians
  Obama: US Needs Clear Mission in Afghanistan
  Afghanistan Appeal May Temper European Allies' Ardor for Obama
With Days Left, Israeli Election Too Close to Call
  UN Halts Gaza Aid, Citing Hamas Thefts
  Hamas 'Not Responsible' for Recent Rocket Attacks, Says Israel
  Clinton: Obama Admin Will Follow Bush Stance on Hamas Boycott
Kyrgyzstan Base Closure Decision 'Final'
Israel to Obama: Hold Iran's Feet to Fire, or Else
Pentagon Awards $35m Contract Despite Electrocutions
Panetta Too Deferential
to Congress
 by Ray McGovern
Abolish Civilian Control
Over Nukes?
 by Gordon Prather
The Rewriting, Un-rewriting and Re-rewriting of History  by Jim Rissman
Christian Support for Killing Iraqis
by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Expanding War in Afghanistan
by Warren Mass
The Nightmare of Netanyahu Returns  by Johann Hari

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Panetta Says He Backs Rendition, but Not Torture
Hamas Is Not Going Away
A Truce Too Big to Fail?
UN Mulls Lifting Remaining Saddam-Era Iraq Sanctions
US Delta Base in Iraq Not Just Enduring – It's Growing
US War Resister Receives German Peace Prize
Russia Sends Conciliatory Message to Obama
Drone 'Surge'; Predator Flights Up 94 Percent in 2008
Iraqi Politics
US to Be 'More Aggressive' With Iraq on Political Reform
Sadrists Irked Over Post-Election Arrests
US Played Behind-the-Scenes Role in Iraqi Vote
Election Could Help Eject al-Qaeda From Iraq
Kirkuk Remains an Emotional Issue
Today in Iraq
Turkish Warplanes Hit Kurdish Rebels Northern Iraq
Peshmerga: Kurdistan Part of Iraq, Govt Has to Intervene Against Its Shelling
Fallujah's Strange Visitor: a Western Tourist
Two Killed in Tribal Feud in Mosul
Friday: 7 Iraqis Killed, 5 Wounded
The War at Home
Top Republican Lawmakers Assess Iraq War Effort
Another Soldier Who Signed Column Critical of Iraq War Dies
Army Resister Deported From Canada, Placed in Whatcom County Jail
British Minister Defends Guantánamo Case Secrecy
Jurists Urge US to Drop Guantánamo Case Secrecy
Spain Willing to Take 'Limited Number' of Guantánamo Prisoners
Canada Denies It's Ready to Take Guantánamo Uighurs
Reunion Sought for Syrian Father and Son at Gitmo
'War on Terror'
Cole Bombing Charges Dropped; Obama to Meet Families
Fish, Powder in Package at US Homeland Security
Iran Official Sees Positive US Signal in Mideast
Iran-Bound Cargo Seized in Greece, Official Says
Israeli Elections
Far-Right Rise Crimps Netanyahu Before Israel Vote
Gazans Say It Doesn't Matter Who Wins Israeli Vote
Netanyahu: The Leader Who Struts Like a Superpower
Israeli Politicians Offer Territory Swaps and Tunnels to Solve the Endless Crisis
Israeli Settlers Want Government Tough on Arabs
Israel Carries Out Air Strikes in Gaza
Hamas Head Says Ceasefire Deal Must Lift Gaza Siege
Israel Cheers UN Halting of Gaza Aid as Vindication
Two Gaza Rockets Land in Israel, No Casualties
Hamas Says No Progress in Talks Over Prisoner Swap
Report: Shalit Deal May Be Reached by Tuesday
Israeli Military Lets Captured Blood Into Gaza
Israel Deports Activists From Detained Ship
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Says Only Mosques Allowed
Weekend Reviews
A World of Trouble: the White House and the Middle East
A Massacre in 3/4 Time
Violence in the Holy Land
Waterboarding Documentary Welcomes Condoleezza Rice Back to Stanford
US Military Contractor Pleads Guilty to Killing Afghan Man
Lieberman: Afghanistan Can Be 'Quagmire' for al-Qaeda
In Afghanistan, US Army Trades Blankets for Biometrics
Pakistan to Issue Mumbai Findings; US Envoy Coming
Riots Erupt After Shi'ite Mosque Bombing
Taliban Kill Two 'US Spies' in North Waziristan
Suicide Blast on Pakistan's Khyber Road Wounds Seven
Clinton Concerned Pakistan Nuclear Scientist Freed
A.Q. Khan Release to Weigh on Aid: US Lawmaker
Central Asia
Russia Steps in Amid Kyrgyz Base Closure Threat
Hillary Clinton Expresses 'Regret' at Airbase Closure
Tajikistan Ready to Help US With Afghanistan Supplies
US Base Falls Victim to Kyrgyz Crisis
Sri Lanka
Red Cross Office Attacked in Sri Lanka as Tigers Face Defeat
Sri Lanka Promises It Will Not Endanger Civilians
UN: Sri Lanka War Zone Facing Food Crisis
Sri Lanka Civilians Flee Further Into Rebel-Held Areas
Audit: US Army Wasted Millions in South Korea
US Military at Ready for North Korea Missile Launch
Few Details on US North Korea Policy
US Marines Move to Guam From Okinawa Seen Delayed
Cambodia, Thailand Agree Border Troop Withdrawal
Thousands of Disqualified Maoist Combatants to Be Rehabilitated
Russia: Won't Install Missiles if No US Shield
Russia Faces 'Systemic Threat' From Extremism: Medvedev
White House: Candid With Russia When US Disagrees
Russian MiGs Stay Grounded After Crash
Russia, EU Spar Over Human Rights
Georgia: 27 Russian Jets Sent to Abkhazia
Breakaway Abkhazia to Host Russian Bases
Poland to Tell Biden Its Ready for Shield
Poland to Meet on Missile Shield, Boosting Relations With Russia
Turkish Govt Moves to Deploy Navy Off Somalia
Judge Ends Zimbabwean Opposition Treason Case
Nigerian Kidnappers Say British Hostage 'Very Ill'
UN: Thousands of Rwandans in Congo to Head Home
UN Says 30,000 Displaced by South Darfur Fighting

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Terror, Torture, and Empire
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Meet the New Boss;
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Put Torture on Trial

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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