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'Enemy Combatant' Power Still Lives

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US Out of Afghanistan!

Seymour Hersh Describes 'Executive Assassination Ring'    Emergency Rule, Mass Arrests Leave Pakistan on the Brink    Freeman Withdrawal Marks Victory for Israel Lobby    Israeli Home Demolitions Threaten Peace Talks    Sharif Placed Under House Arrest    28-Point Bajaur Peace Deal Signed    Odierno: No Sign Iraqis Will Ask US to Stay    China-Us Boat Incident Termed 'Most Serious' in Eight Years    China: The Next Big Enemy?    Russia May Put Iran Missile Deal on Hold    Guantanamo Cases Proceed Despite Obama Freeze    Officials: Afghanistan Taliban Leader Was at Gitmo    Another Reformer Enters Iran's Presidential Race    China-US Sea Confrontations Could Continue    Officials: Iran Does Not Have Key Nuclear Material    Odierno: No Sign Iraqis Will Ask US to Stay    US Intel Chief Skeptical About Iran Diplomacy    Hamas Makes Islamic Jihad Vow Not to Fire Rockets at Israel    Over 250 Tamil Tigers Killed in Fierce Fighting    Biden Sees Conversion of 70% of Taliban in Afghanistan    General: Robust Nuclear Sustainment 'A Top Priority'    Freeman Pulls Out of Candidacy for Top Intel Post    Bloodbath at the Iraqi Reconciliation Summit    US Intel Officials: Iran Does Not Have Key Nuclear Material    Obama Prepares to Relax Restrictions on Cuba    Will Rise in Iraq Violence Doom Obama's Afghan Plan?    Officials: Afghanistan Taliban Leader Was at Gitmo    112th Canadian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan Returning to Canada    A Falcon of Peace    The Battle Over Bases    Charles Freeman Fails the Loyalty Test    Sri Lanka Suicide Blast Kills 14, Wounds Minister    Holding Obama to His Promises    Why the US Under Obama Is Still a Dictatorship    Iraq Can Take Care of Itself    Renewed Hysteria Over Theoretical Nukes    33 Dead in Suicide Attack on Iraq Tribal Leaders    
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Updated March 11, 2009 - 11:23 PM EDT

Hersh Describes 'Executive Assassination Ring'

Emergency Rule Leaves Pakistan on the Brink

  Pak Opposition Chief Placed Under House Arrest
  28-Point Bajaur Peace Deal Signed

Freeman Withdrawal Is Victory for Israel Lobby

  Intel Pick Chas Freeman Withdraws

Statement from Charles Freeman

Bloodbath at the Iraqi Reconciliation Summit


Will Iraq Violence Doom Obama's Afghan Plan?


Odierno: No Sign Iraqis Will Ask US to Stay

  Tuesday: 1 Marine, 1 Pakistani, 37 Iraqis Killed; 84 Iraqis Wounded
Biden Sees Conversion of 70% of Taliban
  Karzai Trip May Help Iran Join US-Led Afghan Talks

Officials: Iran Does Not Have Key Nuclear Material


Interpol Reviews Iran Request for Israeli Arrest


Iran Commander Says US Still 'Warmongering'

China Boat Incident 'Most Serious' in Eight Years


China Says US Naval Ship Broke the Law

  China-US Sea Confrontations Could Continue
Sri Lanka Suicide Blast Kills 14, Wounds Minister

Over 250 Tamil Tigers Killed in Fierce Fighting

Renewed Hysteria Over Theoretical Nukes  by Eric Margolis
Why the US Under Obama Is Still a Dictatorship  by Andy Worthington
Holding Obama to His Promises
by Phyllis Bennis
A Falcon of Peace  by Tom Engelhardt
The Battle Over Bases  by David Vine
Iraq Can Take Care of Itself  by Ali Ettefagh

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Officials: Afghanistan Taliban Leader Was at Gitmo

DHS Knows a Terrorist When It Smells One

Germany to Host 2,500 Iraqi Refugees From Jordan, Syria

Israeli Home Demolitions Threaten Peace Talks

Rally Supporting Iraqi Shoe Thrower Blocked

Obama Prepares to Relax Restrictions on Cuba

Today in Iraq

Iraq Media Booming, Yet Still in Sectarian Grip

Large Depot Found in Eastern Fallujah

US Marine Dies in Noncombat Incident in Iraq

Attacks Continue

Katyusha Rocket Kills Pakistani Civilian in Basra Airport

2 Iraqi Journalists Killed in Abu Ghraib Bombing

Tuesday: 1 Marine, 1 Pakistani, 37 Iraqis Killed; 84 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home

Pentagon Knowingly Exposed Troops to Cancer-Causing Chemicals, Document Shows

UN Report Says US Rendition Policy Broke International Law

Pentagon Changes Status of Lost Desert Storm Pilot

General: Robust Nuclear Sustainment 'A Top Priority'


Officials Hold Cabinet-Level Meeting on Guantanamo

Guantanamo Cases Proceed Despite Obama Freeze

US Begins to Reach Out to Iran, but Slowly and Cautiously

US Intel Chief Skeptical About Iran Diplomacy

Powerful Reformer to Run Against Iran's President

Russia May Put Iran Missile Deal on Hold

Iran, Syria Violate UN Sanctions Banning Arms Transfer, Members Say

North Korea Relents on Crossing Border to Factory Park

Guns and Crabs at Koreas' Cold War Fishing Zone


China Clasps Tighter for Tibet Anniversary

Dalai Lama Harshly Condemns China Over Tibet

China's Show of Force Keeps Tibet Quiet

Dalai Lama: Tibetans 'Suffering' Under China

In China, Would-Be Protesters Pay a Price

Crowds Protest Around World for Freedom in Tibet

Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland Is Shocked by Spate of Violence

Brown: No New Sectarian Violence in Northern Ireland

Hatred Returns to Northern Ireland Along With Spies

The IRA's History of Splits


Kosovo War Crimes Suspect Arrested in Norway

German FM Demands Reforms in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Taliban: Obama Being Illogical

Biden: West Not Winning in Afghanistan

A Volatile Corner of Afghanistan Gets Policing

Four Afghan Civilians Killed in Roadside Bomb Explosion

Netherlands to Host UN Conference on Afghanistan


Netanyahu Ally Says Met Syrian Officials in US

Gaza Family Sues Olmert for $200 Million After 29 Relatives Killed
Hamas Makes Islamic Jihad Vow Not to Fire Rockets at Israel

Israel Bans Palestinian Activist From Travel

Wedding in Rubble: One Gaza Couple Looks Forward

For Israel, Sderot Symbolizes Conflict's Toll

Sderot Opens Heavily Fortified Indoor Children's Playground
989 Days and Counting - the Captive That Israel Won't Forget
IDF to Draft Civilian Employees of Caterpillar to Maintain Bulldozers in Battle

Israeli Park a Lesson in Forgotten History

In Ruins for 18 Months, a Palestinian Enclave Languishes in Disrepair

Funding Fears for Lebanese De-Mining


Report: Libya Releases 2 Political Prisoners

5 Years After It Halted Weapons Programs, Libya Sees the US as Ungrateful
Middle East

Cairo Holds Palestinian Peace Talks

Saudis Seek Syrian Ties to Thwart Iran


Sudan Seeks Options to Get War Crime Warrant Lifted

Millions of Darfuris at Greater Risk With Aid Groups' Removal

US Embassy in Sudan Warns Americans to Leave

Mugabe Assures Worshippers God, Not He, Killed Tsvangirai's Wife

Mugabe Attends Service for Zimbabwe Premier's Wife

Zimbabwe Says IMF Ready to Offer Immediate Help


Military Rule Looms in Madagascar After Army Ultimatum

Somalia Cabinet Votes to Adopt Islamic Law

Kenya Students and Police Clash Again


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Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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Business Over Bluster

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