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US Citizen Critically Injured After Being Shot in the Head by Israeli Forces at West Bank Demo    Media Bans and Reconciliation Talks: Which Way Is Pakistan Going?    Obama Administration Abandons Enemy Combatant Label, Invents New Rationale    Obama Vows US Military Will Remain World's Strongest    China Slams Disproportionate US Naval Response in South China Sea    In the Mideast, Even Mixed Signals Mark a Policy Shift     Freeman Affair Puts Israel Lobby in Spotlight    Obama Administration Insists It's Neutral in Salvador Poll    Inter-American Relations Roiled    Army Defends Costly Weapons Program    Recession-Hit Americans 'A Little Sick' of Iraq After 6 Years    Shoe-Thrower Fans Unite Online    IDF Chief Heads to Washington to Stress Iran Dangers to US    The Mysterious Case of Mohamed Al-Dainy    An Alternative to War in Afghanistan    US Facing Home-Grown Islamic Terror Threat    Guantánamo Inmates No Longer Called 'Enemy Combatants'    Pakistani General in 'Very Tough Spot', Says Mullen    Azerbaijan: Moscow Arming Armenia    Obama’s Budget: Where’s the Peace Dividend?    WINEP Instructs Our President    Hypocrisy in Government    Israel Lobby Knocks Out Freeman    The Global Impact of US 'War on Terror' Abuses    Pakistan Orders TV News Channel Silenced    US Drone Strike Kills at Least 24 in Kurram    Guantánamo's Faceless Victims    Bridge to Tehran    Blackwater's New Frontier: Their Own Private Africa    
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Updated March 13, 2009 - 11:28 PM EDT
Pakistan Seeks Deal to End Crisis
  Pakistan Orders TV News Channel Silenced
  US Drone Strike Kills at Least 24 in Kurram
  Pakistan Long March Continues Amid Arrests
Afghan Envoy Slams NATO Allies as 'Defeatist'
  Kabul 'Will Only Talk to Taliban Who Stop War': Govt
Obama Extends US Sanctions Against Iran
  Iranian Car Firm Buys Carbon – Diplomats Say Its Probably Nuke Related
  Netanyahu Aide Says Obama Agrees on Iran, at Least
Gates: After Iraq, Caution on Preemptive Attacks
  Secret Emails Show Iraq Dossier Was Sexed Up
Final Gaza Toll Shows 960 Civilians Killed: Group
Official: US Ship in Scrape Now Has Armed Escort
Why the Pentagon Can't Put America Back to Work  by Frida Berrigan and Tom Engelhardt
The American Rome Is Burning – So Let's Attack Iran  by Eric Margolis
Barack Obama, Meet Team B
by Scott Ritter
John Yoo's Evasive Military Maneuvers  by Jacob Sullum
End Presidential Secrecy  by Bruce Fein
The Neocons Strike Back  by Robert Parry

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China Says It Must Approve Dalai Lama Reincarnation
Influence of Israel Lobby Debated as Intelligence Pick Casts Blame for Pullout
Officials: Obama's Afghanistan Goals Due Soon
Obama Afghan Plan Focuses on Pakistan Aid and Appeal to Militants
Clinton Reiterates US Commitment to 'Robust' Rights Agenda
Hardened U.S. Embassies Symbolic of Old Fears, Critics Say
Today in Iraq
Iraqis Divided Over Jail Sentence for Shoe Thrower
Iraq Govt to Control US-Backed Sunni Militias by April
Maliki Says Extremists Losing in Iraq Despite Attacks
Devastating Blast Creates Few Ripples in a Recovering Iraq
Kurdish President Says Kurds 'Stronger With Iraq'
Well-Heeled in Baghdad Means Wearing 'Boose'
Iraqi PM Assures Arab Neighbors Iraq Is Secure
Attacks Continue
Sunni Figure Assassinated in Basra
Three More Iraqi Soldiers Killed Near Mosul
Thursday: 6 Iraqis Killed, 9 Wounded
The War at Home
Obama Takes US Closer to Total Ban on Cluster Bombs
Republicans Oppose Obama Pick for Iraq Ambassador
Anti-Arab Senator's Odd Political Tactics
US Military
Army Fired 11 Soldiers in January as Openly Gay
Kucinich Hits 'Virtual Army Experience' as 'Deceptive'
Better Brain Trauma Testing Urged for Those at War

'War on Terror'

41% Say US Focus on Economy Raises Risk of Terrorist Attack
Homeland Security Plans for Border Violence
TSA Reviewing Senator's Behavior at Dulles Terminal
Canadian Jailed for UK Terror Plot
Feds Say Husband and Wife Sold Tech to China
Russian Expert: Iran 'One or Two Years' From Nuclear Weapon
Iran Tightens Grip on US in Wrestling Arena
Israeli Politics
Far-Right Israel Parties Pile Pressure on Netanyahu
Netanyahu to Sign Pact With Hardline Party
Yisrael Beiteinu: Coalition Deal Won't Be Signed Thursday
Nationalist Rising Fast in Israeli Politics
Netanyahu Aide Skeptical on Syria Talks
Hamas, in Rare Move, Condemns Gaza Rocket Fire
American and Palestinian Colleges Form Partnership
Israeli 'Unfit for Trial' in Palestinian Cabbie Murder
Stressed Gazans Turn to Meditation After War
Kaffiyehs Are Now 'As Palestinian as Wonton Soup'
Palestinians Struggle With Differences Over Israel
Middle East
Saudi Summit Will Not Break Iran-Syria Tie: Analysts
'Special Relationship' Strained: US Slams UK's Vow to Talk to Hezbollah
El Salvador
Presidency Within Reach of El Salvador's Ex-Rebels
Georgia to Consider Hosting US Base
Ireland's Police Seek to Stop Dissident IRA Bomb
Serbs Jailed for 1991 Croatia Massacre
Anti-Kremlin Activist, Journalists Arrested in 'Day of Dissent'
Pakistan 'Long March'
Opposition Leader Calls Pakistani Government 'Elected Dictatorship'
Country-Wide Crack Down Continues as Long March Begins
Supreme Court Bar President Stages Sit-In Along Sindh, Baloch Border
Arrest of Political Activists, Lawyers Continues in Sindh
Sharif Capitalizes on Lawyers' March
Timeline of Pakistani Lawyers' Movement's Struggle
Gilani Orders Foolproof Security for Nawaz Sharif
Today in Pakistan
Govt Committed to Sharia Law in Malakand
Pakistan Troops Kill 18 Militants in Tribal Region
Shujaat Quashes Rumors of Q-League-PPP Alliance
Tourist Plunge Exacerbates Pakistan Woes
Global Pakistan Impact
US and British Diplomats Scramble to Defuse Pakistan Crisis
US Lawmakers Demand Access to A.Q. Khan
NATO Chief Urges Deep Engagement With Pakistan
Afghans Should Handle Taliban Talks: Envoy
Iran 'Ready' to Aid Afghanistan'
Afghan Journalists Protest Against Weak Security
NATO: 15.6 Million Afghans Are Registered to Vote
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Troops Kill Tamil Tiger Finance Chief
Sri Lanka Says Seizes Hospital From Rebels
Sri Lanka Troops Kill 12 More Rebels: Military
Bangladesh Govt Blames Islamists for Mutiny
Bangladesh Lifts YouTube Ban Imposed After Mutiny
North Korea
North Korea Gives Notice of April Rocket Launch
International Sanctions Against North Korea
China Demands End of US Navy Surveillance
Obama, Chinese Official Meet at White House
Obama Calls for More Military Talks With China
Tibet Atrocities Dot Official China History
On Display: Conflicting Chinese, Tibetan Views
China Criticizes US for Resolution on Tibet
Five Aid Workers Kidnapped in Sudan's Darfur
Doctors Without Borders Pulls Out of Darfur After Workers Abducted
Sudan Says Kidnapped Aid Workers in Good Health
Kidnappers of Sudan Aid Workers Demand Ransom: Governor
Somali Islamists Remove Checkpoints
Somali President Courts Insurgents
Somali Parliament Meets in Mogadishu
Uncertainty About UN Force for Somalia
Japan Sends Navy to Join Somalia Anti-Pirate Patrols
Prominent Zimbabwe Politician Bennett Released

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Erasing Red Ink: Slash the Defense Budget

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Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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Business Over Bluster

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