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US Flag-Burning Marks War Anniversary in Iraq    Israel Faces Uncomfortable Questions as Soldiers Point to Indiscriminate Killings    At Least 70 Killed Across Afghanistan    Obama Urges 'New Beginning' With Iran    McKiernan Gets Control of Disputed Afghanistan Raids    Allies 'Out of Troops' in Afghan South    Israeli Army T-Shirts Mock Gaza Killings    Iran: A Way Forward    US Wants India to De-Escalate on Pakistan Border    Soldier Who Spoke on Tiananmen Detained: Rights Group    Chief Minister Warns US Against Drone Attacks in Balochistan    Russian Deputy DM: Iran Not Developing Nuclear Weapons    Pakistan, Germany Agree Drone Attacks Counter-Productive    Why Africa Doesn't Want Foreign Aid    Africa Must Stop Relying on Aid: Rwandan President    Warning from Bosnia for Iraq    Violence to 'Spike' in Afghanistan: Dutch General    Certifying Syria's Nuclear Program    Guantánamo's Long-Term Hunger Striker Should Be Sent Home    The Space Arms Race and the NASA Scam    Iran's Foreign Minister Studying Obama's Message    Iraqi Budget Woes Force Security Hiring Freeze    Official: US Strategy Will Move Soldiers Out Front in Afghanistan    Soldier Says Rabbis Pushed 'Religious War' in Gaza    FBI Planting Spies in US Mosques, Muslim Groups Say    Obama and the Neocon Middle East War Agenda    Negotiate With the Taliban, Free John Walker Lindh?    What Happened to the War?    Obama's New Message to Iran    US Navy Submarine and Ship Crash Near Iran    Israel's Netanyahu Gets More Time to Form Government    
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Updated March 20, 2009 - 11:23 PM EDT
After 6 Years of War, Iraqis Face Uncertain Future
  Iraqi Oil Price Collapse Shatters Recovery Hopes
  Red Cross Raises Iraq Concerns
  Intel Made It Clear Saddam Was Not a Threat, Diplomat Tells Brit MPs
Obama, in Video, Offers New Start With Iran
  US Navy Submarine and Ship Crash Near Iran
Afghan Leader Says US Surge Is 'Too Late'
  UN: Fears of Unfair Afghan Poll Well-Founded
  US Prepares Civilian 'Surge' in Afghan
  UN Envoy Says Donor Aid Is Fragmenting Afghanistan
Israeli Soldiers Expose Atrocities in Gaza
  Rights Group Names 1,417 Gaza War Dead
  Israel's Netanyahu Gets More Time to Form Government
  Labor May Split Over Coalition Offer
  Israelis Using 'Excessive' Force Against Protesters
Former Bush Official: Many at Gitmo Are Innocent
House Passes Bill With 'Mandatory' National Service Clause
Six Years Later, Iraq Lessons Still Unheeded  by Alexia Gilmore
The Pillorying of Charles Freeman and America's Loss  by Leon Hadar
The Nobodies Known as Former Enemy Combatants  by Andy Worthington
Some Truths About Guantánamo
by Lawrence B. Wilkerson
Terror Begins at Home  by Philip Jenkins
Loving Our Enemies, the People of Iran  by John Dear

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US Admiral Condemns China's 'Aggressive' Actions
Many Iraqis Held by US to Go Free
US Urged to Fix Iraqi Refugee 'Mess' It Created
Somali-American Terrorist Threat Overblown?
Criticized for Alleged Detainee Torture, Britain Orders Review
Incoming Israeli Coalition Is Built to Clash With US
Latest CIA Scandal Puts Focus on How Agency Polices Self
High Unemployment Rate Boosts Army Recruitment
Today in Iraq
As Iraq War Enters 7th Year, Focus on Politics
New Alliances in Iraq Cross Sectarian Lines
Sadr Urges Followers to Denounce Violence
Iraq Says No Chance of Return of Saddam's Party
Tiny Christian Community Stays Put in Iraq
Attacks Continue
Top Sunni Arab Official Assassinated in Baghdad
Three Iraqis Killed in Two Attacks in Mosul
Thursday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Embassy: Iraqis Headed to US Get One-Year Visa
First Group of Iraqi Refugees Lands in Germany
Iraq Sees First Western Tour Group Since Saddam Fell
UK Whistle-Blower Urges Iraq War Public Inquiry
Iraq Urges Foreign States to Accept Iranian Rebels
Report Claims Israeli Commandos Raided Attacked Syrian Site Before Attack
Report: Iranian Defector Tipped Syrian Nuke Plans
Report: Syria's Assad Ready to Mediate With Iran
Iran Says Uncovers Foreign-Backed Internet Plot
US Journalist Held in Iran in 'Dangerous' State
Rights Groups: Iranian Blogger Dies in Prison
Khatami: Iran Opposition Must Unite to Replace Ahmadinejad
Iranian Satellite Completes Mission: State TV
Turkey, US Play Down Tensions Over Armenia Issue
Signs of Tension Between Putin and Medvedev?
Veterans of US Diplomacy Try to Revive Nuclear Arms Talks With Russia
Russia Voices Hope for Ending Missile Defense Rift
Spain to Withdraw Troops From Kosovo
Kosovo Albanians See UN as Impeding Independence
Kosovo's Complex Status Is Tough for UN
Latvia Uses Secret Police to Quash Talk of Economic Collapse
Bomb Explosion Rattles Central Athens
Darfur Rife With Violence Against Troops, Civilians, UN Says
UN: Sudan Pledges No More Aid Groups Expulsions
Aid Expulsions Spark Fears for Darfur Camps
Zimbabwe Says in Talks With West on Sanctions

US Rejects Call to Lift Zimbabwe Sanctions

UN Cites Reports of Govt Links to Somalia Pirates
Nigeria Youths Renounce Militancy
US Mulls Counter-Insurgency Push in Afghanistan
Obama Seeks Vastly Expanded Afghan Security Force
Roadside Bomb Kills Afghan Lawmaker
US to Attend Afghan Meeting in Russia
10th Australian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Baloch Nationalists Say US Drone Attacks Were Expected
Pakistan Govt Appeals Rulings Against Sharifs
15 Killed as Army Camp Attacked in Khyber
Sleepless Nights for Musharraf
Maoists Kill Hindu Leader in Eastern India
CIA Director Meets With Indian Security Officials
Fearing Attacks, India Steps Up Security for Leaders
India's Left Reaches Out to Ruling Congress Party
North Korea
US Could Hit North Korean Missile, Says Commander
North Korea May Launch Several Missiles: US General
Commanders: US Ready for Any North Korean Missile
North Korea Assembly to Meet One Day After Missile Test
Two US Journalists Detained by North Korea for Unauthorized Filming
China Urges Resumption of North Korea Nuclear Talks
Japan Mulling More Sanctions Against North Korea
Artist Defies Web Censors in a Rebuke of China

Freedom for Yang Zili

Israel vs. Palestinians
Israel's Dirty Secrets in Gaza
Soldiers' Accounts of Gaza Killings Raise Furor in Israel
UN Envoy: Gaza Op Seems to Be War Crime of Greatest Magnitude
Israel to Probe Reported Abuse by Soldiers in Gaza
Israel to UN: We'll Improve Treatment of Minorities
PA Says Israel 'Ethnically Cleansing' East Jerusalem
Israeli Missile Kills 2 Gaza Militants
Israel Vows to Improve Minority, Prisoner Rights
Palestinian Reconciliation Talks Break Up, No Deal
Abbas: Solve Water Problems Before Peace Deal
US Makes Demands on Palestinian Unity Government
Hamas Offers Reward for Men Who Marry Gaza Widows
Israel Arrests 10 Hamas Leaders
PA Plans to Fly Glider Painted in Palestinian Colors Over Jerusalem
Labor Attorney Files Petition to Oust Barak
Diplomatic Tensions at Israel's UN Human Rights Review
Israeli Ex-President Katsav Indicted for Rape
Costa Rica, El Salvador Promise Ties With Cuba
Daughter of Peru's Fujimori Says She Would Pardon Him if She's Elected

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Hypocrisy in Government

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Squaring the Pentagon

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Peacemaking at a Raiders' Game

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Abe Foxman's 'Anti-Semitic Pandemic'

Praful Bidwai
'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

Sascha Matuszak
Business Over Bluster

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