Sen. Kerry Slams White House Pakistan Strategy    US Lacks Capacity to Win Over Afghans    Harman Did Urge Times Not to Publish Wiretapping Expose    Gitmo Dispute May Stall War Funding Request    Blackwater Lingers in Iraq    Obama Backs Off Opposition to Torture Memos Probe    Gen. Petraeus Predicts Worsening Violence in Afghanistan    Israeli Officials Liken Iran to Nazis, Reject Warning Not to Attack    Russia Adds Troops Along South Ossetia-Georgia Border     Justice Department 'Torture' Memos    Wider Drug War Threatens Colombian Indians    US Senate Torture Memo Report    Obama Official: Banned Techniques Yielded 'High Value Information'    Israel Puts Iran Issue Ahead of Palestinians    Harsh Tactics Readied Before Their Approval    Harmanic Convergence    Cheney Asks: What About CIA's Torture Triumphs?    Ex-Rice Aide Blasts Torture Program    Prosecutors Considering Dropping Espionage Charges Against Former AIPAC Lobbyists    A Third Doctor Objects to CIA Misuse of Science Research    Cyber-Spies Breach US Fighter-Jet Program: Report    Cuban Prisoners Don't Want to Be Traded for Spies    Russia Warns US Stepping Up Shield Plans - Agency    Two Koreas End Rare Talks Without Agreement    Tamil Rebels Ignore Sri Lanka Surrender Deadline    Afghan Govt: No Breakthroughs in Militant Talks    Federal Judge Hears Challenge to Iraq War    Somali President Says His Government Can Solve Pirate Attacks    Mexican Army Will Fight Drug War for Years    Traps for George Mitchell    Ignoring Kim    Iran Hints US Reporter's Sentence May Be Eased    Sri Lanka Rebels: 1,000 Civilians Die in Govt Raid    Israel Strives to Re-Brand Image    Iraqi Victims Outraged at Slow Blackwater Exit    Confessions and Lamentations    Harman, AIPAC, NSA: Was the Leak Timed for Political Reasons?    Reading the Case of Roxana Saberi    Reckoning Nears for the US and Israel    Attorney General's Rhetoric, Actions Don't Match    
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Updated April 22, 2009 - 11:20 PM EDT
Sen. Kerry Slams White House Pakistan Strategy
  Petraeus Predicts Worsening Afghan Violence
  US Lacks Capacity to Win Over Afghans
  Afghan Govt: No Breakthroughs in Militant Talks
Prosecutors May Drop AIPAC Spy Charges
  Harman, AIPAC, NSA: Was the Leak Timed for Political Reasons?
  Harman Did Urge 'Times' Not to Publish Wiretapping Exposé
Iran Officially Welcomes Nuclear Talks
  Israel Rejects Warning Not to Attack Iran
  US Rejects an Israeli Demand
  Netanyahu's New-Old Methods of Stalling Peace Talks
Blackwater Lingers in Iraq
  Iraqi Victims Outraged at Slow Blackwater Exit
  Federal Judge Hears Challenge to Iraq War
  Wednesday: 1 US Soldier, 10 Iraqis Killed; 30 Wounded
Obama Backs Off Opposition to Torture Probe
  Obama Official: Banned Techniques Yielded 'High Value Information'
  A Third Doctor Objects to CIA Misuse of Science Research
Gitmo Prison Dispute May Hold Up War Funding
Russia Adds Troops Along South Ossetia-Georgia Border
Sri Lanka Rebels: 1,000 Civilians Die in Govt Raid
Revealing the Secrets in Room 101
by Scott Horton
Reading the Case of Roxana Saberi  by Henry Newman
Attorney General's Rhetoric, Actions Don't Match  by Daphne Eviatar
Traps for George Mitchell  by Daniel Levy
Pirates of Procurement
by John Feffer and Tom Engelhardt
Reckoning Nears for the US and Israel  by Rami G. Khouri

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Russia Warns US on Stepping Up Shield Plans
Congresswoman Denies Interceding in AIPAC Spy Case
Lawmaker Asks for Release of Spy Case Transcripts
Israel Strives to Re-Brand Image
Canada Chides US for Remarks on 9/11 Plotters
Justice Department 'Torture' Memos
US Senate Torture Memo Report
Today in Iraq
Can Iraq Go It Alone?
US Forces Run Over Civilian in Mosul
Karbala Governor Vows Crackdown on Liquor Shops, Brothels
Sticky Bomb Sets Army Vehicle Ablaze in Kirkuk
Iraq: Spring Is Here, Violence Is Down. Time to Marry
Tuesday: 2 Iraqis Killed, 3 Wounded
Global Iraq Impact
Foreigners Filling Jobs That Iraqis Often Shun
UN to Launch Report on Iraq's Disputed Territories
Google, AT&T, and Twitter Executives Visit Iraq
Senate Confirms New Iraq Envoy
Torturing Justice
In Adopting Harsh Tactics, No Inquiry Into Past Use
Three Lawyers Face Scrutiny for Torture Advice
Report Gives New Detail on Approval of Brutal Techniques
Ex-Rice Aide Blasts Torture Program
Cheney Asks: What About CIA's Torture Triumphs?
Did Waterboarding Prevent Terrorism Attacks?
DOJ Sits on 2007 Secret CIA Interrogation Memo
Unresolved Debate in DOJ Memos: Does Torture Work?
Legal Experts Want More From Obama on Guantánamo
Harsh Tactics Were Readied Before Their Approval
'War on Terror'
FBI Accused of Spying on Mosques in New York
Lawyer: USS Cole Families to Get at Least $200k
FBI Adds Domestic Terror Suspect to 'Most Wanted' List
Court: Terror Victim's Family Can't Claim Money
London Police Release Pakistani Terror Suspects
Nine Men Caught in UK Terror Raids Up for Deportation
US Military
Report: Hackers Break Into Pentagon's Fighter Jet Project
Active-Duty Antiwar Sergeant Harassed by Superiors
Lockheed Martin Profit Tops Estimates
Lockheed Won't Fight Pentagon on F-22 Plan
Army Troops in Iraq Prepare to Head to Afghanistan
Soldier Gets Hearing on Iraq Refusal
Ahmadinejad's Remarks Harmful to Better US Relations, Obama Says
Ahmadinejad Dropped Holocaust Denial From Speech
Iran Sends Mixed Signals to US by Jailing Reporter
Iran Hints US Reporter's Sentence May Be Eased
Israel Recruits Gay Community in PR Campaign Against Iran
Iranian Presidential Campaign in Disarray
Syria Urges Tolerance at Troubled UN Racism Meeting
First High-Level Syrian Visit to Iraq in Decades
Syrian Opposition Group Collapses
Israel Puts Iran Issue Ahead of Palestinians
Top Israeli Negotiator for Captured Soldier Resigns
Israel: Sirens Wail in Memory of Holocaust
Israel Seeks US-Made Cannon Against Gaza Rockets
First Hamas-Affiliated Bank Opens in Gaza
UN: Gaza's Post-War Environmental Problems Growing
Obama Invites Middle East Leaders to White House
Global Mideast Fallout
Obama Expects Gestures From Israelis, Palestinians
Britain to Review All Arms Exports to Israel
Diplomats Seek to Salvage Controversial UN Racism Meet
UN Meeting Approves Anti-Racism Declaration
Egypt Negotiator to Visit Israel, May Avoid Meeting Lieberman
Norway Lawyers to Charge Olmert With War Crimes
Dutch Parliament Agrees to Block All Dialogue With Hamas
Nobel Laureate Accuses Israel of 'Ethnic Cleansing'
Middle East
Qatar's Ambitions Roil Middle East
Turkish Police Detain 37 in al-Qaeda Raids
UN Demands Democracy in Fiji, Suspends Mediation
US Shares Plans With Afghans to Avoid Deaths
Obama Official: US Gives Sensitive Info to Afghans
Afghan Forces Kill Eight Taliban-Linked Rebels: Authorities
US Signs Afghan Transit Deal With Tajikistan
Swat Valley Taliban Reject Peace Accord
US Declares Osama 'Unwelcome' in Swat Valley
Nawaz Dissatisfied With Swat Valley Deal
Pakistan's Sharif Urges Dialogue to Quell Insurgency
Pakistan Boosts Police Pay as Violence Grows
Official: US Wants Broader Pakistan Military Ties
Five Killed in Indian Kashmir Blast Ahead of Polls
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka to Tamil Tigers: Surrender or Die
Tamil Rebels Ignore Sri Lanka Surrender Deadline
Sri Lanka Civilians Facing Catastrophe in 'Final Battle'
US Releases Satellite Photos of Sri Lankan War
Tamil Canadians Protest Sri Lanka's Civil War
Sri Lankan Troops Move in on Tigers, 62,000 Flee
Fears of Bloodbath as Sri Lankan Forces Push Into Tamil Tiger Enclave
Who and Where Is Tamil Tiger Leader Prabhakaran?
Rare Talks Among Koreas Fizzle Over Venue Row
North Korea Sets Tough Terms in Rare Talks With South
South Korea Says North Refuses to Free Detained Worker
North Korea Dismisses Stepped-Up Sanctions Effort at UN
China to Show Off Resurgent Naval Strength
US: Chinese Aircraft Carrier May Worry Neighbors
China to Unveil Nuclear Submarines
China Denies Claims It Hacked Into Pentagon Computers
Will Obama Meet With China's Nemesis, Dalai Lama?
Tibetan Lama on Trial for Weapons Charge in China
Three Sentenced Over Arson in 2008 Tibet Riots
Georgia/South Ossetia/Russia
Russia Intercepts Georgian Spy: Reports
Detentions Condemned in South Ossetia
Russia's Chechnya Pullout: Compromise Over Victory
Passion, Deadly Secrets and Betrayal in Putin's Russia
Russia to Send More Warplanes to Kyrgyzstan
Yukos Lawyer to Be Freed From Jail
Germany to Excavate Suspected Jewish Mass Grave
Somali President Says His Government Can Solve Pirate Attacks
Somali Pirate to Be Tried as Adult in New York
Mystery Surrounds Somali Pirate's Personal Life
Somali Pirates Free Philippine Tanker, 23 Crew
Seized Aid Worker Beaten, Refusing Food in Somalia
100 Die in Southern Sudan in New Outbreak of Old Tribal Conflict
Darfur Rebel Group Rejects New Peace Talks Bid
Darfur Aid Workers' Captors Urge Swift Deal
Sudan's Bashir Welcomed in Ethiopia Despite Warrant
Kenyan Town Strikes Back Against Its Tormenters
In Algeria, an Abyss Between Truth and Reconciliation

Life Term Sought for Female Suspect in Rwanda Genocide

Venezuelan Opposition Leader Seeks Asylum in Peru
US Diplomat: Venezuela Relations Don't Change Overnight
Cuban Prisoners Don't Want to Be Traded for Spies
Bolivia Opposition Deny Links to Alleged Plot
Mexican Military Occupies Juarez
Wider Drug War Threatens Colombian Indians

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Truth and Reconciliation

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To Reduce Violence,
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'Good Cop, Bad Cop' Approach to Pakistan

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