US Troops in Iraq Find Little Leeway    Marines Face Stiff Taliban Resistance    Under Fire, Ahmadinejad's New VP Resigns    Conflicting Priorities Endanger High-Tech Army Program    Netanyahu's Talk of Peace Finds Few True Believers    Ex-President in Iran Seeks Referendum    Pentagon Seeks Prison Overhaul in Afghanistan    Honduras Interim Leader Rejects Mediator's Plan    Iraq: Nineveh Kurds Threaten Secession    CIA Contractors Threatened to Quit Over Waterboarding    Gates: US Must Prove Afghanistan 'Winnable' in a Year    Israel Rejects US Call, Will Expand East Jerusalem Settlement    Palestinian Authority Lifts Ban on al-Jazeera, but Will Pursue Legal Action Over 'Incitement'    Clinton Warns of Terrorist Syndicate, Urges Pakistan Action    German Soldiers Kill Two Civilians in Afghanistan    Israeli Military Pamphlet: Pope Seeking to Wipe Out Jews    Xinjiang Riots Pre-Planned at 50 Places: State Media    The Right to a Guilty Verdict    Is Food Aid for Africa Working?    Celebrating Cronkite While Ignoring What He Did    President Has One Job – and It's Not to Keep Us Safe    How Many More Will Die in Vain Before We Withdraw From Afghanistan?    Sudan Tells Chad Ready for Peace or War After Raid    Kurdish Rebels Kill Four Iran Policemen: Report    South Korea Reaffirms It Seeks No Atomic Weapons    Kazakh Uighurs Hold Mass Protest    US Offensive Reflects Uneasy Run-Up to Afghan Vote    Two Police, 35 Militants Killed in Afghan Unrest    Time to Talk to Taliban: Musharraf    Israel Says Foreign Jihadists Are in Gaza    Soldier Held in Afghanistan Is 23-Year-Old Idahoan    NATO Helicopter Crash Kills 16 in Afghanistan    
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Updated July 19, 2009 - 11:21 PM EDT
Olmert: US Must Stop Focusing on Settlements
  Palestinian Authority Lifts Ban on al-Jazeera
  Palestinians Fear Israeli-US Understanding Over Settlements
NATO Helicopter Crash Kills 16 in Afghanistan
  Taliban Video Shows Captive US Soldier
  Afghan Dead as Canadian Troops Fire Upon Vehicle
  British Soldier Among 31 Killed in Afghan Violence
  Karzai Says to Bring Taliban to the Table
  UK Labor Party at War Over Afghanistan
2 Million Visit Shrine as Iraqi Forces Pass Test
  PKK Rebels Back Re-Election of Kurd Chief Barzani
  Blackwater (xe) Helicopter Reported Down in Iraq; 2 Killed
Honduras Interim Leader Nixes Mediator's Plan
US May Create Terror Interrogation Unit
Al-Qaeda Offshoot Warns of 'Revenge' for China Riots
A Lesson From Vietnam for Obama's War in Afghanistan  by Joe Galloway
Senior Obama Official Backs Cheney and CIA  by Jeremy Scahill
Will Torture Probe Prosecute Peons and Protect Politicians?  by Thomas Eddlem
Russia's Sickness: 'Anti-Americanism'  by Christopher Dowd
The CIA's Bad Apples  by Joanne Mariner
Mr. President, We Are Still Torturing?  by Nat Hentoff

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CIA: Government Hit Squads, Minus the Hits
Interviews Offer Look at Roles of CIA Contractors During Interrogations
Rafsanjani May be Seeking the Mantle of Khomeini
World's Oldest Man, WWI Vet Dies; Spent Final Years Extolling Peace
The War at Home
Florida Defense Firm Raided by Federal Agents
Florida Rep Pulls Contract Support From Defense Firm After Federal Raid
Oklahoma Veterans Sue Halliburton, KBR Over Toxics
'War on Terror'
Clinton Urges Global Terror Fight
Clinton Defends US Demands for Anti-Terror Help
Canadian Secret Service Ignored Khadr's Human Rights
Guantánamo Row May Halt Queen's Visit to Bermuda
Iraq to Consider Unjustly Accused From Saddam Era
Iraqi Kurdish Parties Reject Partition of Kirkuk
Baghdad's Antique Shops Tell City's Sad Story
Awakening Council Leader Killed in Iraq Blast
Governor of Restive Iraqi Province Warns to Dissolve 'Unconstitutional' Local Councils
Challengers in Kurdish Elections in Iraq Face Uphill Task
Ninewa Police Reveal Initial Agreement to Form Awakening Councils
Iraq: Suspect Arrested in Attack on US Base
Iraq Attacks Kill Five Near Fallujah
Gunmen Shoot Down Armless Man in Mosul
Saturday: 9 Iraqis Killed, 23 Wounded
British Iraq Fallout
David Kelly's Former Iraq Aide Joins Call for Inquiry Into His 'Suicide'
Iraq: Blunderers at Foreign Office Have Betrayed My Hostage Son
West Must Close Iran Nuclear File: New Atomic Chief
Iran Hardliners Hit Back at Rafsanjani in Election Row
Iran: 'Trust' Needed to End Nuclear Row
Ahmadinejad Gets on Wrong Side of Allies With VP Pick
Palestinian PM to US: Draft New Mideast Peace Plan
Israeli Army Attacks West Bank Rally, Injuring 5 Palestinians
US Officials Praise Netanyahu Measures to Ease West Bank Life
US Group Rallies Israeli Soldiers to Combat Gaza Allegations
Israeli Gunships Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen in Northern Gaza
Shocking New Evidences Emerges in Affair Involving IDF Troops Abused by Commanders
Hamas Makes Feature Film About Slain Militant
UN Official: Removing Gaza War Rubble Needs Over 8 Months
Lebanese Stone UN Peacekeepers, Injure 14
Israel Slams Civilian Occupation of Army Post
Israeli War Planes Violate Lebanese Airspace
Hezbollah: We Want No Guarantees on Our Arms
Hezbollah Chief Says Open to Partnership in Cabinet Formation
Turkish Army Kills Three PKK Members
Five People Injured by Explosion in SE Turkey
Thousands Back Trial of Coup Plotters in Turkey Protest
Egypt Police Seize Half-Ton of Explosives Near Gaza Border
Sharia Trial for French Hostages in Somalia
Seizures Show Somalia Rebels Need Money
Hijacked German Cargo Ship Released Off Somalia
Mauritania: Detained Islamists Killed American
Red Cross: Darfur Rebels Release 60 Soldiers, Police
US Finding Its Voice in Africa Again, After Years of Chinese Domination
Georgia Accuses Russia of Mobilizing Forces in Abkhazia
Local Leader: 'Abkhazia Will Never Be a Part of Georgia'
Rights Group Halts Chechnya Work
Chechnya Is Gripped by Political Kidnappings
Iceland Applies for Membership in EU, but Islanders Divided
Indonesian Officials Strain to Identify Bombers
Confusion Over Jakarta Death Toll

Malaysian Suspected in Indonesia Hotel Attacks

Marriott Attacks in Jakarta May be Linked to Bali Bombers
Investigators Sift for Clues From Indonesia Bombs
No Forewarning of Bombings, Say Indonesia and Australia
How the Jakarta Bombers Slipped Through Hotel Security
Australian Soldier Killed in Afghanistan by Bomb
Suicide Bomber Kills Three Afghan Soldiers
Ex-Defense Minister Joins Afghan Resource Row
Afghan Govt Orders Shut Down
Bitter Fallout as Brown and the Generals Caught in War Games
My Boy Jack: a Father's Diary Charts the Death of His Gallant Son in Afghanistan and His Anger at the Reasons
Clinton Shorts Indian Officials, Snubs Pakistan on Visit
India Says Pakistan Still Aiding Kashmir Militants
Former Pakistan President Musharraf Plays Down Indian Threat
Pakistani PM: Talks With India Only Way Out
Pakistan Admits Extremists' Involvement in Mumbai Attacks
Pakistan Intent on Finding Mumbai Culprits
Clinton Optimistic on Signing India Defense Pact
Today in Pakistan
Pakistan Warplanes, Troops Kill 12 Taliban
Taliban Resurface in Parts of Buner District
In Pakistan, Skardu Is Suffering Backlash of Taliban Violence
UN Probe Says 'No Smoking Guns' on Benazir Bhutto Killing
Pakistan Police Are on the Front Line Against Terrorism
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Keeps Refugees in Camp That Aid Built
Justifying a Costly War in Sri Lanka
French Aid Agency Wants Probe of Sri Lanka Deaths
North Korea
US Ready for Talks and Sanctions for North Korea
US Envoy Calls for Patience on North Korea as Washington Warns of Sanctions
Chinese Police Shot Dead Urumqi 'Mobsters': State Media
Silence After China Blogger Amoiist Tweets Arrest SOS
US, Japan Agree to Set Up Nuclear Deterrence Talks
UN Chief Recommends Extension of Mission in Nepal
Vietnam Becomes a Golf Resort Destination
Mediator Proposes Path Out of Honduras Showdown
US Treads Softly as Region Weighs in on Honduras
US Anti-Drug Force Flies Last Flight From Ecuador
US Dismantling Ecuador Base for Move to Colombia
Ecuador's Correa: Video Linking Him to Rebels 'A Sham'
Mexican Troops Fan Out Across State Hit by Drug War
Americans Still Dying
Unemployed Ohio Soldier Had Re-Joined Army to Provide for Son
Oregon Marine Dies in US From Wounds Suffered in Afghanistan in June
Zanesfield (OH) Marine Leaves Behind Pregnant Wife and Year-Old Daughter
Akron (OH) Soldier Dies of Heart Attack While on Third Tour in Iraq
Florida Marine Killed in Afghanistan on Fourth Tour of Duty
A Fallen Soldier's Somber Homecoming (CA)
Family of Fallen Florida Soldier Gathers, Prepares to Lay Him to Rest
Slain Columbus (GA) Soldier Returns Home From Afghanistan
Gibsonville (NC) Marine Killed by Afghan Roadside Bomb
Former Flagstaff (AZ) Police Officer Killed in Afghanistan
Texas Soldier Killed by IED in Afghanistan

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