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Updated April 30, 2013 - 11:07 PM EDT
Bombs Hit Baghdad as Iraq Violence in 2nd Week
  Shi'ites Attacked in Southern Iraq: 49 Killed, 100 Wounded
Israel: Not Encouraging US to Attack Syria
  Six Killed in Failed Assassination Attempt Against Syrian PM
  Report: Missiles Fired at Russian Civilian Airliner Over Syria
Israeli Lawmaker: US Pressure Complicates Talks
  Netanyahu: Iran Still Hasn't Crossed 'Red Line'
  Bedouins Prepare for Israel's Expulsion Plan
Tsarnaev's Repeated Requests for Lawyer Ignored
  Report: 'Misha' Denies Any Link to Boston Bomb Plot
  Al-Qaeda's 'Inspire' Magazine Editor Sought Over Boston Bombing
The Inevitability of Drones in the US and Abroad
Karzai Explains CIA's Backpacks Full of Money
US Ex-Commander: Don't Give S. Korea Operational Control
The Lingering Repercussions of NATO’s War in Libya
Pentagon Told: Furlough Civilians, Buy Tanks You Don't Want
AMA Questions Gitmo Force-Feeding as Strike Tops 100
Living in Terror Under a Drone-Filled Sky in Yemen  by Vivian Salama
Obama and US Military Divided Over Syria?  by Shamus Cooke
One More Reason We're Losing in Afghanistan  by Stephen M. Walt
Their War, Not Ours  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Our American Pravda  by Ron Unz
Nationalism – the Bane of the Modern Age  by Robert Higgs

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Inside the CIA Mission to Haul Plutonium Up the Himalayas
Medical Reinforcements Arrive at Guantánamo Bay
Mexico Ends Open Access for US Security Agencies
US Sending More Ospreys to Okinawa
Ron Paul Slams Boston 'Occupation'
US Says Syria Has Beefed Up Air Defenses
UN: Syria Access Essential for Credible Chemical Amrs Inquiry
Major Assassination Attempts in Syria's Conflict
Lebanese Political Authorities Reject Fatwas Calling for Jihad in Syria
Russia Denies Urging Hezbollah to Withdraw From Syria
Italian War Correspondent Missing in Syria for 20 Days
Euro Mayors Try to Keep Youths From Going to Syria
Israel OKs Barrier in Palestinian Christian Area
Netanyahu: Iran Hasn't Crossed Nuclear 'Red Line', but Is Approaching It Systematically
Gaza Rocket Strikes Israel, Causes No Injuries: Military
Israel Launches Airstrikes in Response to Gaza Rocket Fire
West Bank: Beduin Villagers Evicted for IDF Exercise
Proposal to Allow Israelis Visa-Free Travel to the US Angers Some Americans
Fear and Fundamentalism as the 'Modesty Police' Patrol Gaza
Israeli Navy Unveils Fifth Submarine in Germany
Shi'ites Attacked in Southern Iraq: 49 Killed, 100 Wounded
Iraq Parliament Chief Demands Cabinet Resign
Allawi: Maliki Resignation Could Return Stability to Iraq
Middle East
Five Israeli Fighter Jets Violates Lebanese Air Space
As Election Nears, Ahmadinejad's Critics Pile On
UAE Freeing 103 Egyptian Prisoners To Ease Tensions Over Alleged Muslim Brotherhood Ties
Yemeni Authorities Release 4 Southern Separatist Activists
Egypt Walks Out of Nuclear Talks in Geneva, Citing Slow Progress Toward Nuclear-Free Mideast
Egypt Court Overturns Suspension of Muslim Cleric Critical of President
US Boosts Tanker Flights for French Over Mali
French Soldier Killed by Northern Mali Roadside Bomb
Mali Breaks Up Suspected Militant Cell in Bamako: Security Sources
UN Gives Malian Soldiers Primer on Humanitarian Law
Massacre in Nigeria Spurs Outcry Over Military Tactics
Rebels Declare Sudan State a 'Target'
The War at Home
FBI Searches Home of Tamerlan Tsarnaev's In-Laws
Boston Bombing Suspect's Defense Team Gets Major Boost
FBI Takes DNA Samples From Family Home of Boston Suspect's Widow
Boston Psychiatrist Wants Accused Bomber's Brain Studied
Antiwar Demonstrators at Boeing Annual Meeting in Chicago Protest Drones
Marine's Attempted Suicide Conviction Overturned
Debris Believed to Be From 9/11 Plane Is From Wing
First Female Soldier to Flee US for Canada to Avoid Iraq War to Be Court-Martialed in Colorado
Internet Lobby Vows 'Wiretap Mandate' Will Be 'Dead on Arrival' in Congress
Civilian Cargo Aircraft Crashes at Bagram Air Field in Afghanistan, 7 Killed
Maj. Gen. Abrams Predicts 'Homegrown' Rejection of Taliban in Afghanistan
More Blasts as Pre-Election Violence Refuses to Die Down
Suicide Bomber Kills 9 in Pakistan
Pakistan Moderates Being Pushed Away From Polls
Three Shot Dead in Bajaur
Driver of NATO Container Killed in Jamrud
PPP Willing to Offer PM Slot to Imran: Wattoo
Karachi Is Part of Pakistani Taliban Plan to Bring War to Urban Centers
Musharraf Ready to Face Treason Charges, but Not Alone
Gas Pipeline Blown Up in Naseerabad
South Korean President Criticizes Japan's Rising Militarism
US, South Korea to Wrap Up Military Drill
South Korea Says All but Seven Workers Left Kaesong
Trapped in South Korea, Veteran Spies Still Believe in the North
China 'Arrests More Suspects' Over Xinjiang Clashes
Former US Soldier's Bid for Political Asylum in Germany Drags On
Study: Germans See Islam as a Threat
Guardian Newspaper's Twitter Feeds Hacked
UK Defense Cuts Pose an Economic Quandary for Liberals
Venezuela Opposition Leader Charged With Spurring Violence
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