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Updated August 2, 2016 - 7:55 PM EDT
US Airstrikes Pound Libyan City of Sirte
  US: Libya Bombing Has No 'End Point at This Particular Moment'
  US Airstrikes Hit Libya to Bolster UN-Created Government
Gas Attacks Reported in 2 Northern Syrian Cities
  Rebel Shelling Kills 28 Civilians in Syria's Aleppo
  Syria's Rebels Split on Nusra's Public Split From al-Qaeda
  Syria Transition Deadline Passes, US Makes No Policy Change
  Kerry: Russia, Syria Must Stop 'Offensive Operations' Against Rebels
Trump: Taking Crimea From Russia Would Start WWIII
  Donald Trump Reaffirms Support for Warmer Relations With Putin
US Officials Now Question Blaming Russia for DNC Hack
US Military Chief Condemns Failed Turkey Coup Plotters
US Airstrikes Hit Libya to Bolster UN-Created Govt  by Daniel McAdams
US in Libya Was a Smashing Success – Sequel Coming  by Glenn Greenwald
Trump Needs a Strategic Vision for US Foreign Policy  by Ivan Eland
Past Time to Rethink NATO  by Patrick J. Buchanan
Empire's Chain Reaction  by Daniel McCarthy
The CIA's Top Spy in Syria Knew Nothing About Syria  by Brad Hoff

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Clinton Foundation, State. and Kremlin Connections
Retrial Row Halts Portuganl Extradition of Ex-CIA Agent
UN Deadlocked Over Draft Agreement on Refugees and Migrants
Italy Says 6,500 Migrants Rescued Since Thursday
Two Arrested in France Over Murder of Priest
The War at Home
DHS Grants 8,000 Syrians Temporary Amnesty
Bergdahl's Lawyers Ask for Charges to Be Dropped Over McCain Comments
FBI Employee Pleads Guilty to Acting as Agent of China
Pentagon: 33 American Servicemembers Have Contracted Zika Overseas
Taliban Claim Kabul Bomb Attack on Compound Used by Foreigners
Police Officer Killed in Hotel Bombing in Afghanistan
China Praises Afghanistan for Fight Against Chinese Separatist Group
Seven Pakistani Extremists Killed in Police Shootout
India to Attend Regional Meet in Pakistan Amid Kashmir Tension
Taiwan President Gives First Apology to Indigenous Groups
Philippines, Rebels Want Peace Talks Despite Feud Over Truce
North Korea's Only Foreign-Founded Law Firm Suspends Operations
Ex-Sri Lankan Strongman's Supporters Oppose War Crimes Probe
Libya Says Ready to Resume Oil Exports
Gunmen Beat Up Eritrean Ambassador in Libya
Nigerian Inquiry Says Army Killed 348 Shi'ites in Northern City
Mother of Nigerian Schoolgirl Rescued From Boko Haram Fears for Her Future
South Sudan
South Sudan's Opposition Says Nine Killed in Renewed Fighting
South Sudan Minister Resigns, Calls for Regime Change
Central African Republic's President to Hold Talks With Rebels
US Pledges $407 Million Aid to Tanzania, After Blocking Funds in March
Angolan Rebels Claim More Casualties in Oil-Rich Cabinda
Venezuela Election Board Okays Opposition Recall Push First Phase
Amnesty International: 'Unlawful' Venezuela Decree Gives Military Power
Children Killed, Wounded Fleeing Isis; 116 Killed Across Iraq
2,695 Killed in Iraq in July
Iraq PM Orders Probe Into Corruption Allegations Over Weapons Deals
UN Warns That Iraq Runs Risk of Executing Innocents in Post-Karrada Anti-Terror Crackdown
Russian Military Helicopter Shot Down in Syria, Killing All 5 Aboard
Turkish Defense Minister Says Expulsions From Military Not Over
Six Killed in Car Bombing of Turkish Police
Turkey Admits Some Crackdown Dismissals May Be 'Unfair'
Turkey Coup: 11 Soldiers Arrested Over President Erdogan 'Kidnap Attempt'
Turkey Reshuffles 167 Generals Within the Military
Bleak Burial: Turkey's Traitors' Cemetery
Turkey, Russia Pursue Gas Pipe Dream as EU Frets
Yemen/Saudi Arabia
Four Killed in Saudi Arabia in Cross-Border Shelling From Yemen
Yemen Government Team Quits Talks Until Rebels Accept 'Deal'
Saudi Arabia Yet to Sway UN Over Yemen Coalition Blacklisting
Islamists Blow Up 16th-Century Mosque in Yemen
Khamenei Renews Criticism of Nuclear Deal
Iranian Official Accuses PA's Abbas of Being CIA Collaborator
US, Israel Narrow Differences for New Talks on Defense Aid
Sparks Fly Between Benjamin Netanyahu, Bennett Over Gaza War Report
IDF Bans Soldiers Playing Pokemon Go on Military Bases
Lebanese Army Arrests 8 in Arsal Raids
Armenian President Promises 'National Accord' Government
Spanish Court Suspends Independence Resolution in Catalonia
Man Who Stabbed London Passenger 'For Syria' Jailed for Life
Violent Weekend Leaves More Than 20 Dead in Mexico
Cuba Says Talks With US Over Claims Cannot Be Rushed
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