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Updated August 8, 2016 - 11:08 PM EDT
White House Finally Releases Its Drone 'Playbook'
  'Playbook' Shows Key Role Played by White House Staff in Strikes
  NSA Denies 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' Stockpile of Vulnerabilities
US Fears Losing Syrian 'Proxy War With Russia'
  Syrian Forces Lost Much of Aleppo Base to Nusra, Trying to Redeploy
  Airstrikes Hit North Syrian Hospital, Killing 10
  ISIS Attacks South Syria Rebel Base, Near Iraq Border Crossing
  US-Backed Rebels Have Almost Complete Control of ISIS City of Manbij
Taliban Bomber Kills 74 at Pakistan Hospital
ISIS Captures US Arms, Equipment in Afghanistan
UN Halts Yemen Talks, Pro-Saudi Forces Launch Offensive
Israel Shuns Investigations When Cops Shoot Palestinians
Stalling Obama's Overtures to Russia  by Alastair Crooke
The Shot Heard All Over the Country  by Uri Avnery
The Latest Tiresome Tantrum From Iran Hawks  by Daniel Larison
Another Sarajevo?  by Justin Raimondo
We Refuse to Be Targets  by Paul A. Olson & Kevin Martin
Israel's Hydro-Apartheid Keeps West Bank Thirsty  by Charlotte Silver

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Thailand Votes in Favor of Military-Backed Constitution
Deaths and Detentions in Ethiopia as Protests Flare
US Coast Guard Sends 97 Migrants Back to Cuba
Muslim Couple Removed From Delta Flight: 'It Was Humiliating'
9/11 Report: Secret 28 Pages Reveal 'Indirect Link' to Saudi Prince
Displaced Persons Immolated; 92 Killed in Iraq
Protesters Clash With Police Near Iraq Oil Site
Iraqis Flee Mosul Campaign for Packed and Underequipped Camp
Third Batch of US F-16 Jets Set to Arrive in Iraq
Turkey's Erdogan Stages Mass Rally
Turkey Arrests Dozens of Special Forces in Post-Coup Purge
Turkish Army Threatens to Punish 'Traitors' Behind Coup Attempt
Turkey to Scrap Military High Courts
Erdogan Says Talks With Putin to Open New Page in Relations: Tass
Turkey's Erdogan Says Would Approve Death Penalty if Parliament Votes
Theater Actors Concerned as Turkey's Post-Coup Crackdown Reaches the Arts
Failed Coup Opened 'New Door of Compromise' in Turkish Politics: Opposition Leader
Iran Executes Nuclear Scientist Who Had 'Defected' to US
Men in Iran Post Photos of Themselves in Hijab to Show Solidarity With Women
Iran Plans to Buy 20 Regional Jets From Japan's Mitsubishi Corp
Suicide Bomber Kills 5 Soldiers in South Yemen
ISIS Claims Responsibility for Belgium Machete Attack
Belgium Machete Attacker Was Algerian, Say Officials
Attackers in Germany Had Contact With Suspected ISIS Members
Most Germans Want to End EU Migrant Deal With Turkey: Poll
Politicians Concerned Over Ankara's Influence on Turks in Germany
Separatist Ukrainian Leader Wounded in Luhansk Car Bombing
Olympic Syrian Refugee Swam for Three Hours to Push Sinking Boat Carrying 20 to Safety
Italy Arrests People Smugglers Led by ISIS Suspect
France Seeking Charlie Hebdo Attacker's Relative Held in Bulgaria
Colombia Launches Big Demining Brigade
Cuba Blames US Open Door for Migrant Surge
Migrants' 'American Dream' Turns to Nightmare in Honduras
Russia Admits It Mistakenly Flew Drone Over Golan Heights Into Israel
Hundreds of Palestinians Held by Israel End Hunger Strike
Susiya Village on Brink of Destruction by Israel
Israel Seeking to Deport Foreign Pro-Boycott Activists
Palestinian Denies Funneling Charity Money to Hamas: Lawyer
Hamas Militant Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse
As Bedouin Sign-Ups Drop, Israeli Army Cuts Terms to Two Years
Two Foreign Citizens Kidnapped in Kabul: Afghan Police
Kandahar Official Outspoken in Her Fight for Equality
Philippine Leader Links 150 Judges, Politicians to Drugs
Philippines President Duterte: 'I Don't Care About Human Rights'
Philippines: Duterte Orders Ferdinand Marcos Body Move
North Korea Accuses US of Seeking 'Pre-Emptive Nuclear Strike'
South Korea Presidential Office Says China 'Out-Of-Place' on THAAD
Death Toll in India Market Attack Jumps to 15
Authorities Arrest Blacklisted American in Pakistan
Bangladesh Issues Arrest Warrants Over JMB Killing of Japanese Citizen
China Rejects 'Groundless' US Criticism Over Human Rights Activists' Convictions
Japan Protests Over China's Radar Unit, Coastguard Ships
Anti-Social Media: Online Chats Foil Singapore Rocket Attack Plan
Libya Unity Forces Prepare Decisive Assault in Sirte
Libya Starts Work at Biggest Oil Port in Step to Increase Output
11 Nigerian Soldiers Killed as Gunmen Open Fire on Troops
2 Chinese Miners Kidnapped by Gunmen in Nigeria, Police Say
Al Shabaab Attacks Somali Town West of Mogadishu
One UN Peacekeeper Killed, Four Wounded in Mali Mine Attack
South Africa's ANC Suffers Worst Election Since Taking Power
US Proposes UN Approve 4,000-Strong Force for South Sudan's Juba
Return of Congo's Tshisekedi Jolts Opposition to Life
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