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Updated August 10, 2016 - 11:21 PM EDT
Russia: Ukrainian Terror Plot Foiled in Crimea
US Ground Forces Fighting in Libya Near Sirte
Spies-for-Hire Now at War in Syria
  Syrian Airstrikes Pound Rebels as Reinforcements Scramble to Aleppo
  Ex-CIA Director Calls for Killing Iranians and Russians in Syria
Taliban, ISIS Seek Deal to End Infighting
  General: US Abandoned Equipment ISIS Seized 'Under Fire'
US Warns Turkey to Back Off Threats Over Coup
  Turkey Likely to Keep Backing Syria Rebels Despite Russia Overtures
US to Sell $1.15 Billion in Arms, Tanks to Saudis
  Saudi Airstrikes Kill 13 Civilians at Yemen Potato Chip Factory
Israel Admits Using Private Palestinian Land for Settlements
McCain's 'Tokyo Rose' Propaganda Broadcast Found
What the Drone 'Playbook' Says About US Counter-Terrorism Policy  by Anthony Walker
Are There Any Limits on Obama's Drone War, Really?  by Marcy Wheeler
The Time Is Ripe for Detente, 2.0  by Jeffrey Tayler
We Live in Dangerous Times  by Justin Raimondo
The Propaganda War With Putin  by Renee Parsons
Exoneration of Milosevic: ICTY's Surprise Ruling  by Andy Wilcoxson

More Viewpoints

Report: Over 100 American Adventurers Fighting ISIS
WikiLeaks Offers $20k for Info on DNC Staffer's Killing
Air Force Plans New Ski Resort in Utah for Military Families
Assange Files Appeal on UN Ruling
UN Says Countries Agree on Refugee Document
Turks Bomb PKK, ISIS Execute Civilians; 136 Killed in Iraq
Secret Prisons in Iraq From Najaf to Diyala
Iraqi Court Closes Corruption Case Against Speaker
Syria Talks Should Not Rest on Halt in Aleppo Fighting: Russia
UN Urges Aleppo Ceasefire to Repair Water System, Stem Outbreaks
US Gives Lebanon $50 Million of Military Assistance
Woodrow Wilson Center, DC Think Tank, Rejects Charges of Helping Spur Turkish Coup
Turkey: US Shouldn't 'Sacrifice' Alliance Over Muslim Cleric Fethullah Gulen
Militants Kill Two Soldiers in Turkey's Mainly Kurdish Southeast
Turkey Suspends 2,500 More From Religion Agency After Coup Bid
More Than 26,000 Detained Over Attempted Coup in Turkey: Minister
Turkey, Russia Reinstating $100 Billion Bilateral Trade Target: Erdogan
Germany Has Curbed Open-Door Policy for Migrants, Government Data Shows
Germany's Steinmeier Says No Visa Talks Until Turkey Meets Criteria
Syrian Refugees Create App to Cut Through German Bureaucracy
Russians Protest Against New Anti-Terrorism Law
Protests in Kosovo Ahead of Parliament's Vote on Border Deal
Who's Got a Carrier to Rival the US Navy's? (Hint: Not Russia)
Kissinger Hindered US Effort to End Mass Killings in Argentina, According to Files
Venezuela Timeline for Maduro Recall Makes 2016 Vote Unlikely
Beauty Pageant Head Killed in Mexico, 5 Killed Outside Bar
Colombia Expands Land Restitution to War-Torn South Amid Peace Efforts
Signaling Priority Shift, Biden Omits Israel From Foreign Policy Adieu
Israeli Court Orders Release of Ship That Attempted to Break Gaza Blockade
Israel Says UN Aid Used by Hamas
Palestinian Authority Condemns IDF Demolition of EU-Funded Palestinian Homes
13 Arrested as Jews, Arabs Clash Over Palestinian Hunger-Striker
Afghan Officials Raise Alarm as Taliban Gain in Helmand Province
Market Blast Kills Two, Wounds 15 in North Afghanistan
American University in Kabul to Reopen After Kidnappings
Taliban and ISIS Both Claim Quetta Hospital Suicide Bombing
Pakistanis Mourn Attack on Lawyers and a Deadly Culture War
India Summons Pakistan High Commissioner Over Militant Infiltration
Indian Politician Hangs Himself From Ceiling Fan
India's 'Iron Lady' Ends 16-Year Hunger Strike Over Military Law
UN Censure of North Korea Missile Thwarted
Japan Warns China of Deteriorating Ties Over East China Sea Dispute
Vietnam Moves New Rocket Launchers Into Disputed South China Sea: Sources
Philippines Envoy 'Optimistic' About Ice Breaking China Trip
US Calls for Release of Four Chinese Human Rights Activists
Egypt Bars Police From Talking to the Media
Fresh Clashes Erupt in South Sudan
Sudan Begins Ceasefire Talks After Opposition Signs Roadmap to Peace
Chad Opposition Chief Quizzed in Missing Soldiers Probe
Clashes Heighten Concerns Ahead of Zambia Election
Five Malian Soldiers Missing After Attack Claimed by Islamists
UN: Failure to Help Farmers in Northeast Nigeria Could Open Door to Radicalization
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