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Updated September 28, 2016 - 11:00 PM EDT
Congress Overrides Veto of 9/11 Victims Bill
  SecDef: 9/11 Bill Could Be Devastating to US Military
  MSF: No Legitimate Reason for Saudi Attacks on Yemen Hospitals
  Saudi Arabia Is Showing Signs of Financial Strain
US Drone Strike Kills 13 Civilians in Afghanistan
  13 Sleeping Afghan Soldiers Killed by Fellow Troops
Syrian Troops Invade Aleppo, Seize Key District
  Turkey: Kurds Joining Offensive Would Endanger Syria's Future
Bill Introduced to Prohibit US First Use of Nukes
FBI Investigating Possible Hacking of Dems' Cellphones
Libyan Leader Says Rival Strongman to Have Voice in Govt
Women Leaders Urge UN Chief to End Korean War
Former Israeli President Shimon Peres Dead at 93
Killing People, Breaking Things, and America's Winless Wars  by Nick Turse
Hillary's Stupid Enthusiasm for Wars to Effectuate Regime Change  by Bruce Fein
Another Kerry Rush to Judgment on Syria  by Robert Parry
The Debate: Trump's Three Points for Peace  by Justin Raimondo
The First Presidential Debate  by Daniel Larison
Ban Ki-Moon's Legacy in Palestine: Failure in Words and Deeds  by Ramzy Baroud

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FBI: NY Bomb Suspect Apparently Acted Alone
Full Transcript of Clinton-Trump Debate
Government Creates a Fake Expert, Won't Release Files on Him Because Privacy
UK Opens Secret Files About 'Jewish Terrorists' in 1940s
Bear at Polish Zoo Finds WWII Mortar Grenade
The War at Home
Sheldon Adelson Reportedly to Give $25 Million to Anti-Clinton Super PAC
Californian Man Who Spoke of Becoming ISIS Martyr in Syria Jailed for 30 Years
Senators Press FBI Director on Response to Terrorism Threat
Chinese 'Spy' Living in Orlando Sentenced for Illegally Exporting Underwater Drone Parts
US Coast Guard Searches for Cuban Migrants From Capsized Boat
Britain's Fear of European Army Muddles EU Defense Plan
Scotland Tells London: Give Us Clarity on What Brexit Means
Germany Boosts Security for Muslim Centers in Dresden After Mosque Bombing
Ukrainian Politicians Caught in Vicious Fight on TV After Live Debate
Spain Parliament OKs Probe Into Government 'Political Police'
Hungary PM Says No Link Between Migrant Crisis, Budapest Blast
More Attacks Foiled on French Riviera Since Nice Carnage: Prosecutor
Azerbaijan Vote Lengthens Aliyev's Time in Office, Boosts His Powers
US Military Says It Kills 4 Al-Shabab Fighters in Somalia
Gunmen Kill Somalia Journalist in Capital
UN Disappointed Over Latest Election Delay in Somalia
Ugandan Soldier Captured by Somali Insurgents Pleads for Freedom
South Sudan Rebels Say Government Troops Attack Base in North, Threaten Retaliation
Death Toll in Migrant Shipwreck Off Egypt Rises to 202
Kenya Moves to Replace Election Officials After Protests
Seychelles: James Michel to Stand Down as President
UN Report Says Sudan Violates Darfur Sanctions
Tunisia Top Cleric's Call to End Strikes Stirs Outrage
Zimbabwe Police Fire Teargas on Street Vendors
ICC Sentences Islamic Militant to Nine Years Over Timbuktu Destruction
Concern as Venezuela Refuses to Accept Aid
Obama Names Career Diplomat as US Ambassador to Cuba
Panama Sends US Extradition Request for Ex-President Martinelli
Bombers Kill, Wound Scores in Baghdad; 83 Killed Across Iraq
Pentagon Finds No Mustard Agent on ISIS Rocket
Hezbollah Sees No Political Prospects for Ending Syria War
Aleppo Evacuation Corridors Needed, WHO Says
Germany Calls for Syria Ceasefire
US Announces $400 Million More in Humanitarian Aid for Syrians
Turkey Dismisses 87 Spy Agency Staff Over Failed Coup
Turkish Teachers Missing as School Year Begins
Majority of Palestinians Oppose Suspension of Elections
Gaza Fishermen Feel Caught by Israel's Tight Security Net
Palestinians Call on FIFA to Ban Matches in Settlements
Facebook Apologizes for Suspending Palestinian Journalists' Pages
Israeli Soldiers Photographed Beating Palestinian Face Disciplinary Action
Druze Soldier, Lone Soldier Killed After Others 'Played With a Grenade'
Middle East
Iran's Ahmadinejad Pledges to Stay Out of Next Election
Saudi Women Petition to End Male Guardianship Laws
India at UN Tells Pakistan to 'Abandon Dream' of Kashmir
India-Pakistan Tensions Rise After Indian PM Cancels Trip
Pakistan Warns of 'Water War' With India if Decades-Old Treaty Violated
Kashmiris Warn India Its Crackdown Is Turning Some to Militancy
Pakistan Assembly Passes Marriage Bill Protecting Hindu Women's Rights
US to Deploy Anti-Missile System in South Korea 'As Soon as Possible'
China Upset as US Sanctions Firm Tied to N. Korea Nuclear Program
Duterte Says Will Create 'So Many New Alliances' for Philippines
Taliban 'Very Interested' in Debate, Watched From Secret Location
Sri Lanka Exhumes Body of Slain Newspaper Editor
Rebels Could Become Guides, Cheesemakers in Post-War Colombia
No Saving Colombia Peace if Voters Veto: Negotiator
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