Suddenly everyone has discovered the existence of "fake news" – and, oddly, it's the purveyors of fake news who are screaming the loudest about it.

The mandarins of the mainstream media have no standing to accuse anyone of spreading fake news – because they're been the major source of it for many years.

Remember all those "news" stories on the front page of the New York Times and the Washington Post that proclaimed with certainty that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction"?

And more recently, we've had a flurry of stories about Russia supposedly infiltrating our electrical grid – which the Post had to retract. And how about that story claiming that over 200 websites, including and the Drudge Report, are "Russian propaganda"?

Our "news" media has been the War Party's handmaiden for as long as anyone can recall – and we've been debunking their war propaganda for over 20 years.

But we can't continue to do this vital job without your financial support. We depend on you, our readers, to help us fight the fake news epidemic and bring the truth about our foreign policy to the American people.

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Updated February 14, 2017 - 11:26 PM EST
National Security Adviser Michael Flynn Resigns
US Change in Rules Hyped as Russian 'Violation'
ISIS Clashes With al-Qaeda in Northern Syria
  Turkish Shelling Kills 60 Civilians in Syria's Al-Bab During Week
  39 Syrian Soldiers Killed During ISIS Offensive in Aleppo
  Human Rights Watch: Syria Used Chlorine Gas in Capture of Aleppo
Shi'ite Power Struggle Resuming in Baghdad
  Trump Policies Fuel Iraqi Anger, Doubts About Alliance's Future
  200 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Attacked in Anbar and Mosul
Ukraine Military Working With Far-Right Militia
'Blackwater Air' Is Back, Flying for US Special Ops
Will Trump Repeal Sanctions on Russia?
UN: US Airstrikes in Afghanistan Killed at Least 18 Civilians
Military Judge Questions Trump's Impact on Bergdahl Trial
Suicide Bomber Kills 13, Wounds 83 at Pakistan Protest
2016 Election and Post-Imperial America  by Peter Crowley
The Coming Showdown in Okinawa  by Tim Shorrock
How the Mainstream Media Paved the Way for Trump's Muslim Ban  by Adam Johnson
Israel Wants Settlements, Not Peace  by Rami Hamdallah
The Neocons' Back-Door to Trump  by Robert Parry
Congress Must Protect Digital Privacy Rights  by Veronique de Rugy

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TSA Workers Charged in Cocaine-Smuggling Ring in Puerto Rico
'Islamophobia' Fueling Terrorism: UN Chief
DoJ Asks Seattle Judge to Defer Action on Trump Order
200 Killed in Iraq; ISIS Attacked in Anbar and Mosul
After ISIS Defeat in East Mosul, Broken Farmers Weigh Heavy Losses
Officials Doubt Claim ISIS Leader Al-Baghdadi Wounded in Strike but Say Hunt Continues
Russia Sends Military Police Battalion to Syria, RIA Reports
Russia's Lavrov, US Tillerson May Meet in Germany, Discuss Syria: Interfax
Syrian Government 'Ready' for Prisoner Swap With Rebels
Russian Drone Footage Show Wide Damage at Syria's Palmyra
Rand Paul: It Would Be a Really Rotten, No Good, Bad Idea to Have Ground Troops in Syria
Expanding Israeli Settlements an 'Absolute Provocation': Erdogan
Suspected Istanbul Nightclub Attacker Wanted to Kill Christians: Hurriyet, Citing Court Document
PLO Decides to Head to UN Security Council Against Israeli Settlement Expansion
Israel Loaned Settlement Group Over $1 Million to Build Illegal Outposts on Palestinian-Owned Land
Israel's President Backs One-State Solution – With Equal Rights for Palestinians
600 Rabbis and Cantors Sign Letter Opposing Trump's Israel Envoy Friedman

Germany's Merkel Cancels Summit With Israel in Wake of Palestinian Land-Grab Law

J Street Fervently Campaigns Against Trump's Pick for Ambassador to Israel
US Names Venezuelan VP a Major Drug Trafficker
No Rise Yet in Deportation of Mexicans From US: Foreign Minister
Three Pakistani Soldiers Killed by Indian Firing
Pakistan Boycotts UN Meeting After US Visa Delay for Islamist Politician
Rights Group Says Pakistan Has 'Forced' Mass Afghan Refugee Returns
India Navy Spurns Homemade Warplane, Latest Blow to Asia Push for Self Reliance
Trump Says US Will Deal 'Very Strongly' With North Korea After Missile Test
China Upset at Disputed Islands Mention in Japan-US Meeting
Seven Hong Kong Police Guilty in Activist's 2014 Filmed Beating
What's at Stake in Indonesian Capital's Heated Election
Malaysian Aid Ship to Help Rohingyas Arrives in Bangladesh
Turkmen Leader Wins Election, Securing Third Term
Bundestag Grills Merkel Subordinates on NSA Spying
Germany to Deepen Military Ties With France, Others: Sources
UK Government Advisers Accused of 'Full-Frontal Attack' on Whistleblowers
Anger and Mistrust Fuel Unabated Protests in Romania
Russia Orders Hunger-Strike Prisoner to Pay Medical Bills
Cyprus President: 'Historical Reference' Not a Policy Change
Trump Invites Nigeria's Buhari to Washington, Promises New Military Deal Against Boko Haram
Ethnic Clashes in Central Mali Kill at Least 13
Amnesty Accuses Tunisia Security Forces of Abuses in War With Militants
Gambia Announces Plans to Stay in International Criminal Court
Trial Over Cameroon's Anglophone Protests Exposes National Divide
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