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10 Saudis Released From Gitmo: Andy Worthington
Israel's White Bird: Uri Avnery
US Soldier Killer is Iraqi Hero: Ali al-Fadhily
GOP to Voters: Be Very Afraid: Mike Madden
The Fog of War Crimes: Frida Berrigan

 Glenn Greenwald

Justice Investigates White House Obstruction

 Eric Margolis

Playing With Fire in Pakistan

 Patrick Cockburn

Iraq at the End of '07

 Pat Buchanan

A Republic, Not an Empire

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Updated January 8, 2008 - 11:23 PM EST

US Almost Opened Fire on Iranian Boats


Iran Plays Down 'Ordinary' Incident With US Ships


Rift Emerging Between Ahmadinejad and Khamenei

Main Sunni Group Vows No Deal With US

Most Foreign Fighters in Iraq Come From US-Allied Nations

  Killer of US Soldiers Becomes Hero for Iraqis

Twin Attack Leaves Key US-'Allied' Sunni Dead in Iraq


Tuesday: 22 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded

Islamists Kill Truce Negotiators in Pakistan


Pakistani Military Signals 'Massive' Assault on Frontier Regions


Ex-Taliban Chief Named Afghan Governor

Israeli Soldiers Kidnap Man in Lebanon

Israel Botched Chance to Free Kidnapped Soldiers

  Israeli FM Vows to Continue Military Action During Peace Talks
GOP to Voters: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid  by Mike Madden
The Surge and American Military Triumphalism  by Gareth Porter
Who Are the 10 Saudis Just Released From Guantánamo?  by Andy Worthington
Scrutinizing the Surge  by Ashley Smith
Israel's White Bird  by Uri Avnery
Concealing Prisoner Abuse?
by Nat Hentoff

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New Leaders of Sunnis Make Gains in Influence

A Cold-War Case of CIA Detention Still Echoes

Two 57-Million-Dollar F-18s Collide Over Persian Gulf; None Injured

North Korea Given Time to Send Data

Florida: Delay in Retrial of Six in Terror Plot

Private Security Contractors Look to Africa for Recruits

All Eyes on the Iraqi Army
Today in Iraq

Opposition Secretly Meets in Britain Ahead of Iraq Conference

As Violence Ebbs, the Next Hurdle for Iraq Is Political Progress

Parts of Iraq in Grip of Drought

Iraqi Kurd Warns Against Kirkuk Strife

Engineer Killed in Iraq Oil Refinery Fire

Baghdad Book Market Revives After Devastating Bomb

Attacks Continue

Five Bodies of Same Family Found in Diyala

Baghdad Suicide Bombing Kills Six

IED Leaves Five Casualties in Eastern Baghdad

Deaths in Attack Against Baghdad's Awakening Militias Increase to 24

Seven Unidentified Bodies Found in Baghdad

Monday: 1 Sailor, 62 Iraqis Killed; 85 Iraqis Wounded, 8 Iraqis Kidnapped
Occupying Iraq

US Army Raids Nursery School in Sadr City

Army Major Blogged About His Death

The War at Home

Pentagon Contractors Arrested, Charged With Conspiring to Steal Info

Iraq War Makes a Comeback at Democrats' Debate

For Pentagon and News Media, Relations Improve With a Shift in War Coverage

Handling of Interrogation Recordings Leads to a Defense Request in Padilla Case

US Military

Soldiers Slam Wounded Warrior Program at Bragg

Supplycore Receives Centcom Extension

United Kingdom

British Army Recruitment Accused of Misleading Youths

Scottish Militants Threatened to Kill Thousands of English by Poisoning Water Supply


Afghan Bomb Kills Coalition Soldier

Two Canadian Soldiers Reported Dead in Afghanistan

Roadside Attack Kills 4, Injures 4 in South Afghanistan

Afghan Troops Kill 3 Suspected Insurgents, Arrest 1 in Southern Afghanistan

US Marines Open Rare 'Court of Inquiry' Into Afghanistan Shooting


Pakistan: Militants Kill Eight Tribal Elders

Bhutto Detectives Look to Blast Victims for Clues

US Intelligence Suggests Coverup in Bhutto Assassination


Nepal Royalists Demonstrate in Support of Monarchy

Nepal's Maoists Upset by Army Chief's Remarks on Integration


Bush to Insist Iran Remains a Threat

Israel to Brief Bush on Options for Iran Strike During Visit

UN Atomic Chief to Visit Tehran in Probe

ElBaradei: Risk of Terror Attacks on Nuclear Facilities Greater Than Actually Getting Nukes

Pope Urges Diplomacy With Iran

Rice Condemns Iran, Egypt


US Academic Finkelstein Meets Top Hezbollah Official in Lebanon

Nasrallah: 'Hezbollah Ready for Any of Israel's Crazy Adventures'

Palestinian Fatah-al-Islam Chief Warns of Attacks on Lebanon Army

Formidable Obstacles Face Arab Plan for Lebanon


Bush Visit to Cost Israel $25,000 an Hour

Bush Takes Altered Goals to Mideast

Bush Heads to Mideast Amid Low Expectations

Storm Grows Over Jerusalem District

Israel Kills Three Palestinians, Including Woman

Chief Palestinian Negotiator Detained at Checkpoint Again

Ron Paul to Haaretz: Israel Can Get by Without American Aid

US Congressman: Egypt Boosts Effort to Thwart Gaza Smuggling


Visit by Turkish President Demonstrates Greatly Improved Relations With US

Turkey to Send Free Speech Reform to Parliament


Up to 1,000 Killed in Kenya Crisis: Odinga

Kenyan Opposition Leader Willing to Share Power

Under US Pressure, Kenyan President Invites Rival to Talks

UN: 250,000 Kenyans Could Be Displaced in Next Three Months

Kenyans Say Neighbors' 'Arrogance' Sparked Rampage

Kenya 'Critical' to US Military


Tensions Escalate on Darfur Border

Chad Launches Darfur Air Raids

Uganda, Congo Armies to Force Rebels Out

Rebels Attend Congo Peace Talks


China Navy Floats Three-Carrier Plan

Crackdown Helped Strengthen Myanmar Opposition

South Asia

Indian Army Withdraws From Kashmir Govt Buildings

Sri Lanka Clashes Kill 81


Justin Raimondo
Nukes, Spooks,
and the Specter of 9/11

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Doug Bandow
Misguided Meddling in Pakistan

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Shilling for the Empress

Philip Giraldi
Blaming the CIA Won't Work

Alan Bock
Sad Day for Democracy... but Hope on the Horizon?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Charles Peņa
Not Home for the Holidays

Ivan Eland
The Solution to the Kosovo Problem

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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