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 Les Roberts

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 Juan Cole

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Updated January 17, 2008 - 10:24 PM EST
Petraeus, Gates Clash Over Troop Cuts
  Army Chief May Shorten Tours in by Summer
  US House Votes to Exempt Saddam's Iraq From Lawsuits
  US Boosts Its Use of Airstrikes in Iraq
  Thursday: 31 Iraqis Killed, 33 Wounded
Navy Tells Bush Iran Incident 'Serious'
  Petraeus Says Iran Still Training Iraq Militants
  GAO Report Challenges Effect of Longtime US Sanctions on Iran
  US Official: Iran Has Sped Up Missile Development
Admiral: Pakistan OKs Bigger US Role
  47 Killed as Insurgents Take Key Fort in NW Pakistan
  Pakistan Assures Diplomats Its Nuclear Weapons, Missiles Secure
Gates Faults NATO Force in S. Afghanistan
  NATO Chief Rejects Gates' Criticism of Alliance Forces in Afghanistan
  US Criticism Reflects NATO Divisions
House Passes $696 Billion Defense Bill
Ex-Lawmaker Charged in Terror Conspiracy
White House Reused E-Mail Tapes
The Grave Iranian Threat to World Peace  by Glenn Greenwald
Bringing Death and Destruction to Muslims  by Paul Craig Roberts
Empire, Interventionism, and the Wall Street Journal  by Jacob G. Hornberger
The Dogs of Holy War  by Jeff Huber
Going 15 Rounds With Seymour Hersh  by Wajahat Ali
Say It Loud: Isolationist-Proud!
by Steven LaTulippe

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Pentagon's Islam 'Expert' Hoisted by His Own Jihad
Lieberman Departure Rocks Olmert's Peace Boat
Station Chief Made Appeal to Destroy CIA Tapes
Rate of Traumatic Stress Triples Among US Troops
US Fears EU Is Terror Staging Ground
US Spy Chief: Weak Domestic Wiretapping Caused 9/11

Canada Puts US Prison on Torture Watch List

Report Says Iraq Contractors Operate With Impunity
Opium Fields Spread Across Iraq as Farmers Try to Make Ends Meet
Iraq Occupation
Pentagon: Combat Fatalities in Iraq Down 83 Percent
Friendly Fire May Have Killed 3 From 101st Airborne
Abu Ghraib Probe Didnít Go Far Enough, Lt. Col. Says
Driving Military's MRAP: I Own the Road
Engineers in Iraq Take IED Attacks 'Personally'
Rights Group Slams US Over Private Security Contractors in Iraq
Today in Iraq
Reports Show Iraq Oil Flow Actually Lower
Iraq Seeks End to 'Chemical Ali' Execution Impasse
In Baghdad, Rice Calls Iraq's Future 'Promising but Fragile'
Iraq's Baiji Refinery Shut After Power Cuts
Curfew on Baghdad and 10 Iraq Provinces for Ashura: Report
Millions of Shi'ites Flock to Iraq to Celebrate Ashura
Al-Qaeda Leader Detained in Diyala
Attacks Continue
Female Suicide Attack Kills 9 Shi'ites
Suicide Truck Bomb Hits US Patrol in North Iraq
One Killed, One Kidnapped in Kirkuk
Five Unknown Bodies Found in Baghdad
Police Free Two Captives, Defuse Bomb in Basra
Mosul Car Bomb Wounds Five Civilians
Wednesday: 3 US Soldiers, 32 Iraqis Killed; 72 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
German Accused of Nuclear Smuggling Bid
Iraq Paralympians Take Peace Message to Beijing
UN Says Iraq Lacks Spirit of Reconciliation
The War at Home
Top Rumsfeld Aide Wins Contracts From Spy Office He Set Up
Scrutiny of Veterans Charities Continues
Texas City Blindsided by Fence Ruling
NYC Jeweler Sentenced in Bogus Bomb Plot
Honking if You Oppose Iraq War Not Protected Speech, Argues City
Facts Fall Short on Clinton Vets Claim
US Military
Study: One in 12 US Combat Troops Suffer Trauma
Upcoming Deals to Test Reforms at Air Force, Boeing
Pilot Safe After F-16 Crashes Near Key West
High-Profile Officer Nagl to Leave Army, Join Think Tank
Bush Exempts Navy From Environmental Law
US and Cluster Bombs
US Official: Cluster Bombs Not a Bad Thing
US to Set Up Cluster Bomb Clearance Team
Violence Flares Again in Kenya, One Dead
Protest Rallies Across Kenya Draw Relatively Small Crowds
Kenyan Opposition Supporters in Skirmishes With Police
Kenya Police Chief Says Protesters Shot
Kenyan Opposition Begins Three-Day Protest
Poisoning Attempts Scare Kenya Refugees
Seven Ethiopian Soldiers Killed in Somali Roadside Bomb
Civilians Wounded in Mogadishu Blast
US to Help Mauritania Confront al-Qaeda Threat
UN Says Algeria Ignored Security Requests Before Bombing
Rebel Positions Bombed in West Darfur
Niger: French Journalists Face Possible Death Sentence
Nigerian Govt, Militants Disagree on Ceasefire Terms
Over 500,000 People Displaced in Last Year in Congo

Colombia, FARC at Impasse Despite Hostage Release

Letters Detail Colombia Hostages' Ordeal
Highest Penalty Requested for 15 Colombian Soldiers Over Massacre
Castro Says He's Too Unhealthy to Speak
Castro Looks Frail, Alert in New Photos
Iran Hopes for Solution in Nuclear Dispute
US to Pursue New Iran Sanctions
Iran Says It Will Join Iraq Security Conference
US Diplomat Casts Doubt on New Iran Nuclear Deadline
Germany Urges New Sanctions on Iran Over Nuclear Program
20 Palestinians, Mostly Fighters, Killed in Israeli Raids
Resignation of Hardliners Leaves Israel Coalition in Disarray
Israeli Strike Kills Three Gaza Civilians 'in Error'
Israeli Airstrike Kills 12-Year-Old in Gaza
Israel Evacuates Two Settler Outposts
Palestinian Militant Killed in West Bank During Arrest Attempt
More Jewish Families Move to East Jerusalem Project
Bush Avoids Criticism of Mubarak
Mubarak Backs Mideast Pact in 2008
Middle East
US Says Beirut Embassy Vehicle Likely Target
Bush Departs Mideast With Few Apparent Gains, Experts Say
Democracy Activists Disappointed in Bush
Turkish PM: Head Scarf Ban Can Be Lifted
Jordan Islamists Urge Government to Cut Ties With Israel Over Gaza
Hezbollah Broadcasts Stopped: Thai Satellite Firm
Allies Irked by Reported Gates Comments
Dutch Defense Minister Summons US Ambassador Over Reported Gates Remarks
Canada Plays Down Gates Critique of NATO Afghan Force
Canada Eyes Leaner Role in Afghanistan
Germany Considers Sending More Combat Troops to Afghanistan
Afghan 'Peace Convoy' Tries to Coax Taliban Rebels
Payments Made to 17 Afghans for Deaths
NATO Soldier Killed, Another Wounded in Southern Afghanistan Explosion
Afghanistan Summons Iranian Envoy on Winter Expulsions
Afghan Army to Lead More Operations
Britain's Paddy Ashdown to Become 'Super Envoy' in Afghanistan
Bhutto's Party Open to Deals, Not 'Dictatorship'
Police Arrest Three Would-Be Teenaged Suicide Bombers in Pakistan
Musharraf to Make Eight-Day Visit to Europe
US House Condemns Benazirís Murder
US Urged to Prevent Election Rigging in Pakistan
Sri Lanka
33 Civilians Dead in Bus Bombing and Attack in Sri Lanka
Most Sri Lankan Bus Ambush Victims Were Shot: Military
Sri Lanka Crisis Set to Worsen
US Commander Says Warships to Pass Taiwan Strait as Needed
China Urges US Help in Blocking Taiwan Vote
South Korea's Lee Says to Continue Engaging North
South Koreaís Sunshine Policy Dims
Bomb Wounds Eight in Nepal After Anti-King Rally
India Invites Proposals for $2.5 Billion Howitzer Contract
Cambodia Tells Mia Farrow: No Ceremony
Britons Say Russia Harasses Officials
Anglo-Russian Tensions Rise With Arrest
Russia's Reach Unnerves Chechens
Serbia Says Will Not Recognize Independent Kosovo
An Independent Kosovo Can Never Join UN: Russia
Serb Radical Leader Campaigns in Kosovo
Europe and US Missile Shield
Accords on US Missile Shield Are Taking Shape, Czech Says
Warsaw Ups Ante for US Shield

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