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Blowback in the War on Terror: Anita Inder Singh
Loose Nuke Plan Subverted: Gordon Prather
Doubting Qaeda Role in Bhutto Death: Alexandrovna
Iran/Argentina Terror Frame-Up: Gareth Porter
No Sunshine for Bush in Mideast by Leon Hadar

 William S. Lind

The Imprudence of Empire

 Les Roberts

How Many Dead Iraqis?

 Juan Cole

Iraq War Far From Over

 Gareth Porter


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Updated January 19, 2008 - 10:06 PM EST
US: Iraq Seeing Rise in Iran-Linked Bomb Blasts
  Mosque Raid 'Ends Southern Iraq Bloodshed' During Religious Festival
  Joint Chiefs to Give Own Iraq Troop Cut View
  Sunni Sheik Offers Guns and Gets Rewards
  60 Rebel Targets Destroyed in Turkish Air Strike in Iraq
  Friday: 1 US Soldier, 171 Iraqis Killed, 213 Iraqis Wounded
Govt: 100 Islamic Militants Killed in NW Pakistan
  CIA, Pakistan Concur on Bhutto's Killer
  Intelligence Officials Question al-Qaeda Role in Bhutto Killing
  Pakistanis Reel From One Bomb to the Next
Report: Afghanistan War Is Just Beginning
Bush's Iran/Argentina
Terror Frame-Up
 by Gareth Porter
Loose Nuke Plan Subverted
by Gordon Prather
Lawbreaking Telecoms Still Conniving to Obtain Immunity From Congress  by Glenn Greenwald
Nationalists Stirring in Iraq
by Robert Dreyfuss
No Sunshine for Bush in Mideast
by Leon Hadar
The Future of Guantánamo
by Andy Worthington

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Chart Highlights White House E-Mail Gap
CIA: Hackers to Blame for Power Outages
Former Jag Lawyer: Only America 'Parses' Torture
Canada Manual: US Prisoners Face Torture
For Iraqis, Treatment for Trauma is Luxury
Lawyers for Detainee Refer in Filing to More CIA Tapes
Israel Test Launches Nuclear-Capable Missile
Spain Eyed Nuclear Weapons in 1970s
A Week of Funerals in Gaza as Palestinians Feel Israel's Wrath
Today in Iraq
Video Shows Iraqi Soldiers Kicking Injured Person - Sect Leader Killed for the Second Time
Saddam Prosecutor Says He Has Been Victimized
Arms Cache Found in Najaf
Iraq Kurds Rebury Anfal Victims
Tight Security as 2.5 Million Gather in Iraq's Kerbala
Iraqi Shi'ite Leader: 'Whims' Delay Unity
Iraq Diary: A Divided Generation
Gunman Killed, 53 Arrested South of Baquba
Iraqi Refugees: 'We Can't Return'
Power Cuts Plague Iraq, Hurt Oil Production
Iraq Occupation
Military: 75% of Baghdad Areas Now Secure

From Texas to Iraq, and Center of Blackwater Case

Romania Prepares to Pull Out Troops From Iraq

Bomb-Resistant Trucks for Troops in Iraq Moving as Quickly as Possible, Defense Secretary Says

US Military Chief Thanks El Salvador for Iraq Help
Attacks Continue
Clashes Kill Nearly 50 in Southern Iraq
Iraqi Troops Clash With Shi'ite Messianic Cult
Deadly Clashes Mar Iraq Ashura Ceremonies
Iraqi MP Accuses Soldiers of Heaven of Triggering Violence in Basra
Booby-Trapped House Kills, Injures Four Cops in Iraq's Diyala Province
Two Police Wounded in Basra Violence
Friday: 1 US Soldier, 171 Iraqis Killed, 213 Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Burns Departing as Third Ranking US Diplomat
Bush Fills Iran Policy Job
Bush Names General to Head Afghan Mission
Ambassador to Moscow Up for State Post
'War on Terror'
Federal Judge Criticizes CIA Handling of Interrogation Tapes
Terror Informant for FBI Allegedly Targeted Agents
Tom Ridge: Waterboarding Is Torture
Tories Attack Islamic Terrorism 'Rebranding'
Canadian al-Qaeda Member Sentenced to Life in Prison
Serbs Face Stark Choice in Election
Serbs Vote for President, but Also EU or Isolation
Ahead of Vote, EU Offers Serbs Visa-Free Prospect
Putin Urges West Not to Back Kosovo Independence
Russia: Britain 'Twisted Facts' in Cultural Row
Russia-Britain Impasse Appears to Reach Pause
Pipeline Cements Russia’s Hold on Europe’s Gas Supply
Swiss Suspend CIA Abduction Probe
British MoD Loses Data of 600,000 Would-Be Recruits

New Team in Poland Cool to US Shield

Georgian Army Replaces Kalashnikov With US Rifle

Islamist Defendant Claims Terrorist Bomb Bid Just a Hoax
At Least 13 Dead and Three Held as Kenyan Violence Spreads
Kenya: Machetes, Poison Arrows in Poll Killings
3 Days of Kenya Protests Leave 22 Dead
Kenya Police Accused of Creating 'Killing Field'
Kenya Holds Germans, Dutch for Suspected Terrorism
Kenya Police Fire Teargas at Muslim Protesters
Kenyan Opposition to Halt Protests in Coming Days
Algeria Angered by UN Plans for Bombing Inquiry
Official: Somali Americans Detained in Ethiopia
Iran Says World Opinion Swinging Its Way Over Nuclear Program
IAEA Urges Iran to Be More Transparent
Third Russian Uranium Shipment to Iran Despite Israeli Warnings
Iran's Ex-President Warns West Not to Politicize Nuclear Dispute
Iran Allows Filmmaker to Leave Country

Israel Closes All Gaza Border Crossings

Palestinian Woman Dies in Fresh Israeli Strike on Gaza, 45 People Wounded
Factories Move to Sderot Despite Qassams
Israel Blocks Gaza Supplies to Halt Rockets
Israel: More Than 30 Rockets Hit Western Negev Since Friday Morning
Israel Bombs Interior Ministry in Gaza City, One Killed
PA President: Israeli Air Strikes in Gaza Strip Are 'Brutal'
UNHRC Calls Emergency Talks on Israel
Blast Injures 16 People in Turkish Town
Head Scarf Debate Intensifies in Turkey
Turkey's Military: 10 Kurdish Rebels Surrender
Belgians Killed in Yemen Attack
Survivor Describes Yemen Attack
German Coalition Split Over Contact With Syria
Rhetoric Aside, Both Camps in Lebanese Crisis May Be Content to Leave Presidency Empty
Israeli Troops Detain Another Lebanese Shepherd
Two Pakistani Militants Escape From Jail
Pakistan: Shoot-on-Sight Orders Issued After Peshawar Bombing
What Is Behind Ashura Violence in Pakistan?
Militant Groups Make Conflicting Assertions
Pakistan, UK Agree to Boost Anti-Terror Ties
Zardari Rejects Offer to Become Pakistan PM
Musharraf Plans EU Tour to Augment Support
Shahbaz Admits Political Dialogue With Musharraf
Pakistan Security Official: '11 Suicide Bombers Enter Twin Cities'
Pakistan Army Deployed in Sindh for Ashura Observance
Afghan Air Force Opens $22 Million Hangar
More Afghan Refugees Deported From Iran
Nepali Rebels Claim Bus Attack That Kills Seven
Nepal: Maoist Chief Warns of Political Assassinations
Beijing Returns to Ping Pong Diplomacy
Brown Accused of Ignoring Human Rights on Visit to China
Manila Cites Instability Threat Ahead of Protests
Arroyo Claims Drop in Political Killings
Top Thai Court Opens Pro-Thaksin Party Path to Power
Army Says al-Qaeda Funding Thai Separatists

US Sees Stalling by North Korea on Nuclear Pact

Sri Lanka Says Rebels Kill 10 People in South
Report: Reform of East Timor Security Forces Crucial
Colombia VP Sees FARC Talks but No Role for Chavez

Colombia's Military Toughens Up

Cuba to Hold Parliamentary Elections

Justin Raimondo
The Hormuz Hoax

Doug Bandow
The Great Defense Budget Black Hole

Nebojsa Malic
A Different Endgame

Charles Peņa
Shocked, Shocked by Bush's Broken Promises

Philip Giraldi
US, Iran One Misstep
From the Edge

Ivan Eland
Charlie Wilson's Warlords

Alan Bock
Some Substance, Please

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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