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Presidential Pantomime: Justin Raimondo
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?: Charles Peņa
From Guernica to Arab Jabour: Tom Engelhardt
Another Year of the Same: Jim Lobe
Bush Signs Vets Bill: Aaron Glantz

 Mohammad Omer

Exodus to Egypt

 Philip Giraldi

Cheney Back in Charge of Iran Policy

 Conn Hallinan

Counter-Insurgency From The Air

 Chalmers Johnson

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Updated January 30, 2008 - 10:00 PM EST
US Troop Reductions in Iraq May Slow or Stop

Bush Signing Statement Waives Ban On Permanent Iraq Bases


US Failed to Oversee Army Corps on Iraq Work, Agency Says


Commanders See Long Operation in Mosul

  Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 61 Iraqis Killed; 56 Iraqis Wounded

White House Criticizes US Envoy Over Iran

Taliban Find Fertile New Ground in Pakistan

New US Base on Afghan Border for Hitting Pakistani Rebels


US Aims to Turn Hostile Pakistani Tribes Friendly

  Pakistani Taliban Grow Bolder, Taking Fight to Frontier City
Normalizing Air War From Guernica to Arab Jabour  by Tom Engelhardt
Bush's Delusions Die in Gaza
by Gary Kamiya
Don't Even Think About It
by James Ridgeway and Jean Casella
'Buckle Up, There's Much More Coming'  Luke Ryland interviews Sibel Edmonds
A Sibel Edmonds Timeline  by Gary Leupp
The Fear Factory  by Guy Lawson

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Mideast, Asia Lose Internet Access After Cable Fails
Bush Offers Another Year of the Same
Bush Signs Vets Bill, Won't Ban Permanent Bases

Return to Fallujah, Part Two: 'The Americans Bring Us Only Destruction'

Bush Understates Challenges in Iraq, Afghanistan

Justice Dept. Accused of Blocking Gonzales Probe

Brief Extension for Eavesdropping Law

Severed Heads,
Bodies Found in Iraq Field
Today in Iraq

Presidential Council Ratifies New Iraqi Flag

Baghdad's Housing Boom

Iraqi Govt Extends Rations to Mid-2008

Iraq Could See Windfall From High Oil Prices

Attacks Continue

Weapons Meant for Iraqi Forces Being Diverted

Suicide Bombing in Northern Iraq Wounds 15

Head of Awakening Council Killed North of Baghdad

Car Bomb Targets US Patrol, Kills Iraqi

Three Gunmen Killed, 19 Bodies Found in Muqdadiya

Five Civilians Wounded by IED, Mortar Shelling in Baghdad

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 61 Iraqis Killed; 56 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

US Army Detains 18 'al-Qaeda Gunmen' in Central, Northern Iraq

US General Plans More Baghdad Garrisons

New Commander's Baghdad Strategy: 'Preserve Gains'

Truck Drivers Appeal Iraqi Ambush Case

US Army Investigates Detainee Deaths in Iraq

Global Iraq Fallout

Britain Denies Iraqi Soccer Star Permit

Abu Ghraib Documentary in Berlin Premiere

US Military

New Stryker Vehicle Faring Poorly in Field

Wheedling More F-22s With Bonus Bucks

Army Blocks Disability Paperwork Aid at Fort Drum

US Air Force Seeks Hearts and Minds of Congress in Battle for Bigger Budget

'War on Terror'

Greater Use of State Secrets Privilege Spurs Concern

Mukasey Still Won't Comment on Waterboarding

US Scraps Plan for Anti-Radiation Pills for Civilians

Portugal Allowed Use of Airspace in Gitmo Transport

UK Muslim Police Kept From Anti-Terror Roles


Afghan Officials Clueless About Kidnapped American

Afghan Women Protest American Aid Worker Kidnapping

No Word on US Aid Worker Kidnapped in Afghanistan

US to Press NATO for More Troops for Afghanistan


Missile Kills 12 Militants in Pakistan

Two Police, Two Militants Killed in Pakistan Shootout

Terror Threat Hitting Home in Pakistan

Musharraf Tells Europeans He's Their Best Bet

US Pushing Pakistan to Fix 'Distortions' Before Polls

Sri Lanka

Scores Killed as Sri Lanka Troops Attack Tamil Tigers

Children Die in Sri Lanka Bus Blast

Sri Lanka Takes Rebel Territory


Argentine Dirty War Officers Punished


Leading ETA Member Arrested

Estonia Bans Travel for Kremlin Youth Group

British MPs Kept in the Dark Over EU Treaty

Albania PM: Kosovo Independence Doesn't Pave Way for 'Greater Albania'


Tehran Calls Bush Remarks on Iran 'Boring'

Bush: US Will Not Back Down From Iranian 'Extremism'

Iranian Speaker Arrives in Egypt, Attends Islamic Summit


Egypt to Israel: You Made Gaza Problem

Egypt-Hamas Tensions Rise Over Border

Egyptians Grow Weary of Gazans

Olmert Praises 'Wonderful Activity' of Anti-Gaza Troops

FM: Israel Shouldn't Have to Apologize for Sealing Off Gaza

Smashed Border Fence Costs Gaza's Smugglers

Israel Won't Block Abbas Control at Egypt Crossing

Libya Rescinds Bid for UN Condemnation of Gaza Blockade


'Extremely Unusual': Israeli Soldiers Accused of Abusing Detainees

Hezbollah Official Threatens to Kidnap Additional Israeli Soldiers

Lebanon War Report Could Rock Israeli Government

Israeli Arab Muslim Leader Indicted


Lebanon Mourns After Fresh Violence

Rights Group: Syria Arrests Dissident

US Demands Syria Stop Rights Abuses, End Terror Support

Middle East
MI6 Urged UK to Drop Saudi Inquiry to Encourage Anti-Terror Cooperation

Suicide Attack on Algerian Police Station Kills Four


Vengeance Reignites Kenyan City

Opposition Lawmaker Killed in Kenya

Kenya: 'They Killed Our People, So Now We Will Do Likewise'

Kenyan Refugees Flee From Baying Crowds

One Man Helps Moderates Tackle the Roots of Kenya's Ethnic Rifts

UN Genocide Adviser Warns Kenyan Politicians

Annan Launches Kenya Mediation, Violence Spreads

No Quick Fix for Kenyan Crisis


Ethiopian Troops Abandon Key Military Base in Somalia

Ethiopian Generals Complain About New Somali PM

UN Official: Somalia Is Worst Humanitarian Crisis

Somali Govt, Militias Fight, 10 Killed


Mauritanian Refugees Return Home

US Critics 'Wanted to Believe' Child Soldier's Tale


Japan, US Rush to Erect Anti-Missile Shield

US: China Has Troubling Number of Weapons

US, North Korea Both Scold 'Impudent' Rights Envoy

Firebrand Named Thailand's New Premier


A Cold War Redux Is Seen on the Horizon

Putin's Candidate Medvedev Avoids TV Debates

Europe Election Monitors Might Forgo Russian Vote

Opponents Accuse Kremlin of Election Farce

United Kingdom

Briton Admits Plot to Behead Muslim Soldier

Committee: British Defense Ministry 'Living in Cloud-Cuckoo-Land'


Justin Raimondo
Presidential Pantomime

Charles Peņa
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?

Philip Giraldi
Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates

Ivan Eland
A Cynical Effort to Save Bush's Legacy

Alan Bock
The Imperial Pretension

Doug Bandow
Korean Troubles Old and New: Time to Bring the Troops Home

Nebojsa Malic
That Pesky Democracy

David R. Henderson
The Fatal Conceit in Foreign Policy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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