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Can Obama Save Us?: Justin Raimondo
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One Million Dead Iraqis

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Cheney Back in Charge of Iran Policy

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Updated February 4, 2008 - 11:28 PM EST
Neocons Plan US Surge in Afghanistan

Air Strike Kills 7 Civilians in Afghanistan

  Insurgencies Spread in Afghanistan and Pakistan
  British Plan to Build Training Camp for Taliban Fighters in Afghanistan
  Taliban Attacks on Allied Troops Soar by Up to a Third
Proposed Military Spending Highest Since WWII
  Pentagon Won't Detail War Spending Plan
  Bush Proposes First $3 Trillion Budget
US Accidentally Kills 9 Iraqi Civilians

Turkey Hits 70 Kurdish Rebel Targets

  'Re-Ba'athification Law' Passes, Signed Into Law
  US Military: Rise in Iran-Made Bombs in Baghdad District
  US Cross-Border Chases From Iraq OK, Document Says

Monday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 24 Wounded

Fatah Suicide Bomber Kills One Israeli

  Sy Hersh Confirms: Syrian Facility Bombed by Israel Was Not Nuclear
9/11 Commissioner: 'We Had to Go Through Karl Rove'
  Ties Between White House, 9/11 Panel Chief
Would It Be Torture if It Was Done to You?  by David Bromwich
McCain Is Now the Neocon Candidate  by Jim Lobe
Bush Legacy: Setting a Standard in Fear-Mongering  by Richard A. Clarke
Mukasey's Confession  by Tim Rutten
Horror at Guantánamo  by Andy Worthington
I Know Prisoner #345  by Meg Laughlin

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Al-Qaeda Said to Focus on WMDs
Contractors Can No Longer Wear Marine Cammies
Foreign Security Guards Wound Civilian in Baghdad
Former Hussein Supporters Live in Fear in Iraq
Sickness Thins the Ranks of UK Troops on Front Line
British Defense Ministry Warns That Wind Power Is a Threat to National Security
Elusive Web Site Offers North Korean Goods
Baghdad Drowning in Sewage:
Iraqi Official
Today in Iraq
Mosul Residents Stock Up Ahead of 'Decisive Battle'
309 Detainees Released, Death Sentences Expected Against 75
Market Bombings: Baghdad Locals Want Security, Not Iraqi Police
Hard Times for PKK in Northern Iraq
Shi'ite Politician Calls for Clearing Ministries of Quota System
Curfew Imposed on Baquba
Joint Forces Kill Seven al-Qaeda Suspects, Arrest 27
Iraq Occupation
On Patrol With the US Army in Iraq
US Soldier Killed in Non-Combatant Operation in Nineveh
Louisiana National Guard Soldiers Told to Prepare for Iraq
Attacks Continue
Four Anti-Qaeda Militiamen Killed in Raid on Iraq Base
Three Unknown Bodies Found in Baghdad
Two Civilians Wounded in Car Bomb in Mosul
Sunday: 2 US Soldiers, 21 Iraqis Killed; 10 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
Iraq Cancels Oil Exports to Austria OMV Over Kurdish Deals
Iraq Sends Memo to Iran Govt on Excesses on Joint Oilfields
UK Law Lords to Rule Whether Decision to Invade Iraq Warrants Inquiry
US Military
Denial in the Corps: Marines With PTSD Receive Little Help
Pilot OK After F-15 Crash Off Hawaii Coast
Mass. Guard Lacks Vital Resources
Berkeley Mayor Offers to Help Marines Leave
Marines Say They’re Not Leaving Berkeley
'War on Terror'
Terrorism Phrasebook to Put UK Officials on Guard
Film Recreates Guantánamo Tribunal
Rebels Attempt Coup in Chad
Chad President, Besieged by Rebels, Fights Back
Rebels Press Attacks in Chad's Capital and East
Sources: Chad Rebels, Sudan Warplanes Hit Border Town
Chad Rebels Say They Seized Eastern Town
Rebels' Assault on Chad Really a War by Proxy
Sudan Denies Involvement in Chad Fighting
UN Security Council Meets on Chad Fighting
Kenya Talks Set to Resume, but Violence Continues
Kenya Fighting Intensifies, 13 Dead
Kenya's Divisions Aren't Only Tribal
Kenya Opposition Wants AU Troops

Gangs Clash Ahead of Talks to End Kenya Crisis

Bomb Kills Eight Civilians in Somali Capital
Somali Speaker Blames Insurgents for Ethiopian Troops
Nigerian Army on High Alert Over Chad Crisis
Zimbabwe Opposition to Contest Vote, Remains Split
Three Mauritanians Charged in Tourist Deaths
KGB-Trained Hungarian Has NATO Role
British Troops Arrested After Attacking Cypriot Pub
Colombia Says Rebels to Hand Three More Hostages to Chávez
ElBaradei: Progress Toward Resolving Iran Inquiry
Iran Hits Out at France Over Base, Nuclear Row
Iran Summons French Envoy as Relations Chill
Reformist Cleric Is Jailed in Iran
Sanctions Likely to Backfire on West, Iranian Business Warns
Crisis in Gaza
Egypt Closes Breached Border With Gaza
Egypt: We Won't Tolerate Further Attempts to Breach Gaza Border
Israeli DM Calls for Immediate Fencing Off of Israel-Egypt Border
Despair as Gazans Lose Link to Outside World
EU to Act in Gaza if Solution Is Reached, Solana Says
Israeli PM Escapes Crisis as Key Coalition Partner Stays
Despite Promise, Israel's Barak Will Stay in Government
Olmert Decides to Relax Prisoner Criteria to Push Schalit Deal
West Bank Villagers: Settlers Uprooted 200 Olive Trees
Israeli DM Met Secretly With Qatari PM
Shi'ite Lebanese Groups Hail Arrest of Officers in Riot Shooting
Lebanese Man Killed in Gunfire From Israel
Lebanese Army Dispatched After Reports Israeli Forces Trying to Steal Rainwater
Turkish Army Says Kills 10 PKK Rebels
Turkish PM Says Headscarf Opponents Divide Nation
Middle East
ElBaradei Brushes Off Concern Over Arab Nuclear Development
Famous Afghan Warlord in Standoff With Police
Afghan Insurgency Not Spreading, NATO Claims
Freedom for Sale in Afghanistan Jails
Canadian Takes Command of Troops in Southern Afghanistan
Afghanistan Likely to Dominate Munich Security Conference
At Least Six Killed in Pakistan Bombing
Pakistani Militants Increase Coordination
Pakistan Opposition to Step Up Campaign
Pakistan Authorities Search for Missing Red Cross Workers
Pakistani Taliban Leader Sleeps Badly at Night
Pakistan's Bhutto Was Warned of Four Suicide Bomber Squads: Memoirs
Kashmir Separatists Deny Taliban Links
An Air of Peace in Kashmir
Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka Railway Station Suicide Blast Kills 11
Sri Lanka to Mark Independence
Bomb Threats Ahead of Sri Lanka Independence Parade
China Warns Taiwan of 'Heavy Cost' for UN Vote
Great Firewall of China Faces Online Rebels
Thai PM to Take Defense Job
Pro-Western President Wins Serbia Vote
Serb Coalition in Doubt After Liberal Scrapes Win
Russia's Ambassador to NATO Warns of Confrontation With Poland

Putin's Man Takes Chance to Stress Continuity


Justin Raimondo
Can Obama Save Us?

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Pakistan

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Bush's Rosy Scenario

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The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration

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Two Days with Charles Peña

Charles Peña
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?

Philip Giraldi
Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates

Nebojsa Malic
That Pesky Democracy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

Sascha Matuszak
Chaos in the Great Game

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