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The Winter of Our Discontent: Justin Raimondo
A Pre-Election Attack on Iran?: Leon Hadar
What Colin Powell Knew: Jonathan Schwarz
Bush: Uniter, Decider, Interpreter: William Fisher
Pakistan al-Qaeda 'Biggest Threat': Jim Lobe

 James Bovard

Attention Deficit Democracy

 Ann Wright

Voices of Conscience

 Jim Lobe

The Neocons

 Allan Hyde

One Million Dead Iraqis

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Updated February 6, 2008 - 10:02 PM EST
US Will Have Trouble Finding New War Allies
  Bush: Uniter, Decider, and Now, Interpreter

Bush Threatens Veto of Laws Without Telecom Immunity

  Annual Pentagon Request: $500B and Counting
Iraqi Army, Police Feuding Slows Takeover
  Iraq: 4 Civilians Killed in US Raid
  Tuesday: 3 GIs, 90 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded; Mass Grave Found
CIA Says Used Waterboarding on Three Suspects

Intel Chief: Pakistan-Based al-Qaeda Biggest Threat


US Intel: al-Qaeda May Move Outside Iraq

Hamas Vows Retaliation After Israel Kills Nine
When the Press Helped Colin Powell Sell the War  by Greg Mitchell
What Colin Powell Knew Five Years Ago, and What He Told the World  by Jonathan Schwarz
Is Mukasey Prioritizing the Harassment and Imprisonment of Journalists?  by Glenn Greenwald
The New Crime of Thinking
by Gary D. Barnett
Demand Answers About the Liberty Incident  by Bryant Jordan
It's Torture; It's Illegal
Los Angeles Times

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Gates Declines to Estimate War Costs

Feds Want Rendition Lawsuit Dismissed

Wading Through Rivers to Count Dead Bodies

Militant Groups Multiply Worldwide as Conflict Changes

US Report: North Korea Threatened to Sell Nukes to Terrorists

Chechen Warns of Islamic Extremism

Karzai Ponders
Journalist's Death Sentence
Today in Iraq

Iraq Signs Up to Awakening Movement

Maliki Hoists New National Flag

Turkey Hits Iraqi Areas Kurd Militants Say They Left

Diyala Police Chief Survives Assassination Attempt

Sadr's Office Urges Govt to Launch Probe Into Leader's Killing

Al-Qaeda's Invisible Man Keeps Iraq Guessing

Tuesday: 3 GIs, 90 Iraqis Killed; 7 Iraqis Wounded; Mass Grave Found
Occupying Iraq

US Army Launches Wide-Scale Operation in Northern Baghdad

McCain: Decision on Permanent Bases Should Be Left Up to Iraqi Govt

'War on Terror'

Canadian Gitmo Detainee Shot by US Forces Before Capture

Former Guantánamo Prisoner Asks US to Review Its Founding Ideals

Ryanair to Pay Damages to Musicians Booted Off Flight for Being 'Terrorists'

Court Reviews on Detainees

Intel Officials See 3-D Online Worlds as Havens for Criminals

US Military

No. 2 Commander in Iraq Will Become Army Vice Chief

Pentagon Wants More Unmanned Drones

Air Force's New Skipping, Bouncing Bombs

Brawny New Bunker Buster: 'Divine Thunderbolt'

Soldier With PTSD Is a Deserter, Army Says


Afghanistan Strains NATO Ties

Norway Urges Stronger UN Role in Afghanistan

Germany Balances Voter, NATO Demands on Afghanistan

Germany Increases Winter Aid to Afghanistan

Canada Considers Afghanistan Withdrawal

Taliban Set for Windfall From Afghan Opium Crop

Afghan Official: Journalism Student Will Not Be Executed

Afghan Official Accused of Pecking With Impunity

Red Cross Reports Two Workers Kidnapped on Afghan-Pakistan Border

Military Retirees Demand Musharraf's Resignation

Blast in Quetta Kills One

Minority Christians Keep Faith in Pakistan

US Report: Pakistan's Nukes 'Vulnerable'

Bhutto, in Will, Urges Fight Against Terrorism

UK Think Tank: Taliban in Pakistan a Global Threat

Kashmiri Protesters March on Indian Embassy in Pakistan


India Buys Lockheed Aircraft in Breakthrough Deal

India Struggling to Cope With Maoists

Sri Lanka

22 Killed in Sri Lanka Fighting


Ahmadinejad Withdrawing 2005 Nuclear Proposal

Iran Annoyed With India's Launch of Israeli Spy Satellite

Iran Launches Five Electronic Warfare Equipment Production Lines

Iran VP: West Imposes Sanctions for 'Being Creative' in Science

US Commander Says Iran Not Involved in Hostilities in Iraq

No Evidence of Iran's Use of Iraqi Oilfields
Mossad Predicts Iran Will Have Nuclear Weapon in Three Years

Egypt Warns Hamas Against Provocations on Gaza Border

Jordan Urges US to Pressure Israel to Halt Gaza Attacks

Hamas in Gaza Dismisses Statements by Its Senior Members in West Bank

Israel Releases Palestinian Detainee After 15 Years Behind Bars

Israeli Military Will 'Solve' Issue of Terrorism, Promises DM

Israel Closes East Jerusalem Education Center, Accuses Group of Ties to Hamas

Diplomatic Duel: Israel vs. Cuba

Middle East

Lebanese Army, UN Probe Border Shooting

Syria Releases Opposition Figure Makkiyeh


Sarkozy Could Send Troops to Chad

Chad PM Rejects Cease-Fire With Rebels, Blames Sudan

Chad's Capital Eerily Quiet as Rebellion Falters

Chad Rebels Threaten New Attack

Refugees Still Fleeing Chad

UN: Chad Relief Efforts Hampered by Mounting Violence


20 Killed in Somali Port Blast

Five Killed in Mogadishu Market Violence

Puntland Leader Leaves for Ethiopia as Militia Violence Kills Five


Death Toll in Kenya Exceeds 1,000, but Talks Reach Crucial Phase

Kenyan Opposition Makes New Protest Threat

Peace Corps Suspends Work in Kenya


Former Ally to Challenge Mugabe in Zimbabwe Poll

UN Force in Darfur to Get Helicopters


Serbia Coalition Close to Collapse Over EU Accord

France: Parliament Set to Ratify European Treaty

KGB-Trained Hungarian Heads NATO Committee


China Frees a Journalist It Accused of Spying

Philippines Military Kills Eight Civilians in Muslim Province


US Expands Sanctions on Myanmar

Myanmar Tourism Down After Protests


Justin Raimondo
The Winter of Our Discontent

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Pakistan

Alan Bock
Bush's Rosy Scenario

Doug Bandow
The Terror Presidency: Law and Judgment Inside the Bush Administration

David R. Henderson
Two Days with Charles Peña

Charles Peña
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?

Philip Giraldi
Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates

Nebojsa Malic
That Pesky Democracy

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

Praful Bidwai
Nuke Deal May Trigger Midterm Polls in India

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