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Updated February 8, 2008 - 10:14 PM EST
NATO Afghan Rift Deepens After US Criticism
  Rice Insists Afghanistan Strategy Is Working Despite Warnings
  US Officials Worried About Afghanistan
Retired Generals Turn on Musharraf
  Defections Hit Pro-Musharraf Party
  Pakistan Rejects US Military Role
  Scotland Yard: Injury From Blast Killed Bhutto
  Officials: Secret Talks Led to Pakistan Cease-Fire
US Claims Iranian-Backed Attacks Up in Iraq
  Shift in Tactics Aims to Revive Struggling Insurgency
  Iraqi Lawmakers Argue Amid Usual Backdrop of Violence
  Civilian Killed in Mix-Up Between US, Iraqi Forces
  Thursday: 3 US Soldiers, 29 Iraqis Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
Justice Dept. 'Cannot' Probe Waterboarding, Mukasey Says
  CIA Boss: Waterboarding May Be Illegal
  US Admiral Confirms Secret Camp at Gitmo

Probably Some Good Intelligence on YouTube, CIA Bets

What Did Israel Bomb in Syria?
by Seymour Hersh
Military Spending/GDP = Nonsense for Budget Policy Making  by Robert Higgs
Torture Does Not Work, as History Shows  by Robert Fisk
Revealing Deliberate Deceptions
Sari Gelzer interviews Daniel Ellsberg
The Whys of Spies  by Jacob Sullum
Permanent Disaster  by Marie Cocco

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Cheney: 'Damn Right' I Back Bush Use of Waterboarding
Friendly-Fire Incidents Prove Hard for Military to Eliminate
Murtha Prepares War Funding Bill With Pullout Provision
US Missile Plan 'Aims to Encircle Russia’
Sadr Orders Mehdi Army to Maintain Cease-Fire – for Now
New Weight in Army Manual on Stabilization
Islamic Sharia Law in Britain Is 'Unavoidable', Says Archbishop of Canterbury
Gaza Diary: Not a Life for Children
Iraq Insurgents
Iraq Sunni Insurgents Turn to Armor-Piercing Bombs
Gunmen Set Eight Communication Towers Ablaze in Mosul
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Tries to Improve Image
Troops Seize More Than a Dozen Suspects in Raid on Baghdad's Sadr City
Police Uncovers Huge Weapon Cache in Kirkuk
Iraqi Politics
Iraqi Lawmakers Freeze Election Debate
Maliki Holds New Mosul War Council Meeting
Iraq Deputies Seek Compromise to Save Budget
Talabani Seeks Resolution to Kurdish Issue
New Iraqi Flag to Fly Over Kurdistan Sunday
Today in Iraq
US Military Has New Name for Iraq Neighborhood Militia Groups
Powerful Shi'ite Cleric Quiets in Iraq
Influence of Grand Ayatollah al-Sistani
Kurd Shelters Hit in Northern Iraq
US Official Chides Arab Allies Over Iraq
Thursday: 3 US Soldiers, 29 Iraqis Killed; 42 Iraqis Wounded
Iraqi Refugees
Return Home by Iraq's Internal Refugees Slows
Iraq's Returnees Crave a Future Free of Bloodshed
Govt Minister: Iraq's Returnee Numbers Unclear
Jolie in Iraq for UN Refugee Mission
US Military
US Military Deletes Film Critique That Accused Filmmaker of Furthering Terrorist Goals
Army Probes Spate of Accidental Drug Overdoses

Fear-Inciting Weapons Stolen From Storage Facility

'War on Terror'
Al-Qaeda Still a Threat to US, Intelligence Chiefs Say
Official: Al-Qaeda Near Tipping Point?
FBI Arrests Alleged Puerto Rican Militant
Abu Hamza Faces Extradition to US
Airport Security Technology Stuck in the Pipeline
Homeland Security Official Accused of Misleading Congress
Why Are US Customs Officials Taking Laptops?
Confusion Clouds Tribunals
Lawyers: Gitmo Detainee Breaking Down
Bin Laden's Driver Wants Charges Dropped
Bodies Swept Off the Streets in Chad as President Claims Victory Over Rebels
Nighttime Curfew Declared Across Chad
Chad President Urges EU Force to Deploy
Chad Refugees Roughing It in Cameroon
US Bars 10 Leading Kenya Politicians
Kenya Talks Focus on Easing Violence
Fresh Fighting Rocks Mogadishu
Islamist Insurgents Claim Somalia Attacks
UN Fears New Horn of Africa War
UN Stays Put in Eritrea, Fears War
Mugabe Opponent: I'm Not Western Pawn
Six Suspects in Court Over Algeria Bombing
Eight Arrested in Attack on Israeli Embassy in Mauritania
Comoros Troops Set to Attack Rebel Island
Congo Turns Over War Crimes Suspect
Bomb Blast Damages Basque Court Building
Northern Ireland on Terror Alert
France: Lawmakers Say Yes to New European Treaty
UK's Trident Nuclear Sub Plan Wins Parliament OK
Intelligence Official Revives Iran Doubts
Experts: Iran Develops Fast Centrifuges
France Says Iranian 'Rocket' Cannot Work in Space
Germany Calls for Iran Movement on Nuclear Issue
Iran's Khatami Terms Election Process 'Catastrophe'
US Heading to War in Iran, Says Former UN Inspector
Egypt Threatens to Break the Legs of Gaza Infiltrators
Egypt Fears Gazans Bought Land in Sinai
Israel to Begin Reducing Power Supply to Gaza
Major Israeli Ground Invasion of Gaza Back on the Agenda
Israel Launches Deadly Gaza Raids
Israel Should Not 'Worsen' Gaza Humanitarian Crisis: US
Israeli Forces Kill Seven Gunmen, Teacher in Gaza
Hamas Confiscates Aid Trucks to Gaza
Israeli Army Says Rocket Silos Found in Gaza
Hamas Rejects Abbas Cease-Fire Amid Israeli Attacks
Hamas Statement: We Stopped Suicide Attacks for a Year, and Air Strikes Persisted
Missile Hits School Hamas May Have Used
Israeli Officials: Killing Hamas Leadership 'Next Logical Step'
Netanyahu: When I Was PM Palestinians Were Afraid
Israel Hopes Viagra Will Enhance Performance of Fighter Pilots
Lebanon Opposition Demands Veto Power
Israeli Planes Violate Lebanese Airspace
NATO States Wrangle Over Afghanistan Troop Commitments
Karzai Denies Tensions With West
Rice Visits Former Taliban Stronghold
France Says Considering Afghanistan Reinforcements
Roadside Bomb Kills US Soldier in Afghanistan
Clerics Urge Afghan Govt to Support Journalist's Death Sentence
Karzai Vows Justice for Condemned Student
Suicide Bombing Wounds Three Soldiers in Eastern Afghanistan
Canadians Fired Almost Five Million Bullets in Afghanistan in Two Years
Amnesty Fails to Block Canada Transfers to Afghans
US Army Accuses Canadian Teen of Killing Afghans
Soldier in 'Shock' Over Leaked Khadr Report
Pakistani Senator Mediating Secret Peace Deal With Taliban
Pakistan Rejects US Intelligence Report on Nukes
Banned Pakistani Groups Back, With Different Names
Pakistani News Channel Goes Off Air
Bomb Kills Three, Wounds 11 in Pakistan's Southwest

Bhutto's Party Ends Mourning, Vows to Fight for Democracy

Thai Junta: Sorry About the Coup
Thailand Will Not Interfere in Myanmar
Nepal's Parties Criticize Revival of Maoist Council
Philippine, Indian Army Chiefs Discuss Better Military Cooperation
Serbian Minister: EU Offer Is Void of Content
Kosovo Independence in 10 Days
Lavrov Criticizes US 'Imperial Thinking'
Kremlin Moves to Regain Control of Business
Monitor Group Cancels Mission to Russia Election

Justin Raimondo
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Election 2008: What's a Peacenik to Do?

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The Dragon or the Snake?

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Pakistan

Alan Bock
Bush's Rosy Scenario

David R. Henderson
Two Days with Charles Peña

Charles Peña
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?

Philip Giraldi
Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

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