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Deep State Coup Averted in Turkey: Chris Deliso
The Info Problem: Pull Out of Iraq: David Henderson
Tortured Justifications: Alan Bock
Another Act of War: Gordon Prather
Gitmo Trials: Where Are the Terrorists?: Worthington

 David R. Henderson

Information, Intervention Problems

 Isabel McDonald

Do-gooders Make Darfur Worse

 Seymour Hersh

Israel's Sept. Attack on Syria

 James Bovard

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Updated February 10, 2008 - 11:07 PM EST
US Military Chief: Pakistan Terror Threat Rising
  Suicide Bomb Kills 25 at Pakistan Election Rally
  Pakistani Official: bin Laden, Omar Not Operating in Pakistan
  US General Says Pakistan Nukes Safe Despite Rising Militancy
Local Iraqi Govts, US-Backed Sunnis in Conflict
  10 Years for US Sniper Who Killed Unarmed Iraqi
  Maliki to Remain PM in Reshuffle, Talabani Says
  Iraq Sunni Bloc Says No Decision Yet to Rejoin Govt
  Sunday: 86 Iraqis Killed, 84 Wounded
No Funds in Bush Budget for Troop-Benefits Plan
Gates: Iraq Proves More Troops Needed in Afghanistan
The Surveillance Scam: Why the Protect America Act Is a Bad Idea  by Tim Lee
Guantánamo Trials: Where Are The Terrorists?  by Andy Worthington
The Ticking Time Bomb Thought-Experiment  by Caroline Arnold
Deep State Coup Averted in Turkey
by Christopher Deliso
Another Act of War  by Gordon Prather
The Torture State's Domestic Face
by William Norman Grigg

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ElBaradei: Rate of Illegal Nuclear Trafficking 'Scary'
Serbia Braces for Kosovo Independence
Into Iraq's Uncertain Political Landscape
Army Sniper Weeps on Stand in Iraq
Turkey Lashes EU Countries Over PKK Affiliates, Vows to Hit Iraq Targets
Curfew in Mosul as Anti-al-Qaeda Battle Looms
Bush Administration Appeals PATRIOT Act Ruling
What Is Sharia Law?
Putin Lashes Out at
West's 'New Arms Race'
Today in Iraq
Old Iraq Flag in Huge Demand at Basra Market
Iraq: Diary of an Insurgent in Retreat
Iraqi Police Destroy 'Islamic State' HQ in Madaen
Local al-Qaeda Leader Killed in Raid: Iraq Police
31 Shi'ites Detained South of Baghdad
75 Suspects Arrested in Operation in Karbala
Iraq Occupation
Shi'ite Organization Accuses Iran, US of Using Iraq as Battlefield
US Commanders Welcome Fallujah Revival
UK 'Culture Manuals' Give Troops Insight Into Arab Life
Attacks Continue
Poison Cake Kills Iraqi Children
Al-Qaeda in Iraq Leaders: Breaking Smokers' Fingers Backfiring
20 Unidentified Bodies Found in Iraq on Saturday
Navy Bomb Expert Killed, 6 SEALS Injured in Iraq
Saturday: 1 Navy SEAL, 26 Iraqis Killed; Five Iraqis Wounded
The War at Home
Is Retroactive Telecom Immunity Unconsitutional?
McCain Will Accept the 'Verdict' if Voters Reject Him on Iraq
DHS Appoints Cybersecurity Official With Poor Security Record
Mayor of Toledo (Ohio) to Marines: Leave Downtown
US Military
Where's the Respect?
Armored Vehicle Firm Files Chapter 11 in US Court
Families Say at Least 27 Killed in Darfur Attack
Sudan: Attacks Push Rebel Group Over the Border Into Chad
Audit of UN's Sudan Mission Finds Tens of Millions in Waste
Sudan Arrests Two in US Diplomat Killing
Sudan Signs Operating Rules for UN-AU Darfur Force
Curfew Eased in Chad Capital
Chad Rebels Say They Want to Lure Army From Capital
Kenya Opposition Drops Conciliatory Tone
Kenya Rivals Near Deal, Tough Talks Lie Ahead
Thousands Mourn Slain Kenyan Opposition MP
UN: Lacking Fuel, Peacekeepers to Exit Eritrea
Mauritanian President: Attack on Israeli Embassy Won't Harm Ties
US Defense Chief, Russian Deputy PM Trade Nuclear Quips
Norway Opposed to Deploying US Missile Defense Shield in Europe
In Terror Case, Spain Detects Tie to Pakistan
Jail Visits 'Routinely Bugged' in Britain
Americans Keep Dying
Eustis (FL) Soldier Killed in Iraq, Days Before Homecoming
Soldier, Newlywed Dies in Iraq Just Short of 21st Birthday (CA)
Fallen Soldier From Port Matilda (PA) Was Proud to Serve
Bonaire (GA) Paratrooper Remembered
Soldier (MO) Volunteered for 2nd Tour to Give Others a Break
Funeral Arrangements Set for Slain Navy Seal (NH)
Combat Medic From Arlington (TX) Died Doing What He Loved
Navy Seal Killed in Iraq Had Life Filled With Adventure (PA)
Memorial Service Honors Texas Army Captain Killed in Iraq
Virginia Native Dies During Second Tour in Iraq
Illinois Paratrooper Killed in Iraq
Iran Developments Deeply Disturbing, Says US Official
Iran to Resume Talks With US Before Friday, Report Says
Monitoring Body Might Revise Disqualifications in Iran Elections
Iranian Company to Construct Power Station in Najaf
Egypt Walks a Dangerous Tightrope Over Gaza
Electricity Key Weapon in Gaza War
UK: Gaza Electricity Cut Risks Harming Humanitarian Situation
Timeline of Gaza's Electricity Crisis
Hamas Says It Seized Jordan Aid to Keep It From Rivals
US: Security Forces for Future Palestinian State Will Require $7 Billion
Palestinian Population Up 30 Pct in a Decade: Census
Palestinian Negotiator Says 2008 Peace Deal Possible
2 Brothers, 8 and 19, Seriously Hurt in Qassam Strike in Israel
Israel Complains to UN Security Council Over Rocket Barrage
Turkish Parliament Lifts University Headscarf Ban
Turkish PM Vows to Battle PKK 'Until the End'
Lebanon's Presidential Election Postponed for 14th Time
IDF: Hezbollah Missiles Deployed in South Lebanon
Yemen: Relatives Rally for Guantánamo Inmates
Middle East
Lebanon's Presidential Election Postponed for 14th Time
Yemen: Relatives Rally for Guantánamo Inmates
Germany to Boost Afghan Troops Amid NATO Split
Canada: Liberals Reject Tory Motion on Afghanistan
Police Said to Identify Four Germans in Afghan/Pakistan Terrorist Camps
Joint Chiefs Chairman and Musharraf Discuss Terror Threat
Remote-Controlled Explosion Critically Wounds Seven Soldiers in SW Pakistan
Pakistan: Police Helpless as Kidnappings Increase in Lahore
Chinese Hackers Target Government Networks
Chinese Editor Freed After 4 Years
Uneasy Peace Reigns on Southern Philippine Island
50 Soldiers Suspended in Philippines Death Probe
Russia Denies Breaching Japanese Airspace
Sri Lanka Troops Close in on Rebel Town, 44 Dead
Nepal Ethnic Groups Threaten Blockade of Capital

Mob Kills Politician in Western India

Myanmar Junta Announces Elections in 2010
Atop Vietnamese Noodle Shop, War’s Course Shifted
Thailand: Three Shot Dead in Restive Province
Chavez: First Steps Taken in Release of Colombian Hostages
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Lives on the Ground
Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas (1943)
In the Dock for Haditha
Book Scrutinizes US Ideas That Led to Iraq War

Justin Raimondo
The Cable-Cutter Mystery

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

David R. Henderson
The Information Problem: Pull Out of Iraq

Doug Bandow
Election 2008: What's a Peacenik to Do?

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

Ivan Eland
What to Do About Pakistan

Charles Peña
Is Bad PR Really the Problem?

Philip Giraldi
Ha'aretz Rates the Candidates

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

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