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Today's Highlights

Antiwarriors: Divided & Conquered by John Walsh
Europe: Divorce the US Military by Neil Clark
Counter Counterinsurgency: William S. Lind
A New Force Shows Its Muscle: Ali/Jamail
Torture Exonerated? by Bruce Fein

 Scott Horton

Rule of Law Waterboarded

 Christopher Ketcham

Break Up the USA

 John Feffer

North East Asian Arms Race

 John Taylor

Bush, Abrams vs. Palestinians

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Updated February 14, 2008 - 10:14 PM EST
House Holds Bush Aides in Contempt
Gates, Rice: GIs Must Stay in Iraq Beyond 2008
  Plan to Curb Contract Fraud Doesn't Apply in Iraq, Afghanistan
  Army Asked to Release Rand Report on Iraq War
  House Democrat Readying 2008 War Spending Proposal
  Rice Denies Knowing She Made False Statements in Runup to Iraq War
Iraq Security Adviser Wants No US Pullout Pause
  Thousands of New Prisoners Overwhelm Iraqi System
  Iraqi Lawmakers Pass Budget, Elections Date, Amnesty for Detainees
  Rift Threatens US Antidote to al-Qaeda in Iraq
  US Soldier With 'Possible Homicidal Tendencies' Sent to Iraq
  Thursday: 39 Iraqis Killed, 53 Wounded
Pakistan Elections May Sideline Islamists
  Pakistan Tests Another Nuclear-Capable Missile
  Bhutto Assassins Say Attack Was Revenge for Pakistani Mosque Siege
Eavesdropping Law Is Likely to Lapse
  Senate Passes Ban on Waterboarding
  Rules for Lawyers of Detainees Are Called Onerous
US Intel: Iran Has Capacity to Produce Nukes
Defense Official Is Charged in Chinese Espionage Case
Antiwarriors: Divided and
 by John Walsh
Counter Counterinsurgency: Unentangle  by William S. Lind
Imperialism, Interventionism, and Isolationism  by Jacob G. Hornberger
Europe: Divorce the US Military
by Neil Clark
The Flaws of Interventionism
by Courtney A. Fiske
Close-Up on Clinton  by Ximena Ortiz

More Viewpoints

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Rice Calls Russian Rhetoric 'Reprehensible'
Congressman: Rice 'Falsely Testified' on Pre-War WMD Intel
The Man on Both Sides of Air War Debate
UN Weighs Ban on Weapons in Space, but US Still Objects
House Rejects Dems' Extension of Surveillance Act
Roll Call Vote on Waterboarding Ban
Roll Call Vote on Expansion of Spy Powers
Retired Israeli Generals: Checkpoints Sow Hatred, Damage Peace Process
Iraq Occupation
A New Force Called Sahwa Shows Its Muscle
Iraq to Bring Legal Action Against US Soldiers
Two Former Iraqi Army Officers 'Mistakenly' Gunned Down in Diyala by US Forces
Coalition Forces to Boost Baghdad Presence
Exxon, Shell: Iraq Oil Law Needed for Deal
US Releases 300 Detainees in Iraq
US Holding Baghdad Hospital Official in Bombings

Mukasey Visits Iraq, Talks to Officials

Talks on US-Iraqi Long-Term Agreement to Be Held
US Troops Arrests 11 Civilians in Anbar
Saddam’s Words Live on … in a US Army HQ
Today in Iraq
Interpreter Freed, but CBS Journalist Still Held
Iraqi Army Arrests Sudanese Suspect in Nineveh
UN: Four Million Iraqis Struggling for Food
The Yacht That Saddam Built
Iraq's Deaf Soccer Team Braves Violence to Play
Attacks Continue
Unknown Gunmen Storm School, Execute a Three Year Old Child in Baghdad
Bomb Blast Injures Two Civilians Near Fallujah
Mayor Escapes Assassination Attempt in Anbar
Wednesday: 19 Iraqis Killed, 12 Wounded
The War at Home
Rice Admits Errors in Iraqi, Afghan Reconstruction
60 Percent Want Troops Home From Iraq Within a Year
Rice, Gates: Iraq Accord Won't Bind Next President
Budget Deficit Running at Faster Pace
General Says Abu Ghraib Scandal Will Resonate 'for Years to Come'
US Congressman: Venezuela, Iran Oil Deal May Violate US Sanctions
Texas Pair Accused of Illegal Sales to Iran
Berkeley Eases Anti-Marines Stance, Now Declares They 'Support the Troops'
US Military
Army Recruiters Try Offering Home Downpayment Money
Iraq War Vets' Suicide Rates Analyzed
US Learns From Israel-Hezbollah War
Trouble for Drone-Killing Missile
Land Warrior Needs Work, Soldiers Say
VA Chief Addresses Veteran Suicides
Video Addresses Military Suicides
Air Force's Nuclear Focus Has Dimmed, Studies Find
Harrier Crashes Near Lejeune, Pilot Ejects
'War on Terror'
Travel Alert: US Customs Agents Can Copy All Data on Citizens' Laptops at Border
Los Alamos: 19 Nuke Violations, 57 Classified Info Breaches in Five Years
UK Judges Question Why Downloading Propaganda Is Proof of Terrorism
British Poet Jailed Over Islamist Literature May Benefit From Court Ruling
Prosecutor: Aussie Terrorists Aimed to Bomb Football Fields
Five Students Win Terror Appeal in UK
Battles of Britain
UK Mothers Ask for Iraq War Inquiry
British Prince Defends Comments on Colonialism
UK Police: Death of Exiled Georgian Billionaire 'Suspicious'
Kenya Angry With Kofi Annan
Kenyan Rivals Hunker Down in Secret for Crisis Talks
Kenya Election Chief: Rigging Possible
Rape Is Weapon in Kenyan Violence
US Warships Strike Somali Coastal Town
Somali Minister: Insurgents Won't Get Power Through Violence
UN: Somali Violence Puts Two Million at Risk
Chad Refugees Head Home After Failed Rebel Coup
Chad Says Sudanese, al-Qaeda Among Rebel Prisoners
Civilians Killed and Displaced in Darfur Clashes
Bush to Underscore US 'Commitment' to Africa
Uganda Accuses Opposition of Inciting Kenya-Like Violence
US Assessing Russian Flyovers
US Official: No Hostile Russian Intent Against US
Bullied Russian Soldier Dies in Hospital
US Forces Getting Set for Events in Kosovo
Kosovo Tries to Launch Independence Softly
Ukraine Set to Outlaw NATO Bases After 'Russian Threats'
Terror Suspect Confesses in Germany
Exiled Georgia Opposition Figure Dies
Iran Puts Uranium Gas in Centrifuges
Russia Warns Iran on Missiles, Uranium Enrichment

Rice Hopes UN Resolution on Iran Will Pass Soon

Britain: Iran Sanctions Draft to Be Revised
Germany Aims to Up Sanctions on Iran
US, Iran to Hold Talks Over Iraq at Expert Level
Sarkozy Attacks Iran for Its Stance on Israel
Palestinians Clash With Israeli Special Forces in Rafah
Israel Seeks International Backing for Gaza Invasion
Two Boys, Two Sides, Two Beds in an Israeli Hospital Ward
Israel to Add Homes in East Jerusalem
Olmert Promises: No Talks on Jerusalem
Hezbollah Leader Killed
Terror Suspect Wanted by US Killed in Syria
Death of Hezbollah Leader 'Justice,' US Says
Killing of Hezbollah Commander 'Terrorist Act': Syria
Lebanese Majority Leader Denounces Hezbollah Commander's Killing
Hezbollah Blames Israel for Syria Killing
Israel Denies Killing Hezbollah Terror Chief
Hezbollah Leader's Killing in Syria Could Trigger Retaliation
Attacks Blamed on Mughniyeh
Former CIA Official: Mossad Behind Damascus Bombing
Sombre Mood Grips Hezbollah Stronghold Near Beirut
Fisk: Bloody End of Man Who Made Kidnapping a Weapon of War
Analysts: Assassination a Serious Blow to Hezbollah
Bush Accuses Iran, Syria of Undermining Lebanon
Christian Split on Lebanon Presidency Prolongs Hezbollah Fight
Study: 14 Percent of Southern Lebanon Children Suffer From PTSD
Turkey No Platform for Israeli Strikes: Official
Divided Turkey Debates Rights, Religion
Middle East
Bush Imposes New Sanctions on Syria

US 'Not Satisfied' With Egyptian Efforts to Scrap Tunnels

Afghanistan Occupation
Ashdown: Defeat a 'Real Possibility' in Afghanistan
Italian Soldier Killed, One Wounded in Afghanistan
Soldier: Canadians Ill-Equipped in Afghanistan
Extension of Afghan Mission Likely in Canada
German Army Union Against Extending Afghan Mission
Germany May Increase Afghanistan Troops: Paper
Today in Afghanistan
'Al-Qaeda Is Not Interested in Afghanistan'
20 Kidnapped in Afghanistan
Three Afghan Soldiers, Two Security Guards Killed in Attacks
Roadside Bomb Kills Two Afghan Guards Near Pakistani Border
Security Forces Come Up Empty in Search for Pakistani Ambassador
Taliban Denies Kidnapping Pakistani Envoy
Pakistan Election Campaign Convoy Bombed, Two Dead
Pakistan Says Has 'Breakthrough' in Bhutto Case
Pro-Musharraf Party Predicts Victory
In Tribal Pakistan, Religious Parties Are Foundering
Sharif: Pakistan Vote Could Cause Chaos
Pakistan's 'Forgotten' Kingmaker
Sharif Thumps Tub by Bashing Musharraf's US Ties
Ties With India Seen Steady After Pakistan Vote
Strike by Ethnic Groups Cripples South Nepal
Fuel Shortage Hits Nepal's Capital
East Timor
Timorese President Walked Into Gunfight
East Timor Extends Emergency
East Timor, Shaken by Attack on Leaders, Weighs Causes
Taiwan Seeks Info on Spy Damage
Malaysia Leader Ends Parliament, Setting Stage for Bitter Contest
Aid Group Decries Sri Lankan Casualties
Mao Proposed Sending 10 Million Women to US
French Oil Firm to Stay in Venezuela, Iran
France: 30 Years for ETA Commando Chief

France, Brazil Forge Military Pact

Report Reveals Human Rights Abuses in Mexico
Venezuelans Grow Bitter Over Abductions

Justin Raimondo
The Monster That Wouldn't Die

Charles Peña
Hobbled in Kabul

Philip Giraldi
John McCain and the Neocon Resurgence

Ivan Eland
A Direct Descendant of the Founders

Alan Bock
Tortured Justifications

David R. Henderson
The Information Problem: Pull Out of Iraq

Doug Bandow
Election 2008: What's a Peacenik to Do?

Nebojsa Malic
Dead End

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

Ran HaCohen
Beware of Barak

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