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Obama's Israel Test: Scott McConnell
Good Morning, Hamas: Uri Avnery
Sunni Insurgents Exploit Militias: Gareth Porter
Iraqi Refugees Lose Iraq: Nazzal/Jamail
Kidnapped by the CIA: Peter Bergen

 Aaron Glantz

Supporting the War is Betraying the Troops

 Jacob Hornberger

Central Banking and War

 Lew Rockwell

Bill Buckley and the Return of the Old Right

 Gen. Robert Gard

Deal With Iran

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Updated March 4, 2008 - 10:23 PM EST

New Sanctions Target Iranian Civilians

  Ahmadinejad: US Power Crippling Middle East
  Iran Defiant Over New UN Sanctions
Sunni Insurgents Exploit US-Sponsored Militias

Iraq Helicopter Crash Kills 8


Turkey May Launch New Incursion in Iraq

  Top US Military Official Visits Iraq Rebel Stronghold
  Iraqi Refugees: 'Not Our Country to Return To'

Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 47 Iraqis Killed; 26 Iraqis Wounded

Wiretap Compromise in Works

Israel to Gaza: We'll Be Back
  Israeli Troops Withdraw After Killing 121 in Gaza

Israeli Army: Long-Range Rockets Fired From Gaza Are Iranian


Israeli Decision to Topple Hamas Govt to Wait Until After Rice Visit

US Missile Strike Kills Six in Somalia

Self-Deception and 'Restraint' in Israel  by Gideon Levy
The Gaza Bombshell  by David Rose
Learning the Right Lessons From Iraq  by Benjamin H. Friedman and Christopher Preble
Good Morning, Hamas  by Uri Avnery
Kidnapped by the CIA  by Peter Bergen
Torture Shocks  by James Carroll

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North Korea Dashes Hopes of Quick Disarmament
North Korea Criticizes US-South Military Exercise

A Wave of the Watch List, and Speech Disappears

NATO Could Block Macedonia Over Name

Serbia 'Retakes' Kosovo Rail Line

Pentagon: China's Military Develops Space Defenses

Congress Reexamines Cuba Embargo

Vatican, Muslims Prepare Historic Meeting With Pope

Obama Says US Should Not Meet With Hamas
Today in Iraq

Terrorism Charges Against Iraqi Ex-Officials Dropped

Iraqi Forces Beat Journalists

Iraqi Defense Ministry Denies Journalists' Beating Reports

The War Goes On
2 Suicide Bombings Kill 23 in Baghdad

Police Find Two Weapons Caches, 'Beheading Swords'

Civilian Injured by Car Bomb in Mosul

14 Bodies Found in Samarra Mass Grave

Monday: 102 Iraqis Killed, 120 Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Turkish General Defends End of Iraq Incursion

US Military Worries That Troop Drawdown Will Harm Iraq

Bush Says Security Gains in Iraq Will Continue

Commander: Iraq al-Qaeda Fight in Mosul to Take Months

The War at Home

Iraq Casts Shadow on Ohio, Texas Votes

Game Hunters Now Training Marines for Iraq

US Christens '9/11 Steel' Warship

'War on Terror'

UN Torture Investigator: Terror Suspects Held on Diego Garcia

Detroit-Area Restaurants Close Amid Federal Terror Accusations

Austrian Court: Veiled Woman Can't Attend Her Own Terror Trial


Suicide Car Bomber Kills Four Afghan Troops at US Base

Taliban Hunted English Prince for Two Months

Afghan Council Wants Soap Operas Off TV

Canadian Soldier, Several Taliban Militants Killed in Afghanistan

Russia Warns US, NATO Not to Misuse Afghan Mission


Top US Officer Visits Troubled Pakistan

10 Killed in Attack on Pakistani Village

Police Fire Tear Gas at Pakistan Lawyers

Preliminary Charges Filed in Bhutto Slaying

Pakistan Releases Indian Spy After 35 Years

South Asia

27 Killed in Sri Lanka

Chopper Carrying UN Staff Crashes in Nepal, 10 Dead

India Still Seeks Support for US Nuclear Deal

FARC Drama
Colombia: Chávez Gave $300 Million to FARC
Ecuador Severs Ties With Colombia Over Border Violation
Colombia Says FARC Documents Show Correa Ties

Crisis at Colombia Border Spills Into Diplomatic Realm

Ecuador Says No Ties, Contacts to FARC Rebels

Dead Colombian Rebel Was France's Hostage Contact

Ahmadinejad in Iraq

On Iraq Trip, Ahmadinejad Cites Common History

Najaf Receives Ahmadinejad

Ahmadinejad Offers US 'Friendly Advice' From Iraq

Iran to Help Build Power Plant in Iraq

Ahmadinejad: US Withdrawal Only Way for Regional Stability


ElBaradei Urges Iran to Clarify Nuclear Arms Allegations

Six Powers Ask EU to Continue Iran Diplomacy

Iran May Block Internet on Election Day

Iran Convicts Journalist in Absentia


Israeli Gaza Operation 'Not Over'

Olmert: Peace Talks, Gaza Strikes to Continue

Israel Remains Defiant as Gaza Toll Rises

Gaza Fight Goes on as Israel Pulls Back

Residents of Israeli City Prepare for War With Hamas

Rights Group Outlines String of Civilian Killings in Gaza

Egypt Snubs Israel as Arabs Demonstrate Against Gaza Blitz

Abbas Offers to Mediate Cease-Fire Between Israel and Hamas

Police Slam Israeli Military Probe That Determined Settler 'Acted Properly' in Killing West Bank Teen


US Warship Stirs Lebanese Fear of War

UN: Israeli Claims Hezbollah Rearming Are Untrue

Middle East

Arab Broadcasters Say Charter Will Not Silence Them

US and Arab States Clash at UN Security Council Over Israel

BBC Set to Open Its New Arab World TV Channel


Russian Election Lacked 'Freedom,' Monitor Says

Russia's Post-Putin Era Kicks Off With Demonstrations and a Police Crackdown

Pro-Kremlin Youth March to US Embassy

Russian Riot Police Clash With Vote Protesters

Ukraine Warns of 'Gas War' With Russia

Profile: Dmitry Medvedev


Emergency Order Empties Armenian Capital's Streets

Troops Patrol Armenian Capital After Clashes


Kenya Rival Is Cautiously Optimistic

Key Steps Loom After Kenya Peace Deal

After Violence, Kenya Tourism Struggles


80 People Hospitalized After Mogadishu Battle

Prosecutor: Warrants for Uganda Rebels Still Stand


Justin Raimondo
Lebanon: The Unknown Crisis

Ivan Eland
Accepting Reality Is No Vice; Being Oblivious Is No Virtue

Alan Bock
Democrats Offer Only Shallow Changes

Doug Bandow
Make America's Policy of Promiscuous Intervention the Issue in November

David R. Henderson
Support Our Troops – or Judge Them?

Charles Peńa
More Amtrak Security,
More Safety?

Philip Giraldi
The Clinton Years Revisited

Nebojsa Malic
Day of Infamy

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

Sascha Matuszak
The Dragon or the Snake?

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