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Obama Meets The Lobby: Philip Giraldi
Petraeus to Push 'Proxy War' Line: Gareth Porter
The Emerging Surveillance State: Rep. Ron Paul
Iraq Still a Quagmire, Say Experts: Jim Lobe
Iran Prez vs Stormy New Parliament: Kimia Sanati

 Howard Zinn

The US Has Always Been an Empire

 Philip Giraldi

Iran Supports, Not Opposes, Iraqi Govt.

 Mike Gravel

Direct Democratic World Government

 Jonathan Schell

No Nukes!

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Updated April 8, 2008 - 11:14 PM EDT

Secret US Plan for Military Future in Iraq


Petraeus Sees 'Significant but Uneven' Progress


Iraq PM Unfazed by Democrat Vows to Cut US Troops


WIth War in Senate Spotlight, Presidential Campaigns Converge in DC

Sadr Cancels March, Threatens to End Truce

  Attacks in Baghdad Spiked in March
  Iraq Still a Quagmire, Say Experts

Maliki Threatens to Bar Sadr From Vote


Crackdown on Militias May Add to Instability in Iraq


Tuesday: 1 US Soldier, 52 Iraqis Killed; 190 Iraqis Wounded

Iran Says US Requests More Iraq Talks
  Ahmadinejad Faces Stormy New Parliament

Survey: Iranian Public Sees Reduced US Threat

16 Afghans Killed in US Strike Against Warlord

Afghanistan to Probe Latest Reported US Killings of Civilians

Zimbabwe Court Delays Ruling on Vote Count

Fears Rise With Violence in Zimbabwe

Petraeus Testimony to Defend False 'Proxy War' Line  by Gareth Porter
The Emerging Surveillance State
by Rep. Ron Paul
The Fool Still Struts His Hour Upon the Stage  by Charles Goyette
Going After the Lawyers
by Jacob G. Hornberger
That Other Military Draft  by Joshua Frank
The Babysitter's Club  by Ted Galen Carpenter

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Israel's Tehran Connection

McCain Highlights Drop in Iraq Violence

Fears of Iraq Becoming a Terrorist Incubator Seem Overblown, French Say

Hundreds Flee US-Iraqi Army Attack on Sadr City

State Dept Defends Blackwater Renewal

Bush a Convert to Nation Building

Bush Could Announce Shorter War Tours This Week

More Army Recruits Require 'Conduct' Waivers

Seesaw Violence in Iraq
Shi'ite Power Plays

Maliki: Basra Fighting 'An Important Step'

Sadr Calls for Dialogue in Iraq

Iraq PM: Shiite Militia Must Disband

Shia Battles Spread to Baquba

Spokesman: Reports on Mahdi Army Dissolution 'Inaccurate'

Key Facts About Iraqi Shi'ite Cleric Sistani

What Is the Mahdi Army?

Today in Iraq

UN Official: Iraq's Humanitarian Crisis Worsens

Violence Reduces Iraqi City to Shell
Nineveh MPs Calls for Dissolving Peshmerga Fighters
Attacks Continue

Iraqi Official Foresees More Fighting in Summer Months

Two Senior Army Officers Injured by Bomb in Basra

Monday: 5 US Soldiers, 51 Iraqis Killed; 143 Iraqis Wounded
Occupying Iraq

Iraqi Leader Wants Answers for Blackwater 'Massacre'

Anxiety Rises Over Vulnerable Housing in Iraqi Green Zone

Marines Face Last Insurgent Stronghold in Iraq's Anbar Province

Police: US Troops Killed Civilian, Son in Salah al-Din

Stymied in Quest to Bolster Small Businesses in Iraq

A Timeline of Iraq War, Troop Levels

The War at Home
McCain Insists Iraq Buildup Is Working

Clinton and Obama Supporting Scaled-Down Occupation in Iraq

At Justice, New Pressure to Release Documents

Senators Urge Bush to Appoint Official for Iraq Refugee Policy

Congressman's Criticism of 'Two-Bit' Green Zone Guard Causes Outrage

Andrew Sullivan: Bush Officials 'Will Be Indicted for War Crimes'

Surprising Political Endorsements by US Troops


Afghan FM Rejects Allegations of Iranian Support for Opposition

NATO General: Taliban Getting 'More Radical'

Afghan President Hints He'll Run for Reelection

US to Prosecute Afghan at Guantánamo

Albania to Send More Troops in Afghanistan


Pakistan: Reaching Out to Militants Doesn't Include Terrorists

Nuclear Scientist Says He Confessed to 'Save' Pakistan

Sidelined Musharraf to Become a Ribbon-Cutter

Musharraf's Ally Hit by Shoe in Pakistani Assembly

South Asia

India-Pakistan Nuclear War 'Would Cause Ozone Hole'

UN Criticizes Nepal Maoist Party

Sri Lankan Rebels Set Up US Branch

In Other News

Contentious Issues to Await Successors to Bush, Putin

Russia's Biggest Party to Ask Putin to Lead It


March in Paris for Colombian Hostage

Montenegro: Incumbent Wins Presidential Vote


Gen. Petraeus Likely to Push for Flexibility

Few See Petraeus Testimony Changing Much in Congress

California Lawmaker Faces Long Wait to Question Petraeus


US: Major Powers Plan to Meet on Iran in Mid-April

Iran FM Rejects British Claims of Iraq Meddling

Iran Signals Willingness to Talk With US

Iran May Soon Announce New Nuclear Developments

Middle East

Hezbollah Turns to Iran to Prep for Next War With Israel

Syria Offers to Help Lebanon Overcome Crisis

Nine Moroccans Convicted of Terror Attacks Escape Jail

Deadline for Austrian Hostages in Tunisia Passes


In Egypt, Technology Helps Spread Discontent With Govt

Top Egypt Opposition Party Only Allowed to Field 20 Candidates for Thousands of Seats


Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Meet

Erekat: Peace Process Credibility 'Eaten Up' by Settlement Activities

Barghouti: Palestinians Ready for Historic Reconciliation

Former Israeli DM: Iran Won't Attack

Palestinians: Settler Bus Intentionally Ran Over Shepherd

Olmert: Emergency Drill Is Not Cover for Attack on Syria

UN Official: Gaza Medical System in 'Pathetic State'

Israel Police Close English Radio Aimed at Israeli-Palestinian Coexistence


Mugabe Urges Zimbabweans to Defend Land From White People

Mugabe Militants Target Remaining White Farmers

Old Anger Over Land Is Mugabe's Weapon

Zimbabwe Opposition Leader Meets South Africa's Zuma

New York Times Reporter Injured in Zimbabwe Cell

Foreign Journalists Released in Zimbabwe

Seven Arrested for Undercounting Mugabe Vote


US Army Set to Recruit Uganda Citizens

Eerie Silence in Empty Mogadishu

'Five Years On, Darfur Rape Widespread'

Leaflets Warn Kenya Displaced Not to Return


China Faces Long-Term Risks From Tough Tibet Stance

Uneasy, Normal Life Follows Tibet Riots

China Insurer Offers 'Riot' Coverage After Tibet Unrest

Foreign Media in China Harassed on Tibet

Tibet Protesters Scale Golden Gate Bridge

Tibet Protests Snuff Out Olympic Torch in Paris

Clinton: Bush Should Not Open Olympics


Taiwan Vice President-Elect Announces Plan to Visit China This Week

North Korea Warns South Korea Government Will Fail


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