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Surging to Defeat: Andrew J. Bacevich
The Sword Is Blunted: Sascha Matuszak
'Message Force Multipliers': Kelley Vlahos
Palestinian Negotiators Get Bupkis: Khody Akhavi
DoD Propaganda Pushed Me Off TV: Jeff Cohen

 Bruce Gagnon

Every Great Empire Needs a Death Star

 Philip Giraldi

Intelligence Estimate

 Mark Vonnegut

Armageddon in Retrospect

 Gareth Porter

Divide and Fail Completely at Conquering

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Updated April 29, 2008 - 11:19 PM EDT
House Democrats Work on Huge Iraq Money Bill

Sadr City Ambush Drives Back US Patrol


US Envoy to UN Blames Iran for Fueling Iraq Violence

  In Iraq, Peaceful Protests and Attacks

Tuesday: 82 Iraqis Killed, 136 Wounded

Look East: Iran Steps Into Enemy's Territory

Is an Iranian General the Most Powerful Man in Iraq?

12 Israeli Jets Fly Over Beirut

  North Korean Officials May Have Died in Israel Raid in Syria
  Carter: Israel Rejected Hamas Truce Offer

Pakistani Taliban Chief Pulls Out of Peace Talks

Zimbabwe Opposition 'Controls' Parliament


Zimbabwe Presidential Vote Count Complete

A Presumption of Guilt
at Guantanamo
 by Jacob G. Hornberger
'Message Force Multipliers' and the Handmaidens of Hell  by Kelley Vlahos
Military Propaganda Pushed Me Off TV  by Jeff Cohen
Surging to Defeat  by Andrew J. Bacevich
Freezing the Conflict  by James Denselow
Ready for Another War Over WMDs?  by Sami Moubayed

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From Chief Prosecutor to Critic at Guantánamo

Tariq Aziz in Court Over Merchant Murders

Conyers to Torture Memo Author: Testify Voluntarily or Face Subpoena

Pentagon Suspends 'Media Analysts' Program

Army to Launch Satellites After 50 Year Lull

A New Mideast Paper Vows to Be Different

UN Official Implores Employees to Address Chief Correctly

Israeli Tank Strike Kills
4 Young Children and Mother in Gaza
Today in Iraq

Iraq: Small Fry Thrive as Al-Qaeda Big Fish Flee

Weeping Schoolgirls Wish Saddam 'Happy Birthday'

In Baghdad, Power Supply May Worsen

A Kurdish Idealist Returns to Iraq to 'Change Attitudes'

Attacks Continue

Militants Shell Green Zone as Fight Escalates in Baghdad

Iraq Says Turkish Air Strikes 'Unfortunate'

Gunmen Kill Sadr Faction Leader, Injure Wife in Basra

Monday: 4 US Soldiers, 43 Iraqis Killed; 112 Iraqis Wounded

Occupying Iraq

UN Probe Urged Over Occupation's Iraqi Inmates

The War at Home

Jury Selection Begins in Court-Martial on Insurgent's Death

RNC Demands Networks Yank McCain '100 Years' Ad

Some War Veterans Find GI Bill Falls Short

'War on Terror'

Critics Cost Muslim Educator Her Dream School

House Chairman Threatens Subpoenas on Torture Policy

Bin Laden Driver Wants to Boycott Trial at Guantánamo

Germany and US to Share Intimate Data on Terror Suspects


Afghanistan's Insurgency Spreading North

Karzai Assassination Attempt Shakes Afghanistan

Authorities Probe Attack on Afghanistan's President

US Marines to 'Stir Things Up' in Helmand

Australian Soldier Killed in Taliban Attack

NATO's Afghan Mission in Trouble, Says Brown

New Afghan UN Envoy Gets Strong US Backing

Despite War, Kabul Still 'Not Baghdad'

More Than 100,000 Sign Petition to Save Journalist Held in Afghanistan


Taliban-Style Justice for Pakistan Kidnapper

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Turns East to Donors Less Critical of Rebel War


Iran Discusses Package of Nuclear Proposals With Russia

Iran Tells Russia of Plan to Solve World Problems

Iranian President Makes Brief Visit to Pakistan

Iran-EU Clash at Start of NPT Meeting

EU Is Set to Blacklist a Leading Iranian Bank

Iranian President Forges Gas Ties With South Asia

Iran's Nuclear Program

Saudi Arabia Urges Diplomacy on Iran

Iranian Official Warns Against Importing Barbie Dolls


Syria Says US Reactor Charges as Fake as Iraq WMD Claims

Damascus Think Tank Chief Handles Syrian Talks on Israel


Palestinian Negotiators Go Home Frustrated

Israel Denies Killing Mother, Children

Israel, Hamas Trade Blame Over Civilian Deaths in Beit Hanoun

Ban Condemns Killing of Palestinians in Gaza

Israel to Investigate Gaza Killings

Shortage of Cooking Gas in Gaza Shuts Down Bakeries

UN Agency to Restart Gaza Aid

Israel's Military Shows Off Unmanned, Armed Patrol Vehicle

Palestinian Court Sentences Accused Collaborator to Death


Zimbabwe Opposition Unites, Urges Mugabe to Step Down

Zimbabwe Health Minister Accused as Terror Campaign Reaches Hospital Wards

Zimbabwe State Media: Opposition Attacks Army Camp

What Next in Zimbabwe's Election Process?

White House Urges Against Sending Arms to Zimbabwe


13 Killed After Attack on Mogadishu Military Post

Somalia Piracy Resolution Introduced at UN


Over 400 Tortured in Kenya Army Offensive

UN Troops 'Armed Congo Rebels'


EU States Seek to End Divisions on Russia, Serbia

San Francisco Salutes Americans Who Fought Franco


North Korean Officer Defects to South Korea

Timing of North Korea Revelations Questioned


Japan PM's Party Faces Poll Defeat

China, North Korea Pledge to Promote 6-Nation Nuclear Talks


Justin Raimondo
Is War With Iran Imminent?

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

Ivan Eland
Quagmires, Wacky Personnel Policies Strain All-Volunteer Military

Doug Bandow
Inconvenient Truths About John McCain

Nebojsa Malic
If This Goes On…

Charles Peña
Whither the Price of Oil?

Philip Giraldi
Jimmy Carter Gets the Point

Alan Bock
Prosecuting No-Threat Stumblebums

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

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