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Need a (Nuclear) Umbrella? Call Hillary: Leon Hadar
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Updated May 1, 2008 - 11:02 PM EDT
CIA Chief: Iran Wants to Kill Americans in Iraq
  General Claims 'Clear Evidence' Iran Supporting Taliban
  State Dept: Iran Tops State-Sponsored Terrorism
  Israeli Transportation Minister: Iran Could Go Nuclear in a Year
W. House 'Paid Price' for 'Mission Accomplished'
  Senate Panel Votes to Block Money for Iraq Reconstruction
  Admiral Mullen Cites US 'Vulnerability'
  White House Cautions Against Restricting Aid to Iraq
US Troop Deaths in Iraq Hit Seven-Month High
  Maliki: Iraq Will Disarm Militia by Force
  Higher US Iraq Toll Not Due to Eroded Security: General
  Thursday: 2 US Soldiers, 93 Iraqis Killed; 212 Iraqis Wounded
  Wednesday: 5 US Soldiers, 71 Iraqis Killed; 155 Iraqis Wounded
State Dept: Attacks Have Doubled in Pakistan
  US Report Says al-Qaeda Gaining Strength
  Gates: Afghanistan No Worse Than Before
  Pentagon Officials May Beef Up Command Role in Afghanistan
US Missile Kills 31 Alleged Militants in Somalia
US Considered Nuking China in 1958
White House, Telecoms Tried to Hide Snooping
'Irregularities' Raise Questions Over Photos of Syria 'Reactor'
No Sizzle in Contractor
Abuse Stories
 by Kelley Vlahos
Need a (Nuclear) Umbrella?
Call Hillary
 by Leon Hadar
The Heroes at Guantánamo
by Jacob G. Hornberger
About a Photo, About Iraq  by Matt Schofield
Base-less Strategy  by Col. Daniel Smith
John McCain's Duplicity on Torture
by Glenn Greenwald

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Rice Says Hamas Are Iran's Proxy Warriors
Palestinian Factions Agree to Truce With Israel
At Least 925 Killed in Iraq's Sadr City Clashes
Iraq's Top Reconstruction Project Failing, Audit Says
US Troops Attacked From Sadr City Roofs
Iraq's Army – Not Ready Yet
Is the Sunni-Shi'ite Rift Mostly Politics and Media Hype?
The McCain Hezbollah 'Connection'
US Report Questions Quality of Medical Care for Workers in War Zones
CIA Chief Sees Unrest Rising With Population
'Mission Accomplished': How the Media Covered the Bush Pronouncement 5 Years Ago – and its Aftermath
Today in Iraq
US Death Toll Rises as It Digs in Against Iraq's Shi'ite Militias
For 100 Iraqi Doctors, a Return to Normal
Diyala Police Set Free 112 Detainees
Maliki Refuses to Apologize to Former Premier Allawi
The 'Miracle' of Survival of Iraqi Sport
Music and Weddings in Basra, for Now
Tikrit Court Sentences al-Qaeda-Linked Group Leader to Death
Attacks Continue
Iraqi Militants Kill Ministry Spokesman's Nephew, Hang Body From Pole in Baghdad
Iraq Has Most Unsolved Journalists' Murders
Police Patrols Find Two Bodies in Salah al-Din
Wednesday: 5 US Soldiers, 71 Iraqis Killed; 155 Iraqis Wounded
Global Iraq Fallout
A Fabled Instrument, Suppressed in Iraq, Thrives in Exile
UN Official Urges Iraq to Do More for Children
Iraqi Expert Accuses West Over Antiquities Trade
Journalist Tells of Iraq Kidnap
The War at Home
A 'Banner' Day: At 5th Anniversary, White House Explains 'Mission Accomplished' Sign Again
Suit in Antiwar T-Shirt Case Seeks Class Action Status
Libby Judge Says Bush Sent Wrong Signal
GI Bill for '21st Century' Heads to House Floor
US Military
Airline's Bankruptcy Strands US Troops in Middle East
Pentagon Launches Foreign News Websites
Officials Say Pentagon Easing Security Clearance Screening
Army Sergeant Says He's Innocent in Iraqi Murder Case
Finding Bombs at Vandenberg and Beyond
Vets' Attorney Asks Judge to Help Stem Suicides
Gitmo Judge Lets Detainee Contact Suspected al-Qaeda Chiefs
US Murky on Judges' Role in Reviewing Guantánamo Cases
'War on Terror'
CIA Chief Says Europe, US May Never Agree on Security Threats
Aviation Companies Blame FBI, CIA and Terrorists for 9/11
Government Sources: Zimbabwe's Tsvangirai Wins Vote
Zimbabwe Opposition Says No to Runoff
Zimbabwe Prepares to Verify Count
Zimbabwe Police Arrest Teachers Who Worked as Election Officials
Zimbabwe Police: Opposition Tried to Rig Elections
Zimbabwe Govt Finally Admits Attacks on Opposition
Zimbabwe's Opposition Says 20 Members Died in Poll Unrest
Intensified Fighting, Inadequate Aid Mar Return of Refugees to South Sudan
A Darfur Capital Is a Humanitarian Boomtown
Witnesses: Ethiopian Troops Kill 13 Civilians in Somalia
Uganda President: War in North Not Against Rebels, but 'The Arabs of Khartoum'
Wounds of Sex Slaves in Sierra Leone's Civil War Are a Long Time Healing
NATO Says Russian Move in Abkhazia Stokes Tension
Georgia's Separatism Woes
Irish Party Says US 'Opposed to EU Integration'
Serbia, EU Sign Stabilization and Association Agreement
Belarus Expels 10 US Diplomats
Three Explosions, Two Blamed on ETA, Hit Spanish Basque Country
Gates Presses for More Military Resources Against Mexican Drugs
Venezuelan Ex-General Sentenced in 2003 Bombings
French Envoy Seeks Help From Chavez to Free Hostages
Iraq Team to Discuss Militias With Iran
Iran Complains to UN About Clinton Threat
Iran Ends Oil Transactions in US Dollars
US Military Criticizes Iran but Says No Strike Plan
Putin Promises Iran Continuity in Relations
Khamenei 'Not Afraid' of Western Sanctions
Pope Meets Iranians on Christian-Muslim Dialogue
Iran Launches New Crackdown on Dress Code Offenders
The Bomb Squads: How to Survive a Gaza Refugee Camp
Netanyahu: No Choice but to Overthrow Hamas
Islamic Jihad: Cease-Fire Agreement Conditioned on Lifting of Gaza Siege
Israel Moves to Shutter West Bank Charity It Links to Hamas
Israel Told to Tackle West Bank Plight
Study: Israel Can Remove 10 Key West Bank Checkpoints
Israeli Military Extends Probe of Gaza Blast
Israel: Soldiers Didn't Know They Were Firing at Journalist
Israel Arrests 30 in West Bank Refugee Camp
Chronic Fuel Shortages Have Gazans Turning to Used Cooking Oil for Cars
Middle East
Turkey's Parliament Softens Law Restricting Free Speech
Bahrain's Only Jewish Lawmaker Rumored to Be the Country's Next Ambassador to the US
Today in Afghanistan
Afghanistan Terror Attacks 'Up 16 Percent'
Afghan Spy Chief: Karzai Plot Hatched in Pakistan
Blaming the Victim: Abused Afghan Women Often End Up in Jail
Afghan Forces Kill Two Taliban, Woman, Child in Siege
Taliban Say Two Afghan President Attackers Killed in Clash
Taliban Militants Kill Themselves in Afghan Siege
Afghan 'Health Link' to Uranium
Afghanistan Occupation
US Marines Pour in to British Zone With Dawn Raid on Afghan 'Drug Town'
US Marines Seize Afghan Town Center From Taliban
Explosive Devices Killed 25 Percent of Troops in Afghanistan
Czechs to Send Extra 100 Troops to Afghanistan
Czech Soldier Killed in Afghanistan
Pakistan Coalition Parties to Hold More Talks
Media Curbs in Pakistan 'Worrisome'
Maoists Threaten to Rule Alone in Nepal
Top Maoist Leader Warns of Fresh Revolt in Nepal
Maoists Formally Ask King to Vacate Palace
CIA Chief Says China's Rapid Military Buildup Troubling
'Free Tibet' Flags Made in China
China Invites Taiwan Ex-VP in Sign of Warming Ties
China Sentences 30 People – Some to Life – Over Tibet Riots
Tibetan Policeman, Suspect Die in China Gun Battle
Activists: China Persecuting Buddhist Monks in Tibet
Police Say 70 Tibetan Exiles Detained in Nepal's Capital for Anti-China Protest
North Korea
US Law Would Tighten North Korean Terror Listing
US Seeks North Korean Assurance It's Not Engaging in Terror

North Korea Heading Towards Famine, Report Says

Sri Lanka's Military Seizes Rebel Base; at Least 51 Killed
Chief of Rebel Group Killed in Indian Kashmir
Activists Tap Celebrity Power for Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi

Justin Raimondo
Is War With Iran Imminent?

Nebojsa Malic
Much Ado About Nothing

Sascha Matuszak
The Sword Is Blunted

Ivan Eland
Quagmires, Wacky Personnel Policies Strain All-Volunteer Military

Doug Bandow
Inconvenient Truths About John McCain

Charles Peña
Whither the Price of Oil?

Philip Giraldi
Jimmy Carter Gets the Point

Alan Bock
Prosecuting No-Threat Stumblebums

David R. Henderson
John Yoo's Dilemma

Ran HaCohen
Israel Says 'No'

Praful Bidwai
India to Pay a Price For Launching Israeli Spy Satellite

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